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  • Monday, 29 March 2021

    Anupamaa 29th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Applies Color to Vanraj By Cheek to Cheek, Kavya Gets Shcoked "


    Anupamaa 29th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Applies Color to Vanraj By Cheek to Cheek, Kavya Gets Shcoked "

    Anupamaa 29th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Applies Color to Vanraj By Cheek to Cheek, Kavya Gets Shcoked ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj waits for Anupamaa to arrive with food as he’s hungry.


    Meanwhile, Anupamaa does childish behaviour after getting intoxicated. Mama ji flirts with Rakhi and wants to put colour on her face. Rakhi gets irritated and asks him not to flirt with her as she’s married. She reminds mama ji that she’s Kinjal’s mother and asks him not to follow her. Suddenly, Vanraj gets a splash of water through the window and gets irritated.

    Anupamaa 29th March 2021 Today's Episode Written Update


    He looks for the one who did it and is shocked to find Anupamaa in front of the window acknowledging that she’s the one to splash water on her. Anupamaa dances and acts childishly. Vanraj is taken aback to see Anupamaa in such a condition and asks her what she has drunk. Anupamaa tells him that she has drunk thandaai. Nandini and Kinjal ignore Samar and Paritosh. Samar and Paritosh don’t understand why Nandini and Kinjal aren’t talking to them.


    Two girls arrive at Samar and Paritosh and want to play Holi with them. Samar and Paritosh find it a good opportunity to make Nandini and Kinjal jealous. As Samar and Paritosh dance with the girls, Nandini and Kinjal arrive on the dance floor and dances with their respective partner. The Shahs also join in the dance floor. The neighbourhood boys keep an eye on Nandini.



    Nandini tells Samar that she’s going home to change her sandal as it got broken. The neighbourhood boys decide to follow Nandini. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to sit down but Anupamaa laughs and asks him to be quiet. Nandini enters her house and so does the two boys. Mama ji offers a cold drink to Rakhi while Samar asks for Anupamaa.



    Kinjal tells Hasmukh that Anupamaa must be here and there wishing and playing Holi with the neighbours. Leela asks Kinjal to let Anupamaa celebrate the Holi according to her choice. Kavya doubts if Anupamaa has gone to put colour on Vanraj. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's   Written Update 29th March 2021

    Anupamaa brings colours in her both hands. Vanraj gets nervous and falls on the bed. Anupamaa approaches him and teases him for not playing Holi. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she has come secretly to put colour on his face. She funnily describes Vanraj.


    Nandini finds the two boys in her house and gets angry. The two boys tease Nandini and tell her that they have come to play with her. Nandini picks up an object and threatens to throw it on them. The boys threaten to put black colour on Nandini’s face. As they approach Nandini, Nandini gets panic.




    Samar waits for Nandini and wonders if she has gone to the market to buy a pair of sandal. Kinjal asks Samar to control and teases him. Anupamaa creates a look-alike image of Vanraj and asks him to find that person in the room who’s afraid of playing Holi. Nandini panics as the boys raise their hand to put colour on her face.


    Kinjal asks Samar to keep patience as Nandini might be washing off the colours from her face. Anupamaa approaches Vanraj as if she is riding a bike. Vanraj holds both of her hands and asks her not to put colour on his face. He’s unable to control Anupamaa. Paritosh holds the hands of the boys who were trying to put black colour on Nandini’s face. He throws them on the floor and recognises them after throwing water on their face. He gets angry with the boys and beats them up.


    The boys apologise to Paritosh. Paritosh warns them to break their hands and legs if they try to disturb their family and sister, Nandini. The boys apologise and promise Paritosh that they won’t repeat this behaviour ever and run away. 

    Paritosh asks Nandini if she’s fine. Nandini thanks him and asks him not to reveal this incident to anyone so that the colourful day doesn’t get ruined.



    Paritosh agrees to keep quiet for this day but decides to tell everyone later. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that she will be taking revenge from him as she didn’t play Holi for the last twenty-five years. Kavya enters the Shah house. Anupamaa dances much to Vanraj’s shock. Vanraj gets nervous and tries to save himself from the colours. Kavya gets hurt while walking towards Vanraj’s room. She grabs some colours in her hands to put colour on Vanraj.


    Anupamaa dances in the bed and as she loses her balance, Vanraj holds her and his cheek gets coloured. Kavya receives a shock when she finds Vanraj holding Anupamaa and Anupamaa putting colour on his face. 

    Anupamaa laughs and wishes Vanraj happy Holi after putting colour on him.


    Precap For Anupamaa 30th March 2021 Episode Written Update :

    Vanraj makes Anupamaa lie on the bed. In the reaction to getting intoxicated, Anupamaa tells Vanraj how much she loved him. Vanraj feels pain after hearing Anupamaa’s confession.

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