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  • Monday 31 August 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Calls Samidha as Sneha "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31st  August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Calls Samidha as Sneha "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31st  August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Calls Samidha as Sneha ".

    The episode begins at Basu mansion. Ronit says that his sister is looking good while Komolika does kaala teeka to protect him from evil eyes.

    Both say about their love as siblings and trust in each other. Ronit tells that he could've got more money other than CEO position and Komolika says that she knows to get the money but not a dowry in other ways. Mohini tells that they will go now as Anurag, Moloy and Kaushik need time for getting ready but Komolika tells that they will go together as a happy family as they have plenty of time.

    Komolika asks the servant to ask everyone to come down fastly as they are waiting. Preparation is going on in Prerna's house for Shivani's Mehendi function and Veena tells Prerna that Shivani is so excited for her marriage with Ronit. She hopes that everything will be good with her and Prerna gets a call from Bajaj.

    She says Veena that he can't come as his flight got cancelled and tells that her special guest is coming showing Samidha. Veena tells that even she feels that Samidha is like Sneha as she looks like her in childhood and Prerna says that she looks like Anurag but stops in between. Samidha hugs Prerna and she says that she has to help her maasi when Prerna asks her to put mehendi on her hands.

    Veena gets emotional seeing her while Samidha asks whether big people are always crying. Prerna tells that her mother remembered someone and Priyanka tells that people from groom side came. Veena welcomes everyone but gets irked seeing Anurag and thinks that because of him Prerna is trying to protect that orphanage.

    Mohini tells Veena that she is killing her son with eyes and she tells that of it was not for Shivani's happiness the scenario would've been different. Prerna comes to protect her mother while Anurag smiles and others come to welcome Basu family. 

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    They give mehendi to the bride side and Moloy talks with Kukki. They talk about meeting in her childhood but Veena disrupts their discussion.

    Moloy thinks that he needs to know about Sneha and where she is. Kukki gets shocked seeing Kaushik suddenly while she was looking for the waiter and they sit to talk. Kaushik says that he was thinking about them that how much he troubled her and played tricks even by dragging Anushka into it so he apologizes.

     She says that she thought that he is stupid at first but now she knows that he is not like what he seems to be.  Kaushik asks whether they are bringing clarity or confusing each other and Kukki tells that she meant that he is a good boy even though he portraits himself as a bad boy.

     Kukki gets up telling that she will look for the waiter but their heads get hit so Kaushik tells that they should once more otherwise it is bad luck. He hits her head again and both share an eye-locking moment. Monu is confused whether Kaushik is in love and takes him from there. Priyanka asks Komolika whether she can ask something and she tells to ask her.

    Priyanka asks whether she can tell Anurag to keep the orphanage like this and Komolika says that she tried to speak to him but it failed. Komolika asks how Samidha is and Priyanka tells that she is helping her in decorations. Komolika asks her not to tell about an orphanage in front of Anurag as he gets angry. Anurag sees Samidha decorating the stairs recalls the moments with her and he holds when Kajal trips to fall while Samidha selects her a good design for mehendi.

    Anurag tells that he is proud that she is making designs with her small hands and she gets hurt at hand while Anurag looks for bandage she asks to tie with her handkerchief. He asks whether this is the same handkerchief but she tells that this is a new one as red is her favourite colour which can be same as her mother's and tells that she was in red chunri when she was left in an orphanage. Anurag recalls Sneha.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 1st September 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Prerna comes seeing Samidha got hurt and blames that Anurag must have done this. Samidha asks him to tell that he was caring for her not harming her but he tells that some people are always in misunderstandings. Samidha asks them to be friends shaking hands and Komolika fumes in anger seeing this.

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