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  • Friday 16 June 2023

    "Anupamaa Dances Like Queen, Anuj Admires her, Maaya's Huge Drama " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 16th June 2023


    "Anupamaa Dances Like Queen, Anuj Admires her, Maaya's Huge Drama " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 16th June 2023

    "Anupamaa Dances Like Queen, Anuj Admires her, Maaya's Huge Drama " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 16th June 2023.

    The episode begins in the Gurukul. Malti Devi helps Anupama get ready in her dance costume. Anupama wears the ghungroos. 

    Anuj cannot wait for Anupama’s dance performance and knows that she will rock. The dance program starts with Malti Devi. She then hands over the stage to Anupama. While Anuj is amazed to see her beauty, Nakul gets jealous seeing her. Kanta and Bhavesh watch Anupama’s live show but they regret it as they have to go to visit the doctor. 

    Maaya too watches Anupama’s performance. Kinjal shows Leela Anupama’s live dance performance. Leela feels proud of Anupama for working so hard to achieve this position. She is happy as after Anupama goes to America, Kinjal will be with her. She adores Kinjal and calls her the best. Dimpy notices their bond and fumes in anger. Anupama’s dance performance starts. 

    The press gives space for Anuj to stand in front to watch Anupama’s performance. As Anuj stands in front, Malti Devi notices him. Maaya too reaches the Gurukul and finds Anuj there. She gets extremely angry seeing him. As Anupama slipped her legs while dancing, Anuj holds her and saves her from falling. 

    Meanwhile, Maaya takes an iron rod and breaks the glasses. Anuj screams at her. Maaya keeps destroying the decors of the Gurukul. The press shifts their focus to her madness. As Maaya keeps breaking the lights and glasses, Anuj walks upto her and throws the rod from her hand. 

    He asks her why she’s acting crazy. She questions him for coming to Gurukul and met with Anupama. Anuj asks her to calm down. Maaya asks him again why he came to meet with Anupama. She tells him how much she loves him. Anupama is shocked to witness Maaya’s craziness.

    Maaya pushes Anuj and runs to Anupama on stage. Vanraj informs Leela that Hasmukh is going to stay a few more days at his friend’s place. She asks him about Kavya and then tells him that they are going to watch Anupama’s performance together. Samar coughs while eating his meal. 

    Dimpy pours water for him into a glass and accidentally spills it on Pakhi’s saree. She tells Pakhi that her sudden arrival behind her back was the reason for the spill of water. Pakhi gets irritated at her and tells her that she can come to her house whenever she wants. Barkha tells Ankush how Maaya became fierce and went to the gurukul. 

    She panics if Anuj leaves Maaya and stays back in the Kapadia mansion. Maaya blames Anupama for snatching her happiness and not letting her live in peace. She asks her why she does something to attract Anuj. Anupama asks her to calm down. 

    Maaya asks her why she cannot let Anuj and her be in peace. Anuj shouts at her for creating a scene in front of everyone. Maaya blames Anuj and Anupama for fooling her saying everyone that their paths are different. He asks Maaya to stop. Malti Devi asks Anuj and Maaya to get out of the gurukul. Maaya sits in front of Anupama and asks her why she’s so lucky that even her daughter loves her more. She asks Anupama why Anuj still loves her and keeps running behind her. She begs in front of her to leave Anuj, Anu, and her and let them live in peace.

     Nakul is glad to see the scene created by Maaya and asks Guru Maa if Anupama will be able to go to America. Anuj snatches away Maaya from the Gurukul. Maaya keeps on screaming to Anupama to leave them forever and never come back. Anuj feels apologetic to ruin Anupama’s special day. Anupama knows that he was just trying to be a part of her happiness. 

    Nakul asks the press to leave and wait for Malti Devi to burst out at Anupama. Anupama stands in front of Malti Devi and apologizes to her for what happened. She tells Malti Devi that Maaya is mentally sick and keeps saying sorry to her. Malti Devi asks her not to think of a step backward but focus on the responsibilities of Gurukul. She warns her not to insult the Gurukul which is similar to the almighty for her. After she leaves, Anupama sits on the floor all tired and devastated. 

    Precap For  Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 17th June 2023 :

     Anuj and Anupama meet each other. Anupama decides to stick to her dreams and not stop for anyone. Anuj requests her to meet him in the last six days as she’s leaving forever.

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