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  • Monday 5 June 2023

    "Anuj Welcomes Anupamaa With Flowers, Anupamaa Accepted Maaya's Challenge " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 5th 2023


    "Anuj Welcomes Anupamaa With Flowers, Anupamaa Accepted Maaya's Challenge " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 5th 2023

    "Anuj Welcomes Anupamaa With Flowers, Anupamaa Accepted Maaya's Challenge " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 5th 2023.

    Anupama hesitates to get inside the Kapadia mansion and tells Anuj that the last step is more difficult than the first one. 

    He goes inside the house for a while. Paritosh tells his family that the arrangements done by the bride’s side are amazing but should find some faults. Dolly teases Leela to start finding faults as that’s what she does. Everyone laughs at Leela. Anuj comes back near the door and showers flower petals on Anupama. 

    Anupama smiles. Anuj tells her that the house and everything inside it belongs to her. He accepts that their relationship isn’t the same as before but she has relation with the house. He tells her that everything that belongs to him is hers. He requests her to get inside the house as the house is waiting for her.

     Anupama walks forward and recalls the day when she first entered the house. She gets emotional remembering the memories spent with Anuj in the house. Leela tells Dolly that the decorations are done well and asks her about the cost. Dolly asks her to enjoy the wedding. Leela looks at a pillar continuously. 

    When asked by Dolly, she tells her that she felt someone was hiding behind the pillar. Anupama enters the house and walks towards the temple. She pours oil into the diya and makes everything in its place. She arranges the flower pot as it used to be. She suddenly feels cautious and apologizes to Anuj for changing things here and there.

     Anuj tells her that she shouldn’t feel sorry for arranging her own house. He tells her that he can hang a board on her neck so that she doesn’t forget the house belongs to hers. Anupama laughs. Maaya finds them talking to each other. 

    Anuj asks Anupama if the decorations are on point. Anupama tells him that everything looks beautiful. Meanwhile, Maaya calls Anuj and tells him that the Panditji was looking for him. Anuj goes to meet him.

    When Anupama turns around, Maaya holds her hand and asks her if she’s fine as she’s a guest in her own house. Anupama tells her that she doesn’t feel bad anymore as she believes in a fair fight. Maaya accepts that she has backstabbed her but still wants to achieve everything she wants. 

    She asks Anupama to enjoy her son’s wedding. She continues to say that her stay in the house has become permanent and now she’s going to be with Anuj. Anupama tells her that whatever happened was partly due to her destiny and blames her for the rest due to her nature. She tells Maaya that the best and worst part of destiny is that it keeps changing. 

    She asks Maaya to wait till Kanha ji does the calculations of rights and wrongs. Later, Leela makes the situation awkward when she appreciates the arrangements done by Anuj for an outsider like Dimpy. She tells Anuj that he’s a kind-hearted person for giving shelter to poor innocent girls like Anuj, Dimpy, and Maaya. Anupama tries to stop her. 

    Vanraj apologizes to everyone on behalf of Leela. Hasmukh asks them to ignore Leela. Barkha whispers to Dimpy that Leela has done Ph.D. in ruining marriages. Dimpy pretends to smile. Leela finds two women whom she finds awkward. When Vairabi pushes her by mistake, she scolds the little girl too. She doesn’t find those women she turns around and goes to talk to Barkha about it. Both Barkha and Leela start arguing with each other when Dolly stops them. 

    The wedding rituals start. The Panditji calls the groom and bride’s parents for the rituals. Maaya stands beside Anuj. Vanraj and Anupama call Kavya to join them. 

    Anuj notices Anupama is lost in her thoughts. Anupama explains the importance of the rituals to Samar and Dimpy.

     The couple exchanged barmalas thereafter. They have fun doing the ritual. Everyone showers flowers on them. Anuj and Anupama remember their wedding. Every couple recalls their wedding day. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 6th 2023 :

     Leela catches the two women in front of everyone. Dimpy searches their bags and finds one of the women to be her mother. Anupama feels that the wedding is complete now.

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