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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

    Anupamaa 30th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa's 25 Years of Pain Come Out, Leela-Vanraj Feels embarrassed ".



    Anupamaa 30th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa's 25 Years of Pain Come Out, Leela-Vanraj Feels embarrassed ".

    Anupamaa 30th March 2021 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa's 25 Years of Pain Come Out, Leela-Vanraj Feels embarrassed ".


    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya is shocked to see Anupamaa putting colour on Vanraj.



    Anupamaa laughs as she has finally put colour on Vanraj. Vanraj gets angry at her. Kavya goes back to getting hurt as she couldn’t be the first one to put colour on Vanraj. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to behave properly. Anupamaa keeps laughing and does not stay quiet. She tells him that he does not tolerate when she played the first Holi after her marriage and also put colour on him.


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     She is unable to stop laughing due to the reaction of the intoxicant in her drink. She runs from Vanraj’s room. Meanwhile, the Shahs look for Anupamaa in the ground. Kinjal informs everyone that Anupamaa isn’t in the kitchen. Rakhi tells Leela that she has been finding Anupamaa for a long time. Samar and Pakhi also look for Anupamaa. Kavya arrives on the ground in anger and tells the Shahs that Anupamaa is inside Vanraj’s room.




    The Shahs are shocked to hear Kavya. They hurriedly walk towards the house to look for Anupamaa. Rakhi wonders why Kavya is not reacting to the intoxicating drink. She doubts if Kavya has drunk it. She also wonders what made Kavya anger after coming from Vanraj’s room. Anupamaa rides an imaginary bike in the corridor of the house and gets stuck here and there.



    Vanraj runs behind her to control her. The Shahs are shocked to see Anupamaa in such a childish condition. Rakhi realises that Anupamaa has drunk the intoxicating drink. Kinjal tries to control Anupamaa and makes her sit in the swing. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to control herself. Anupamaa keeps laughing and decides to enjoy the swing as Leela also enjoys the swing being her mother-in-law. She tells how Leela scolded her seeing through her binoculars.



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    Leela gets upset at her behaviour. Anupamaa narrates how Leela didn’t allow her to touch her feet and bless her. She keeps laughing and tells the truth of her life in the reaction to the drink she had. She holds Leela and tells her that she could have blessed her. She feels that every daughter-in-law should consider their mother-in-law to be their mother and every mother-in-law should treat their daughter-in-law like her daughter.




    Anupamaa tells Leela that she has always treated as her mother. She complains to Leela that she never treated her like her daughter. She keeps laughing and tells Leela that she was a very good daughter-in-law. She tells Leela how she used to cry after she scolded her. She expresses her love towards Leela.


     Leela gets emotional and so does the other members of the house. Anupamaa tells Leela that she will cry a lot when she will leave the house. She makes Leela sit on the swing. Kavya sits in Nandini’s garden and gets angry remembering the closeness of Vanraj and Anupamaa while Nandini watches her sitting at a distance from her.




    Anupamaa asks Hasmukh why he didn’t support her earlier like he does today. She tells Hasmukh that he wanted peace and asks him why he didn’t support her when Leela stopped her education. She recalls how Rakhi treated her earlier as she isn’t educated. 

    Hasmukh gets emotional and apologises to Anupamaa for unable to support her. He blames himself and the family for always taunting her and not supporting her. Anupamaa expresses her love towards Hasmukh. She tells Hasmukh that she would have been doing a good job in a big office if she had studied like Kavya, Kinjal and Rakhi.






    She regrets not able to do higher studies. Nandini questions Kavya if she had gone to Vanraj’s room as she saw Vanraj and Anupamaa together. Kavya gets angry and asks Nandini not to irritate her. She throws the coke bottle and asks Nandini not to taunt her always. Nandini tells her that there are many reasons to taunt her. Kavya asks her to stop giving her lectures. She tells Nandini that she went to Vanraj’s room to meet her. Nandini blames her for always trying to create a scene in the Shah house.




    She calls Kavya to be an arrogant and shameless lady. Kavya slaps Nandini in anger. Anupamaa hugs Pakhi and tells him that she loves her children the most. She tells that a mother can only love. She tells everyone that Samar understands her and respects her.




     Kavya washes her face and is hurt seeing Vanraj and Anupamaa together. She gets angry at Anupamaa for trying to separate Vanraj from her. She decides to marry Vanraj as soon as Vanraj divorces Anupamaa.

     PRECAP For Anupamaa 31st March 2021 Episode Written Update :

    Vanraj makes Anupamaa lie on the bed. An intoxicant Anupamaa expresses her love to Vanraj and tells how he never loved her back. She tells Vanraj that no one can love him as she did. Vanraj feels her pain.

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