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  • Friday 9 June 2023

    "Anuj-Anupamaa Danced Together, Maaya Comes In Between Anuj Shows His Anger To her " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th June 2023


    "Anuj-Anupamaa Danced Together, Maaya Comes In Between Anuj Shows His Anger To her " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th June 2023

    "Anuj-Anupamaa Danced Together, Maaya Comes In Between Anuj Shows His Anger To Her " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th June 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anupama thanks Anuj for his appreciation. He asks her why Malti Devi talked strangely when she first addressed him.

    Anupama felt it weird too but guesses that she might have known about him from the newspaper. Anuj agrees with her but still feels Malti Devi’s behavior was strange. He compliments the roses pinned in her hair. He tells her that he’s going to miss her. Anupama doesn’t reply to him and leaves the room. Ankush comes to call Anuj for the surprise they have planned.


    Meanwhile, Leela gets upset as Hasmukh has to leave the function in the middle as his friend suffered a heart attack. Anupama attends Malti Devi and asks Nakul to have a seat. Meenu asks Kinjal why they are sitting and getting bored. Kinjal tells her that she’s not aware of anything. Looking at Anupama and Malti Devi, Leela tells Dolly that Anupama is following her guru maa everywhere.



    She feels Malti Devi is trying to trap Anupama by offering her the responsibilities of her gurukul in America. She notices how Vanraj is trying to stick to Kavya. Dolly asks her to be happy instead of finding faults. Vanraj asks Kavya if he can bring juice for her. She asks him not to take care of her so much. Vanraj tells her that the baby belongs to them and they both should take of it.



    Anupama stands up and tells Malti Devi that she’s going to give medicine to Kanta. After she leaves, Nakul asks Malti Devi how she could take such a big decision without thinking of him. She asks him to tell her clearly what he wants to do.


    Nakul tells her that he knows about the responsibilities of Gurukul better than Anupama does and considers her to be his mother. Malti Devi tells him that he’s a great artist and good son but that doesn’t qualify him to take such a big responsibility. She praises Anupama for managing her family and dances so well and asks him to be there with her.



    Anupama comes to her and asks her if she needs cold drinks. Nakul gives her an angry look which Vanraj notices. Anuj and Ankush get on stage and call for everyone’s attention for a surprise they have planned. Everyone gets excited and asks him about the surprise. Anuj tells them that the person whom he has called is known worldwide for his voice.


     Paritosh guesses that the person can be a celebrity. Anuj tells them that there’s a world record for that singer singing 28 songs in a day. Anupama jumps in joy and guesses it to be Kumar Sanu. Anuj calls her right and announces to Kumar Sanu to come on the stage. Kumar Sanu makes a grand entry with his phenomenal voice. He dances with Kanta and Leela.


    Anupama greets him. He then congratulates Samar and Dimpy. Anuj and Anupama look at each other and recall their happy days spent together. After his first song is over, everyone claps for him. Anupama thanks him for singing the song of her choice as it has a lot of memories attached to it. Kavya and Vanraj too praise him. Others too appreciate him for bringing so much joy to this party. Ankush tells everyone that this idea was brought up by Anuj.



    Anuj narrates to them how he decided to bring up this idea while in Mumbai. Samar and Dimpy thank him for making their wedding day so special. Leela calls Kumar Sanu’s voice to be amazing. Kumar Sanu thanks everyone for loving him so much and tells them that Anuj had requested him to sing the opening song loved by Anupama.



    She thanks them and calls the song to be her favorite. Ankush tells Kumar Sanu that his songs have helped them flirt with girls in their college days. Paritosh agrees with him. Anupama looks at Anuj and gets reminded of their first meeting at a party and how their relationship transitioned in so many phases. Everyone is excited about Kumar Sanu’s next song.


    The couples get on the dance floor and dance to his song. Maaya gets jealous seeing Anuj and Anupama dancing together. She goes in front of Anuj when he stops dancing. Malti Devi finds it weird. Anuj gets angry at Maaya for ruining the moment of him with Anupama. Malti Devi goes to talk to Anupama who was standing in a corner getting disappointed. She advises Anupama not to let Anuj’s friendship become an obstacle for her.

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 10th June 2023 :

     Malti Devi warns Anupama not to let the event get canceled. Anupama tells her that she wouldn’t disappoint her. Malti Devi feels Anuj can be an obstacle to her dreams.

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