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  • Tuesday 30 May 2023

    "Anuj Apologies to Anupamaa Folding His Hands, Anupamaa-Anuj's Ice-Cream Date and Hug " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 30th May 2023


    "Anuj Apologies to Anupamaa Folding His Hands, Anupamaa-Anuj's Ice-Cream Date and Hug " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 30th May 2023.

    "Anuj Apologies to Anupamaa Folding His Hands, Anupamaa-Anuj's Ice-Cream Date and Hug " Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 30th May 2023.


    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj tells Maaya that he wouldn’t have tolerated Anuj in his house if it wasn’t for Samar’s wedding.


    She asks him why everyone is eager to patch up Anuj and Anupama then. He calls her crazy. Both of them argue with each other taking Anuj and Anupama’s respective sides. Anuj drives Anupama toward her house. He recalls how Anupama asked him to walk through the path he has chosen. She gets emotional recalling how Anuj expressed his feelings for her in front of everyone.


    He tells her that the he can bring ice cream for her to break the awkwardness between them. She asks him to bring her a strawberry-flavored ice cream. He goes out of the car and brings ice cream from her. She asks him if he wouldn’t eat ice cream. He tells her that he just wants to spend more time with her. When she eats the ice cream, he walks towards her and gives her a handkerchief to wipe her face as he has lost the right to touch her.



    The ice cream falls from her hand. Anuj insists to buy another one. Anupama stops him as she doesn’t need another one. She thanks him for coming into her life and making her fall in love again. She feels that women like her who are divorced and have three grown-up children don’t get a chance to fall in love again and thanks him for giving her that chance. She is glad that she could trust love as she had lost faith in it after her first marriage. She reminds him how she even did a college romance with him.


    He smiles. She feels the kind of love she received from him is a big deal for a middle-class, middle-aged, and divorced woman. She is grateful to him for giving her so many sweet memories. Anuj tells her that she has completed him by coming into his life. Anupama gets emotional as their love which is so strong got ruined over time.



    She tells him that she’s drowning in the pain of love. She wonders what changed between them as she was extremely happy with him. Anuj blames himself for everything. She doesn’t blame him as it was their destiny which separated them. She wonders why even destiny made them meet each other and separated too. She asks Kanha ji why he separated her from the love of her life. She tells Anuj that she has understood the meaning of love after meeting him. She cries and tells him how she felt when he left her all alone.



    She tells him that she has died thousand times in the last month as she couldn’t forget him for a moment. Anuj tells her that he was away for one month but she’s going to America for three years which is a long time. They both hold each other’s hands and ask each other how they will be able to live without each other. Anuj apologizes to her for being the reason for her sadness.


    Anupama tells him that it was his compulsion which led him to choose someone else. She breaks down as she cannot live without him. Anuj tells her that he will die without her but feels that he deserves this pain as he has caused her pain. Anupama tells him that he didn’t hurt her intentionally. Anuj regrets it as she’s in pain too. She tells him that she has the right to share his own pain being his better half.


    He wipes her tears. She tells him that their relationship ends here and thanks him for making it beautiful for whatever time it was. She feels that their relationship was made of glass which broke so easily. She tells him that their love will remain even though they chose different paths. Anuj assures her that he had loved her even when she wasn’t with her. He asks her if she would forget him.


    Anupama tells him that she will never forget him even after death and asks him not to forget her too. He tells her that his name starts with her name and can never forget her.

     He asks her to stare at the moon from America when she misses her. She makes him laugh as America and India have time zone differences.


    Precap For Anupamaa Today's Full Episode 31st May 2023 :

     Anupama and Anuj express their feelings for each other. Vanraj and Maaya keep waiting for them. Anuj and Anupama arrive at the Shah house in the morning.

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