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  • Thursday 8 June 2023

    "Guru Maa Gives America Tour Responsibility to Anupamaa But Some Old Connection with Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th 2023


    "Guru Maa Gives America Tour Responsibility to Anupamaa But Some Old Connection with Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th 2023

    "Guru Maa Gives America Tour Responsibility to Anupamaa But Some Old Connection with Anuj " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 8th 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anuj saves Malti Devi from getting hurt by a pin lying on the floor. Anupama thanks him for protecting her. Malti Devi thanks him too and blesses him. Anupama takes her inside and introduces her to her entire family. 

    Hasmukh is glad to her for coming to Samar’s wedding. Anuj gets hurt by a flower stand when Anupama and Maaya run to him to check on him. He asks Anupama to relax and attend Malti Devi now. Anupama calls Samar and Dimpy. The newlywed takes blessings from her. Malti Devi gives them a gift which is stitched by her with Samar and Dimpy’s names on it. Anupama is grateful to her. Samar thanks Malti Devi for being so thoughtful.

     Anupama then introduces everyone in her family including Vanraj. Vanraj thanks Malti Devi for giving Anupama a second chance to fulfill her dreams which were incomplete due to him. Malti Devi tells him that though he has realized his mistake, that wouldn’t bring back the time. Anupama continues to introduce the Kapadias and calls Anu to be her younger daughter. 

    Maaya walks in front of Malti Devi. Anupama introduces her to Anu’s biological mother. Maaya takes Malti Devi’s blessings and tells her that she has learned so much from her dance video. Anupama then points out to Anuj giving his full introduction. Anuj folds his hands. Malti Devi looks at him in awe. Leela tells her that her entry was just like a film artist. 

    Malti Devi tells her that she’s a stage artist and asks her not to compare anyone with others while praising her. Leela agrees and tells her that Anupama is happy after joining her gurukul but arrives late at home. Malti Devi tells her that Anupama has a lot of potentials and will go forward in her life. Leela asks her if Anupama will come back from America. Malti Devi tells her that the decision of coming back from America will be made by Anupama herself.

    She tells her that Anupama isn’t aware of what she is capable of doing. She goes on to say that she has a responsibility for Anupama which can be done by nobody but her. Anupama asks her what she’s talking about. Malti Devi opens her brooch and puts it on Anupama’s saree.

     Nakul is taken aback. Malti Devi asks Meenu to give her that thali of aarti. She does Anupama’s aarti which surprises her. She announces that Anupama will become her successor in the Gurukul branch in America. Anupama is awestruck. Anuj and the family are happy for Anupama. 

    Malti Devi tells Anupama that she’s capable of taking responsibility for so many of her disciples. She tells her that whatever she saw in Anupama was her hard work and dedication to dance. Anupama is dumbstruck.

     Malti Devi praises her for her selfless nature and multi-tasking skills. She appreciates Anupama’s skills for managing her family and dancing at the same time which made her capable of such a big responsibility of gurukul. She congratulates Anupama. Anupama fails to speak and takes her blessings. Everyone showers flower petals on Anupama. 

    Malti Devi tells Anupama that she will know the responsibilities after going to America and it’s as big of an opportunity as the responsibility. She apologizes to everyone for interrupting their wedding functions and asks them to continue. Everyone claps for Anupama.

     Maaya is glad that Anupama will be away from Anuj. Nakul comes aside and burns in anger. He feels his hard work is also responsible for the Gurukul to reach such a great height. He considers himself to be a better dancer and deserving than Anupama. He feels that it’s not fair. 

    He wipes his tears. Vanraj sees his anger and wonders why he’s so angry. Later, Anupama looks at herself in the mirror and remembers Malti Devi’s announcement. As the brooch was about to slip from her hand, Anuj holds it. He tells her that he’s proud of her and deserves this opportunity. Anupama smiles and thanks him. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 9th 2023 :

     Anuj and Ankush organize a music function by Kumar Sanu. Everyone enjoys the night.

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