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  • Sunday, 2 October 2022

    "Officers Came to Take Little Anu Back, Paritosh Complained, Anuj-Anupamaa are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd October 2022


    "Officers Came to Take Little Anu Back, Paritosh Complained, Anuj-Anupamaa are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd October 2022

    "Officers Came to Take Little Anu Back, Paritosh Complained, Anuj-Anupamaa are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd October 2022.

    The episode starts with Kinjal Hugs Anupamaa and Anupamaa gives her courage and wipes her Tears, Paritosh and Leela Look at her in anger.

    Anupamaa Tells Kinjal that She is so Strong, Rakhi Also comes and tells her that She is so Proud of her. Kinjal Says She is Nothing to worry about because she has her two mothers What Else She Needs?

    Leela Shouts Like a Madwomen and Blames Anupamaa that All She is wanted to break Paritosh's House Now She should Dance and Laugh and Do the Garba.

    Anupamaa 2nd October Today's Episode Written Update

    Anupamaa Tells her to Stop This Nonsense  But Leela Shouts to her that Before You Did this Now Your Daughter-in-Law and After Your Daughter will do This, Taking Divorce is Like an Award for you.

    Anupamaa Shouts back That You Also Gets An Award for Hiding Your Son's Mistake.

    Leela Retorts Back But Kinjal Shouts at Leela that I told you this is my decision don't Blame Mummy On this.Vanraj Jumps and Says Yoy took this decision in Anger So Don't discuss this Now I promise You Toshu will not come near to You. Vanraj Tells Kinjal That You will Later Realize that Kid Need Father and Mother Both, Anupamaa Looks at Him in Anger and Asks "Really ".

    There Little Anu Asks Anuj Why Her Mother Always Goes to Nanu Papa's House, Anuj Makes her Explain Very well.

    There Rakhi Warns Everyone that Her Daughter took a Decision if Someone Tries to Make a Change in My Daughter's Decision I will Show them My Real Naagin Avatar. She Tells Anupamaa that She is her You Should Go I will Handle Till Divorce.

    Anupamaa Greets Bapuji and Asks Kinjal If She can go. She Nods and Anupamaa Leaves by Giving the last Look to Leela and Vanraj.

    Rakhi Also Gives a Warning to Paritosh, Leela, and Vanraj.

    Anupamaa comes Home and Anuj Asks What Happened? Anupamaa Tells That Its Navratri People One Side People Worships Ladies other side Curses them.

    Anuj Takes her hand and Gives her courage that Everything will be Fine.

    At Shah House.

    Rakhi is Massaging Kinjal's Back and She explained Why She was Protecting Paritosh She Also Shares She Always Saw That Your Husband is Your Everything She Always Learned this But When I Saw Anupamaa Understand This is So Wrong She is So Strong She Stands Against Her Own Son So Now What she didnt did for herself She will do for her Daughter.

    Kinjal gets Shocked and Asked What That Means?

    Rakhi Explains How Same Her Husband Also Cheated on her and She came to Know on her 'Baby Shower' Day.

    Kinjal with Tears Asks and You Kept Quite Because of Me? Rakhi Just nods and Kinjals Hugs her and Cries. Kinjal Says Now I Get It Why You Were So Far away from Papa Why You were so Busy In Work.

    Rakhi Says She Always Listen That I Always Spit Venom But They don't know my Condition.

    Kinjal cries and Apologies That Because of Me You Tolerated All This Today I Understand Your Pain I am So Sorry. Rakhi wipes her Tears and Tells her That You don't need to Fear in any way I am with You.

    Leela is Listing All this and She thinks She has to Stop Kinjal Anyhow.

    Next Day

    Kinjal is doing Navratri Preparation with her Daughter, Leela Watches Partosh standing Helplessly.

    There Anupamaa Starts Navratti Pooja.

    Here Paritosh is Watching In Anger. Bapuji Says I Called Anupamaa and Anuj for One Pooja that do Dada and Dadi Only for New Born Baby. Leela Looks at him in Anger and Bapuji Tells her to be Stop. Paritosh Gets Angrier.

    There Anuj tells Anupamaa that Bapuji Called and Asked to Come for Tika Ceremony.


    They Reach Shah House and Little Anu Asks for Their Selfie She has a Small Poloride Camera.

    Paritosh is Watching All This In Anger and He Little Anu Keeps the Photo on Table and They All Leave He comes and Crushes the Photo and He Says He Will Take Revenge.

    There Little Anu is Playing Hide and Seek and Anuj is busy On the Phone So he didn't see her Playing.

    Minu Searched for her Everywhere and Than She Tells Anupamaa and her Family Everyone Started Searching for her But No One Find her.

    Kavya Asks If someone Saw In Water Tank? Everyone gets shocked and Anupamaa Gets Hyper She Saw the Trunk Which Leela was Saying Before to Be Sold to Scrap.

    She Runs to the Trunk and Opens the Trunk and Little Anu comes Out She Hugs her So tight and Anuj Takes her in hug and Asks if she is okay.

    Anuj Tells her Not to do this Again.

    Paritosh is watching All this and Thinks Something He Calls Someone.

    After some time Someone Comes to Them and Tells them That Someone complained that They are not able to care for Girl You adopted So We Came to take the Girl Back.

    Anuj and Anupamaa are beyond Shocked.

    PRECAP For Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd October 2022 :

     Anupamaa and everyone are Dancing Someone Comes and Takes Away Pari and There a Letter in her Cradle.

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