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  • Monday 29 March 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 29th March 2021 Written Update " Police came to Arrest Sirat, Kartik Takes Blame "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 29th March 2021 Written Update " Police came to Arrest Sirat, Kartik Takes Blame "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 29th March 2021 Written Update " Police came to Arrest Sirat, Kartik Takes Blame ".

    The episode starts with Suhasini, she thanks Sirat for saving Kairav's life. Manish also thanks Sirat and leaves.




    Kairav hugs and thanks Sirat for rescuing him. Sirat replies that she has rescued him for herself. Kairav becomes so happy. Kartik massages on Sirat's strain point and wraps a bandage around it. Later Rhea talks to her mother on a phone call. She says to her mother that Sirat always does something to become heroic and Kairav is a fan of her.

     Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 29th March 2021



     She further says that now Sirat will decide to brainwash Kartik's mind as he agreed to the wedding. Manish arrives there with headphones in his ears so he can't listen to Rhea's conversation with her mother. Manish apologizes to Rhea as today he was thinking to announce his and Kartik's wedding but everything got ruined. Rhea replies that the family's safety is most important for her as ceremonies can take place later.


    Kairav prays the god and thanks him for saving his, Kartik, and Sirat's life. He also thanks for sending Sirat in their life because he knows she isn't his Mumma but she remains around him then he misses Naira a very little. Kartik arrives there and he hugs Kairav. Sirat also arrives there then Kartik and Kairav get angry at her for leaving her bed. Kairav and Kartik make fun of Sirat to tease her.





     Sirat says that she is here to light a lamp for the god as he saved their lives. Kartik asks Sirat to light the lamp and after that, she can take a rest in the room. Sirat replies that she'll not stay there because Mauri is getting cleaned the other room in the outhouse and they'll stay there. Sirat lights the lamp then Luv-Kush arrives there. They tell Kartik that police have arrived to arrest Sirat.

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    Sirat becomes shocked after listening to this. Kairav gets afraid. The inspector tells Goenkas that someone has filed a complaint against Sirat. Kairav asks the police to give them the details for arresting Sirat. The inspector tells him that the boxing coach, Dev Chaudhary has filed the complainant against Sirat that she tried to kill him. Everyone shocks after listening to this. Sirat gets angry then Kartik asks her to be calm as he still talking to the police.


     Kartik tells to the Inspector that the complainant is wrong then he narrates the whole incident to the police in front of everyone present there. After listening about Dev Chaudhary's reality the whole Goenka family and Mauri feel bad for Sirat. Kairav gets more worried about Sirat. Kartik says to the police that Dev Chaudhary is the wrong person and his complaint is false as he was trying to harm Sirat.





     The inspector replies that the court will decide who's wrong as for now, he must arrest Sirat. Sirat replies that they have also filed a complaint in the boxing association. The inspector replies that there is nothing he can do with this. Manish stands for Sirat but the police insist to arrest Sirat. Manish says to Kartik that everything is his mistake as he didn't tell anyone on time.


    Mauri cries then Sirat asks her that she didn't want to hurt her that's why she didn't inform her about anything.Mauri says to Kartik that she didn't expect this from him as he also didn't tell anything to her anything. The lady police forcefully try to take Sirat with her. Sirat frees her hand and refuses to go with them because it's not her mistake.


    She says that the coach has very wrong intentions and Kartik saved her life. Kartik says that he reached on time that's why Sirat is safe today and even four years ago also a girl filed a case against the coach but the matter didn't reach any conclusion. The inspector again holds Sirat's hand then Kartik says that it was his mistake because he hit him and he asks the police to arrest him.




     He asks the police to take him but Sirat requests Kartik not to take the blame on himself. Manish asks Kartik to stop as nobody can't do that much for others. Kartik replies that because of him, he can't let Sirat's name get spoilt as this will affect her career also. Later Akhilesh interrupts the police and gives the phone to him as the commissioner is online.


    After that the inspector refuses to arrest anyone because of Kartik's email, now the commissioner will supervise the case. Everyone takes a breath of relief. Sirat notices that Mauri is missing then Sirat and Kartik go to search for her. Later Kartik finds her crying in the garden. Mauri asks him to book her and Sirat's tickets as they're going to leave this place. Kartik asks her not to feel bad as it's not Sirat's mistake. Mauri replies that every time Sirat has to suffer because of other's mistakes.


    She tells Kartik that she always remains worried about Sirat because she faced a lot of worse situations in her life. Kartik consoles Mauri then Sirat also reaches there. Manish is doing a hurry for Kartik and Rhea's wedding. Suhasini tries to say him about Kairav's demand for Sirat but she can't. 

    Sirat asks Kartik to call Kairav outside as she wants to talk to him. Kartik asks Sirat to go inside the house as it's her right that she can go in for Kairav. Sirat forwards her step to go inside the house.


    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 30th March 2021 Written Update

     Sirat is stepping inside the Goenka house but Manish stops him. Kartik and Manish argue with each other for this. Manish asks about Kartik's relationship with Sirat. Kartik replies that he can make her his wife.

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