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  • Thursday 23 June 2022

    "Anuj Tells Anupamaa to Stay Away From Shah Family, Anupamaa Stands Against Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd June 2022


    "Anuj Tells Anupamaa to Stay Away From Shah Family, Anupamaa Stands Against Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd June 2022

    "Anuj Tells Anupamaa to Stay Away From Shah Family, Anupamaa Stands Against Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd June 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anuj tells Anupama that he doesn’t want Leela and Vanraj to blame her for everything.



     He begs her to stay away from the Shahs for a few days. Anupama tells him that Kinjal is going to be a mother soon and she cannot leave her alone. She decides to handle Vanraj. Anuj asks her if she has been able to handle Vanraj for the last twenty-six years. 

    He tells her that it’s better to stay away from Vanraj as he’s angry after he misbehaved with Barkha, Ankush, and her. Pakhi screams at Vanraj when he blames her unnecessarily. She cries when Leela asks her what the matter is. Vanraj tells Leela about Kinjal’s accident with Barkha and assures her that she’s fine along with the baby. Pakhi tells him that it’s not wrong to visit her mother’s place and decides to go there even lying to the Shahs.

    Anupamaa 23rd June Today's Episode Written Update

     Vanraj screams at her and strictly forbids her not to go to the Kapadia house. Pakhi runs away to her room when Samar follows her. Vanraj sits on the sofa devastated as his children are feeling suffocated in his house. Anupama tells Anuj that Kinjal needs her the most at this time. Anuj tells her that Vanraj uses her guilt and her love for the Shahs as a weapon against her. He asks her to stop defending Vanraj.



    Anupama gets angry and asks him why she’s going to defend Vanraj as it’s difficult for her to see his face. She tells him that she cannot ignore Vanraj due to her children’s sake. Anuj asks her to stay away from the Shahs for a while. She tells him that she wants to stay with Kinjal. He tells her that he won’t allow her innocence and goodness to be her weakness.


    She tells him that she won’t distance herself from her children due to the clashes of the elders. Vanraj realizes that Anupama and he are still involved in each other’s lives and he has a problem with his children meeting Anupama. Anuj hugs Anupama and asks her to be strong to deal with her fights. He goes to her room and wants Anupama not to be blamed by anyone.


    Barkha tells Anupama that she supports Anuj’s point of view. She tells her that the Shahs don’t value her as they never stop Vanraj from throwing his anger at her and not even Hasmukh. Sara asks her to stop this discussion. Barkha tells her that it’s important to discuss the topic as Anuj and Anupama are her families. 

    Adhik appreciates Barkha in his mind for taking advantage of the situation. He tells Anupama that Anuj gets hurt if anything is related to her.



     Barkha tells Anupama that everything they are seeing is only surrounded by her and questions her about Anuj’s importance in their relationship. Anupama leaves the hall and recalls Anuj and Barkha’s words. Ankush blames Barkha for interfering between Anuj and Anupama. Adhik supports his sister and blames Vanraj for creating a scene. Sara tells them that they are responsible for Vanraj’s anger.


    She tells Barkha that Vanraj’s reaction is completely justified. Ankush praises Sara for her intelligence. Barkha tells him that she doesn’t want to hide the truth. She asks Sara not to worry as Anuj and Anupama’s relationship will get stronger after the fights. Sara points out to her how Ankush and she fight but their love never got stronger. She walks away leaving Barkha puzzled. Anupama enters her room and finds Anuj sitting on the bed.


    She sits on the corner and then comes closer to Anuj. He does the same thing. Both of them come closer to each other and apologize to each other. They hug each other. Kavya asks Pakhi to apologize to Vanraj. Pakhi isn’t ready as it’s not her fault. She tells her that Anupama has never tried to distance her from Vanraj even when he was in an extramarital affair. She feels that Vanraj is jealous of Anupama’s rich in-laws. Kavya tells her that Vanraj isn’t jealous but has become more caring after Anupama has left. After she leaves, Pakhi gets a text from Adhik which brings a smile to her face.


     Anuj apologizes to Anupama for confessing his feelings in front of everyone. Anupama tells him that he’s right from his standpoint.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 24th June 2022 :

     Barkha asks Anupama not to worry as fights between husband and wife are normal. Anupama tells her that she knows how to maintain her relationships. She asks Barkha about the bill of the interior which isn’t matching.

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