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  • Monday 31 August 2020

    Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa is Trapped Between Paritosh and Vanraj "

    Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa is Trapped Between Paritosh and Vanraj "

    Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa is Trapped Between Paritosh and Vanraj ".

    The episode begins where Anupamaa decides to talk to Vanraj about Paritosh’s marriage and Pakhi too.

    Vanraj asks for water and Anupamaa brings for him. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that Pakhi hasn’t eaten properly as she is upset due to his scolding. She tries to convince Vanraj to trust Pakhi. Vanraj makes her clear that Pakhi is too young to go out with male friends. Anupamaa tells him that Pakhi is hurt as she is scolded by her father. Vanraj is upset with all his children.

    Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update

    Anupamaa still tries to convince Vanraj to calm down and tells him that they should make their children understand properly rather than scolding them. Vanraj decides to talk to Pakhi in the morning. He warns Anupamaa not to support the children even when they are wrong. Anupamaa decides to talk to Paritosh’s marriage later and feels sorry for Paritosh.

    Samar finds Paritosh with his guitar and realises that he is upset. Paritosh blames his mother as she’s not keeping her promise to approach Vanraj for his marriage. He is worried if his marriage with Kinjal will ever happen. Samar asks Paritosh to have faith in Anupamaa as she will keep trying to make her children happy. Paritosh gets angry and tells Samar that he did a mistake after coming home from Kinjal’s house.

    Samar tries to make him calm down but a restless Paritosh keeps expressing his feelings for Kinjal. Everyone sits in the breakfast table. Paritosh thanks his father for bringing him the books he needed. Vanraj tries to patch up with Pakhi. Anupamaa worries about the distance created between Vanraj and their children. She asks Vanraj and Leela about Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage.

    Paritosh gets a ray of hope. Samar too tells that he wants Paritosh to get married soon. Vanraj denies to go to Kinjal’s house when Anupamaa asks him about fixing Paritosh’s marriage. Paritosh gets angry at Vanraj. Vanraj and Leela tell that they will not go to Kinjal’s house with marriage proposal but are ready to talk to Kinjal’s family if they visit their house. Paritosh gets restless and argues with Vanraj and Leela.

    Paritosh wants to know what’s going on in the minds of his family regarding his marriage. Vanraj gets angry too and tells his son to do anything he wants and taunts him for leaving the house. He asks Paritosh if Kinjal loves him and if so then why she didn’t leave her house. He asks him to sit down and have his breakfast and let them handle the situation.

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    Paritosh blames his father for not able to handle any situation. Anupamaa gets angry with Paritosh for behaving rudely to his father. Paritosh tells Anupamaa that he should not have trusted her and leave Kinjal’s house as no one cares about her opinion in the Shah house. Samar tries to calm his brother down. Paritosh keeps blaming his parents for ruining his happiness.

    He regrets coming back to the Shah house. Anupamaa tries to console him and asks him to give her some time. Paritosh tells her that Vanraj never valued her and her opinions. Anupamaa is stunned by Paritosh’s behavior. Paritosh leaves the living room. Vanraj blames Anupamaa for ruining his morning and even his life. He too leaves for the office. Pakhi leaves for her school. Leela blames Anupamaa for creating trouble in the house.

    Samar makes his mother sit and gives her water. He tells Anupamaa that Paritosh isn’t well and will destroy his life if he’s not married to Kinjal. He is afraid of Paritosh. Anupamaa worries a lot and asks Samar to check where Paritosh is. Samar goes to see his brother. Anupamaa prays to Kanha ji to keep his son safe. Anupamaa asks Samar to inform him where Paritosh is.

    Pakhi comes back home. Anupamaa asks her why she’s back. Pakhi is irritated as she missed her school as Neha, her friend with whom she wanted to go to school has already left for school. Anupamaa is worried about Paritosh. Pakhi complains to her for prioritizing his brothers and not her. She blames Anupamaa for snatching her father’s love from him. Meanwhile, Kavya arrives at Shah's house. Samar finds Paritosh talking to Kinjal in a parking lot.

     Kavya asks Anupamaa if Vanraj is ready as they would leave for the office together. Anupamaa tells her that Vanraj has already left for his office. Pakhi taunts Kavya for coming to their house on every occasion and going office together with Vanraj as she’s her father’s friend. Kavya doesn’t appreciate Pakhi’s way of talking. Pakhi shares her situation with Kavya and requests her to talk to Vanraj and Leela. She asks Kavya to explain to her family that a girl and boy can be friends without having any affair just like his father and her. Kavya becomes speechless.

    Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa is Trapped Between Paritosh and Vanraj ".

    Precap For Anupamaa 1st September 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Paritosh arrives home drinking alcohol. Anupamaa is shocked to find sleeping pills in Paritosh’s room. Vanraj blames Anupamaa for her carelessness towards Paritosh. He gives her one final chance to make things alright.

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