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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 30th March 2021 Written Update " Kartik In Anger Says Yes to Marry to Sirat "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 30th March 2021 Written Update " Kartik In Anger Says Yes to Marry to Sirat "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 30th March 2021 Written Update " Kartik In Anger Says Yes to Marry to Sirat ".

    The episode starts with Sirat. She requests Kartik to bring Kairav out of the house because she wants to console him as he became afraid after seeing the police.




    Kartik replies to her that Kairav will not come out and if she wants to meet him then she can go inside the house. Sirat forwards her steps to go inside the Goenka house. She is about to enter inside but Goenka's house but Manish stops her from stepping inside. Manish says to Sirat that her entry isn't allowed inside the house. Kartik replies to him that Sirat wants to meet Kairav. But still, Manish refuses. Later Kartik takes stand for Sirat.

     Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 30th March 2021



    He questions Manish to tell him the reason. Everyone gathers there. Kartik argues with Manish then Sirat requests him to stop as it was her mistake. She apologizes to Manish and starts leaving the place. Kartik stops her but Manish asks her to go away. Kartik asks Manish to tell him that what kind of issues he has with Sirat.



    Manish questions about Kartik's relationship with Sirat. Kartik replies that he has a special relationship with Sirat because she saved his son's life the two times. Manish replies that for her one favor, he has done a lot for her by saving Mauri, their house, Sirat's career. He asks Kartik to keep his relationship with Sirat upto himself as he doesn't want Sirat to a mixup with the family members.




     Kartik replies that Sirat is also a family member to him because she treated him equally when he was at her house. Manish gets angry and asks Kartik not to do that much for anyone just for moral issues. Kartik replies that there is nothing fake because he genuinely respects Sirat. Manish says to Kartik that society will not understand his relationship with Sirat.


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    Kartik replies that he doesn't care about any society. Manish says to Kartik that he wants to insult them. Kartik replies that Sirat faced insult because of him in her whole colony. He questions Manish that why he always blames Sirat. Their argument heats up then Manish calls Sirat trouble and asks Kartik to leave her at her place back. Kartik replies that Sirat has faced a lot of troubles because of them and he'll not leave her alone.



     Manish says to Kartik that Sirat is using him just for his money. Sirat feels so bad. Manish further says to Kartik that because she looks like Naira, she is playing with his and Kairav's emotions. He blames Sirat more saying that she wants to fulfill all her financial needs from Kartik's pocket but he'll not let this happen. Kartik requests Manish to stop but he doesn't.





    Manish asks Kartik to pay attention and spend time with Rhea with whom he has to spend his life. Listening to this, Kartik gets confused. Manish says that he has decided to perform Kartik and Rhea's engagement as soon as possible. Kartik is in shock and he questions Manish that when did he agreed to his relationship with Rhea. Kartik says to Manish that he has never asked anyone that he wants to marry Rhea. Manish replies that he has heard when he was talking with Akhilesh about this.



    Akhilesh says to Manish that he has never discussed this topic with Kartik. He tells Manish that they were discussing the dance competition and Holi celebration for the dance academy. Manish gets a huge shock. Kartik says to Manish that he can't decide these kinds of things for him.


    He questions Manish that why he thinks about his wedding when even he isn't interested in this. Rhea gets worried. Manish replies that being his father, he has the full right to make decisions in his favor.

     He asks Kartik that he has to marry Rhea and it's his final decision. Kairav arrives there. Kartik refuses to marry Rhea saying that he has never taken Rhea even as his friend.




    Everyone shocks and seeing Manish's anger for Sirat, Kairav is worried about her. Manish questions Kartik about his relationship with Sirat. He questions more saying that when people will taunt their relationship, will he make her his wife. Kartik replies that he can marry Sirat in such conditions. He says that Sirat cares a lot about his children and he'll not find anyone else who can care that much about his children.


    He makes it clear to Manish that he is ready to marry Sirat only. Everyone shocks after listening to this but Gayatri and Kairav are happy. Kartik looks at Sirat and is about to say something. But Sirat stops him and leaves the place without saying a word. Manish says to Kartik that he can't marry Sirat because she is a mirage as she only has Naira's look-alike face.



     Rhea feels bad and she goes inside the house. Manish says to Kartik that one day he'll regret his decision to trust Sirat. Kartik leaves without replying to Manish.

     Later Sirat lashes out her anger and Mauri notices this. Sirat tells her the reason for her anger is Kartik because he wants to marry her. Later Kartik regrets that how he said that because he has never thought about it. He feels that he has cheated Naira.


    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 31st March 2021 Written Update :

     Kartik shares his pain with Suhasini saying that he has hurted Sirat and Naira. Suhasini replies that she knows that Naira isn't get hurted because Kairav sees an image of Naira as Sirat. Sirat is getting angry.

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