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  • Monday, 3 October 2022

    "Anuj Slaps Paritosh, Vanraj Apologies and Request Anuj to Forgive Toshu " Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd October 2022


    "Anuj Slaps Paritosh, Vanraj Apologies and Request Anuj to Forgive Toshu " Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd October 2022

    "Anuj Slaps Paritosh, Vanraj Apologies and Request Anuj to Forgive Toshu " Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anuj and Anupama try to convince the officers that they love Anu and that the latter loves them too. The officers ask them if Anu was lost in the morning.


    They accept that they didn’t find Anu for a while but that doesn’t mean that they are not taking care of her. Vanraj tells the officers such incidents with children are normal. Hasmukh too stands in favor of Anuj and Anupama. The officers deny listening to them.


    Anupamaa 3rd October Today's Episode Written Update

    When Anupama asks them to speak softly so that Anu doesn’t hear their conversation, Anu arrives there and gets nervous. She hugs Anupama and asks her where she’s being taken. She cries as she doesn’t want to leave her parents. Anupama tries to console her and requests the officers not to take Anu away. The officers inform them that they got a call from a man who complained about Anuj and Anupama for not taking of their foster child. The family is shocked and wonders who must have called the officers.


    When the officers decide to take Anu, Anupama isn’t ready to distance Anu from them. The lady officer asks Anu to come with them. Anu tells them that her parents are the best and it’s not their fault as she hides in the box while playing hide and seek. Rakhi requests the officers to look into this matter from Anu’s viewpoint that she will not be happy without her parents. Vanraj agrees with her. Anupama asks the officers if she’s going to prove her love for Anu through any kind of test. She tells them that neither they nor Anu can live without each other.


    She shows her three children whom she gave birth to and made mistakes while upbringing them. She tells them that no parent wants his or her child to go through difficulties. Anuj tells the officers that they have never made Anu feel that they are her foster parents. He asks them to judge the matter from their heart and decide next. Anupama pleads them to think and decide on humanitarian grounds and hates the person who called them. She tells them that there’s no better father than Anuj and she isn’t a bad mother.


    Both Anuj and Anupama along with the whole Shah family plead before the officers. Leela supports Anupama and praises her as a mother. Rakhi tells them that no parent can look after the child all the time be it biological or foster. The Shahs request them not to take Anu from them.



    Anuj asks the officers to see the case with humanity. The male officer asks them not to plead anymore as after seeing the situation they have decided not to take Anu with them as Anuj and Anupama are great parents and whoever complained must have tried to frame them. Paritosh gets annoyed as the officers withdrew the case. Anu thanks them and so does the entire family. Anupama thanks the almighty and picks up Anu. She looks at Paritosh and feels something’s wrong. She asks Anu to go to Meenu and Kinjal as she will bring hot chocolate for her.



    After Anu leaves, Anupama screams at Paritosh for trying to snatch her daughter from her. The family is shocked again when Anupama blames him. Leela asks Anupama not to blame Paritosh unnecessarily for everyone's mishap. Anupama asks her to look at Paritosh’s face which is proof itself that he had called the officers complaining about them. Paritosh fumbles to speak and tell her that he didn’t do anything. Anuj asks Anupama if she’s sure. Anupama nods her head. Anuj walks in front of Paritosh and slaps him for trying to snatch his daughter from him. Vanraj walks in front of Paritosh and holds his collar.


     He asks him to tell the truth. Paritosh accepts that he had called the officers. Anupama asks Leela if she can hear what Paritosh said. Vanraj asks Paritosh why he did this. Paritosh blames Anupama for breaking his marriage and distancing Arya from him. He fumes in anger. Vanraj asks him if he’s taking revenge and didn’t think about Anu and how to hurt she will be.


    Paritosh tells him that he wanted Anupama to feel his pain. Anuj calls Paritosh to be shameless. Vanraj reminds his son that he has betrayed Kinjal, she decided to divorce him so why Anuj and Anupama are to be punished? Paritosh tells him that Anuj and Anupama should suffer like Arya and he’s for staying away from each other.


    Vanraj asks him to stop his nonsense. He apologizes to Anuj for Paritosh’s behavior. He asks Anupama to call Anu as they are leaving. Samar goes to call Anu. Anupama tells Paritosh that what he has done might happen to him too.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 4th October 2022 :

     The Shahs and Kapadias celebrate Navratri together. Meanwhile, Arya goes missing.

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