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  • Thursday 1 June 2023

    "Barkha Reveals Truth, Anuj Shouts On Maaya That He will Never Divorce His Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 1st June 2023


    "Barkha Reveals Truth, Anuj Shouts On Maaya That He will Never Divorce His Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 1st June 2023

    "Barkha Reveals Truth, Anuj Shouts On Maaya That He will Never Divorce His Anupamaa " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 1st June 2023.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anuj questions Barkha about how she knows the truth. He looks at Maaya when she denies to tell the truth to Barkha. Hasmukh asks him what happened that day. 

    Anuj narrates to him the story of how Maaya fell unconscious and behaved abnormally at the hospital. Kinjal asks Barkha why she didn’t tell them the truth when they all were waiting for Anuj. Anuj asks her the same question screaming at her. Barkha reveals to him that Vanraj knew the truth too but didn’t tell anyone about it. Everyone is shocked. 

    Anupama screams at Vanraj and asks him if he knew the truth. Vanraj stays silent. Anupama breaks down and asks Vanraj and Barkha why they didn’t tell her the truth if they knew it. She blames them for coming to her mother’s house to see her broken. She tells him that he could have told the truth when everyone was blaming Anuj. 

    Hasmukh asks Vanraj to speak up. Vanraj asks Anupama not to scream as he didn’t tell her the truth as she wouldn’t have trusted him. He asks her to question Anuj who has broken her trust and cheated her. He asks her why Anuj doesn’t take Maaya to the hospital instead of leaving his wife and staying with another woman. 

    Anuj tells him that he didn’t cheat Anupama which she knows. He makes it clear that he will not give justification to anyone but Anupama if she needs it. He turns towards Maaya and tells her that she will never get the right to be his wife. He asks her to understand that Anupama has that right and nobody else. 

    Vanraj laughs at him and asks her to take Anupama with him to his house and take care of Maaya when she would get sick. He blames him for leaving his so-called twenty-six years of love and living with a weird woman. Hasmukh asks him to let Anuj speak.

    Anuj tells everyone that he can never have a relationship with Maaya. Leela asks Anupama if Anuj and she are together. Anupama tells her that though they have parted ways, their hearts belong to each other. She tells her that she has no place for someone else in her life. 

    Maaya holds Anuj and asks him to divorce Anupama if he cannot give her the right to be his wife. Anuj is shocked. Maaya asks him not to carry the burden of such a relationship which doesn’t exist and blames Anupama for prioritizing her American trip more than him. She suggests he divorce Anupama so that they move on. Anuj yells and tells her that he will sacrifice his life but divorce Anupama. 

    Anupama says the same thing. Anuj and Anupama tell Maaya that their relationship isn’t broken but they will stand for each other. He tells everyone that if they have issues with their relationship, it’s their problem. He warns Maaya not to speak of his divorce again. 

    Anupama adds to his words and asks Maaya not to think about it too. Maaya decides to wait for Anupama to fly to America and then she will win Anuj’s heart. Anupama asks the Shahs to end their discussion here and concentrate on the wedding. Hasmukh asks everyone to take a rest for a while so that they can enjoy and make the wedding memorable. Maaya agrees with him. 

    Anupama thanks Anuj for understanding her. Anuj thanks her for supporting him. She asks him to be careful as they are from the groom’s side. Anuj tells her that he will wait for her and will not let the groom’s family complain. After they leave, Anupama and the family pamper Samar for his wedding day. 

    Anuj reaches the Kapadia house with Barkha and Maaya. He apologizes to his family for ruining their sleep. He goes to meet Anu. When everyone goes to take a rest, Maaya tells Barkha that she wants the wedding to be perfect. Barkha asks her not to do her drama as nobody’s there.

     Maaya tells her that after Anupama goes to the US, Anuj will be with her forever and so she has no tension about it. Barkha worries about Anuj taking over the business. Anupama blushes and then gets emotional too when she makes jewelry for Samar’s wedding ritual. Vanraj comes to talk to her but she ignores him. 

    Leela sits beside her and recalls how she was also emotional during Vanraj’s wedding. They both tease each other for crying and then laugh together. Anuj checks the decorations for the wedding. He looks at the flowers and thinks about Anupama. Maaya looks at him and decides to control her craziness so that she can win Anuj’s heart with her love. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 2nd June 2023 :

    Anupama makes batches for everyone on the groom’s side. Kavya calls this idea to be very cool. Anupama adores Samar and wants to make his wedding memorable. Dimpy gets ready and knows that her journey after the wedding is going to be difficult and decides to fight it with love. Kavya reveals to Vanraj that she’s going to be the mother of his child.

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