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  • Tuesday 6 June 2023

    "Dimpy's Mother Gives Anupamaa Utmost Respect, Leela insults Her "Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th 2023


    "Dimpy's Mother Gives Anupamaa Utmost Respect, Leela insults Her "Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th 2023.

    "Dimpy's Mother Gives Anupamaa Utmost Respect, Leela insults Her "Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Dimpy goes to her room. Kinjal calls her pretty and asks her to be her sister not her sister in-law. 

    Dimpy gets recalled of Barkha’s advice. Kinjal tells her that it’s difficult to become the daughter from the daughter-in-law and asks her to love this family like her own. She hugs Dimpy. But Dimpy decides to stick to her mindset. Leela finds Meenu helping Vairabi in serving drinks. 

    She forbids Meenu to work and asks Vairabi to do it by herself. Kanta asks Vairabi not to serve any drinks as it is not her work to do. She calls the waiter to take the tray. Kanta questions Leela why she’s making Vairabi work as she’s a kid too. Leela asks her not to compare Vairabi with Meenu as she’s an outsider and sells vegetables. 

    Anupama hears her and tells her that Vairabi isn’t a maid and sells vegetables for her self respect. Kanta tells Leela that Vairabi’s destiny is taking her to America. Anupama asks Leela why she misbehaves with kids like Anu and Vairabi. Leela tells her that it’s her mistake to bring outsiders to home and making them her family. Kanta points out to her that Vanraj and she have caused pain to Anupama the most. 

    Anupama asks Kanta to calm down and Leela to enjoy Samar’s wedding. Leela tells her that she’s not happy with the wedding and calls Dimpy to be a dragon for ruining her family. Anupama asks her not to create a scene. Kanta asks Leela to stop the wedding if she can otherwise sit a corner and cry. Leela tells her that she was sharing her thoughts with her. 

    Kanta tells Anupama that Leela can never see anyone happy. Anupama prays so that Leela and Dimpy bond gradually and everything falls into place after the wedding. Meanwhile, Leela finds the two women and screams calling them thief. She gathers everyone and tells them that the women might have wrong intentions.

    Anupama asks her to be quiet. She asks the two women why they are hiding their faces. Barkha asks her not to handle this situation so politely. Leela snatches their bags and everything falls on the floor. Kanta tells her that the stuff looks like shagun. Dimpy looks at the dupatta, bangles, and potli lying on the floor and gets emotional. 

    She hugs one of the women from behind and calls her mother. Everyone is surprised. The woman gets emotional too as Dimpy hugs her. Anupama smiles and tells that the wedding got completed due to Dimpy’s mother’s presence. She apologizes to Dimpy’s mother for the chaos. She tells her to stay till the vidaai ceremony of Dimpy. 

    Dimpy and her mother hug each other. Leela gets emotional too seeing the mother-daughter bond. Anupama asks Dimpy’s mother to make Dimpy wear the bangles and put the dupatta on her too. Her mother does everything. Dimpy introduces her mother to Samar. Samar touches her feet and takes her blessings. Leela gets irritated seeing Samar being so nice to his mother-in-law too. Dimpy’s mother gives blessings to Samar. 

    Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj apologize to her for the misunderstanding. Dimpy’s mother accepts that it was her mistake to hide her face as they didn’t support Dimpy whenever she needed them the most. She tells them that Dimpy’s father is still upset with Dimpy and had warned her not to attend the wedding. She tells how much she was excited about her daughter’s wedding.

     Dimpy gets emotional as her father didn’t attend the wedding. Her mother tells her that her father’s anger has suppressed his love for her. Leela tells her that she could have arrived a few days before as there are many mothers for Dimpy now. Dimpy’s mother tells her that she would have done the ceremonies from her house if the situation would have permitted. 

    She apologizes to everyone for the inconvenience. Leela asks her to teach Dimpy some manners too. Dimpy’s mother looks puzzled and asks her what the matter is. Anupama asks her not to worry as these are small issues that exist in every family. Before the phera starts, Dimpy’s mother tells Anupama that she’s Dimpy’s real mother for being with her in her tough times. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 7th 2023 :

     Samar and Dimpy’s wedding get completed. Anupama gets excited to see Malti Devi attending her son’s wedding. Anuj protects Malti Devi from getting hurt.

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