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  • Friday 2 June 2023

    "Anuj Shares His Pain with Ankush,Leela Doubts On Anupamaa and Kavya " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 2nd June 2023


    "Anuj Shares His Pain with Ankush,Leela Doubts On Anupamaa and Kavya " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 2nd June 2023

    "Anuj Shares His Pain with Ankush, Leela Doubts On Anupamaa and Kavya " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 2nd June 2023. 

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anuj and Ankush do the arrangements for the wedding. 

    Anuj thanks Ankush for helping him. Ankush tells him that he should take help from others if he’s unable to manage everything. He understands Anuj’s situation and asks him if he’s fine. Anuj tells him that he’s relieved to reveal the truth to Anupama but is glad that she doesn’t hate him.

     He gets emotional and tells him that he wants Anupama to get all the happiness she deserves. He wishes for Anupama’s talents to get noticed by the world. Ankush asks him about the love story of Maan. Anuj smiles and tells him that every love story doesn’t have a happy ending but remains incomplete which makes it more beautiful. 

    He agrees that their love story might be incomplete but their love is still pure. Ankush tells him that the couple whose names come together cannot stay together just like Radha and Krishna. The Shahs are in a hurry for the preparation of the wedding. A box gets dropped from Kavya when Anupama stops her from picking it up and does it herself.

     Kinjal tries to wear her necklace when Paritosh goes to help her. She warns him not to find an opportunity to romance with her. Hasmukh asks Leela about Kanta and Bhavesh. She tells him that they have gone to the temple. She then instructs Vairabi to wash some dishes in the kitchen. Hasmukh doesn’t like Leela’s gesture. 

    Anupama texts Malti Devi to attend her son’s wedding if possible. She then prays to Kanha ji so that the wedding gets completed properly. When she looks out for Samar, Vanraj brings him to his shoulder. He tells everyone that he wants Samar to have his childhood back for a few moments before the responsibility of marriage hits him. He wishes Samar to be like Anupama and never become a husband like his father.

    Hasmukh tells Samar that he has always been the best son in the family and asks him to be happy. He makes him wear the gold ring. Samar takes blessings from him. He assures him that he will become a cool grandfather like him. Leela scolds him for marrying the girl of his choice and then gets emotional too. She blesses him with a gold chain. 

    Kavya gives him a small piece of iron to protect him from evil eyes. Leela teases and asks Kavya to give him a sherwani made of iron to protect him from Dimpy. Kavya gives best wishes to Samar and prays so that his marriage becomes a successful one, unlike the other marriages in the family. 

    Paritosh hugs Samar and assures him that he will be with him always. He makes him wear a watch and asks him not to repeat the mistake he did. Kinjal makes Samar wear the long chain of pearls and tells him that she’s very happy for him. Dolly sprays perfume on Samar and blesses him so that his marriage smells as good as the perfume. Kanta makes him wear a black band in his hand.

     Bhavesh offers him shagun. Leela misses Pakhi and so does Samar who is very disappointed at her. Dolly asks Meenu and Vairabi to give the katar to Samar. Leela allows Meenu to do it. Anupama asks Samar to sit and ties him to the pagdi and does his aarti. She gets emotional seeing her son in the wedding outfit. She tells Samar that he has been the closest to her and asks him not to forget himself in the responsibilities of marriage. She advises him to treat his wife and himself equally and not expect his wife to be perfect as nobody is. She asks him to accept his wife as she is and respect each other at every point of life.

     She asks him to be careful between self-respect and ego and advises him not to take Dimpy taken for granted. She asks him to try to keep a balance between his wife and family. She advises him not to get demotivated seeing the other marriages in the family. 


    Leela asks her to stay as a mother-in-law. Anupama tells her that a mother-in-law is a mother and a daughter-in-law is a daughter too. Everyone throws flowers at Samar as they get ready for the baraat. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 3rd June 2023 :

     Anupama makes batches for everyone on the groom’s side. Kavya calls this idea to be very cool. Anupama adores Samar and wants to make his wedding memorable. Dimpy gets ready and knows that her journey after the wedding is going to be difficult and decides to fight it with love. Kavya reveals to Vanraj that she’s going to be the mother of his child.

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