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  • Tuesday, 30 March 2021

    Pratigya 2 Episode 30th March 2021 Written Update "Pratigya's Romatic Surprise for Krishna "

    Pratigya 2 Episode 30th March 2021 Written Update "Pratigya's Romatic Surprise for Krishna "

    Pratigya 2 Episode 30th March 2021 Written Update "Pratigya's Romatic Surprise for Krishna ".

    The episode begins at the isolated place where Radhe was brought after surrendering.



    Dhaara gets violent when he sees Balwant lighting the lighter and throws Radhe into the river after killing. Krishna is restless thinking about the case and thinks why he didn't surrender till now. He tries to call him couldn't get connected and he thinks of going to his house to understand the situation.



    Sajjan Singh comes and asks to whom he is talking with and tells that the people who are speaking themselves are the ones who don't have anyone to hear them. Sajjan Singh asks how he remembered Radhe today as he heard him telling the name and asks him to be away from his old life. Krishna tells that he met Radhe on the way and says that he talked to him as he saw him.


    Sajjan Singh tells that they are not goons anymore so it is not good for them to look back to their previous life as they have a family. Krishna goes after telling them that he won't talk or meet Radhe but his father gets suspicious. He goes to his room thinking that he can't meet Radhe as he will be in trouble. He sees his bedroom decorated and Pratigya asks him how is the surpise.




     She tells that kids have slept with Komal and Sumitra so she gets romantic with him but he is tensed about the case. She asks him what happened and tells him that he is also like others that he is now bored with his married life. She says that his love was only till marriage and she says that she was wrong thinking that he is different from others.


    He says that he was doing drama just to hear these things and tries to pacify her. She asks him not to lie and he tries to convince her. They share a romantic night.Garv wakes up seeing a bad dream and Komal calms him telling him that there is no need to get frightened thinking about a dream. She makes him sleep again and keeps the knife below his pillow as everyone tells that it keeps away from bad dreams.

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    She doubts his behavior change and thinks of asking Krishna else Garv will become sick. She sees him talking on the phone and asks whether everything is okay. She tells him that is Garv fine as he was telling him he didn't do anything after waking from sleep. He says her not to worry more as everyone is like this when they dream.




    She says that she will find out for sure the problem and Krishna goes telling her that nothing is there to tell. Pratigya checks the things from the accident site and gets the handkerchief of Shakti which she takes a picture of. Komal meets Adarsh in the street and he offers her a ride but she refuses. He gets off the bike and starts to walk with her.


    She asks what he is doing but he says that after seeing what men did to her he can't leave her alone. She says that it won't happen today and he asks whether she is afraid of him. They both talk and she thanks him for saving on holi when they reach her house. He says that he came to fill her life with colors after she enters the house.


     Shakti asks Kesar to put the news on tv and Sajjan Singh gets shocked to see the death news of Radhe. He calls out Krishna to see the news and Komal looks at his expression. 

    Shakti tells that he was faithful to their family and Kesar tells that he had to die for being faithful. Krishna is emotional and thinks about their conversation.


    Precap For Pratigya 2 Episode 31st March 2021 Written Update

     Komal tells Krishna that they will tell everything to their father as only he can handle this now. He refuses to tell that this is Pratigya's case and Sajjan Singh points a gun at Balwant who came to their house.

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