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  • Tuesday, 4 October 2022

    "Anupamaa-Vanraj Stops Paritosh for Doing Little's Anu's Kanjak Pooja, Leela's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 4th October 2022


    "Anupamaa-Vanraj Stops Paritosh for Doing Little's Anu's Kanjak Pooja, Leela's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 4th October 2022

     "Anupamaa-Vanraj Stops Paritosh for Doing Little's Anu's Kanjak Pooja, Leela's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 4th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anupama is glad that they have spent the Navratri well. Anuj tells Anu that daughters are worshipped in the Kayna Poojan and so will she.


     Anu gets excited. Anupama tells her family that she used to wait for the Kanya poojan in her childhood so that she is called to someone’s house and gets to eat the delicious food. Ankush shares the same incident with Sara when she was a child. Anupama gets excited and tells her children used to be excited too and then gets reminded of Paritosh’s behavior. She goes numb.

    Anupamaa 4th October Today's Episode Written Update



    Anuj tells Anupama that they should start the Kanya pooja as she will have to go to the Shah house too. He decides to be extra careful with Anu there. Meanwhile, two neighbors from the society where Shahs leave visit Anupama’s place. Anuj recalls that they were in the cooking competition and blushes to recall Anupama.



     The ladies invite Anupama and Anuj for their garba event as the chief guests. Anuj and Anupama agree to come. The ladies want Anupama to felicitate the girl whom they have selected to help her with education expenses. Anuj asks them not to worry as Anupama will attend the event. He asks Adhik to bring his checkbook and pen. He then signs the cheque with an amount on it and gives it to the ladies. They thank Anuj and Anupama for their significant contribution.



    Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik get irritated with Anuj’s decision for his charity. After the ladies leave, Barkha follows them outside and offers them, sweets. She tries to manipulate the ladies so they take a stand for Anupama as she has tolerated the torture of the Shahs. The ladies agree with her and decide to do something about it. 

    Leela informs the family that a girl’s family will visit their house the next day to meet Samar. Hasmukh asks her not to hassle Samar’s marriage. Pakhi tells Leela that there are already so many issues in their house and not to force Samar. Vanraj tells Leela that they should not meet the girl’s family or discuss marriage in the pandal.


    Leela decides to call them into their house and make Kinjal understand so that the guests don’t realize the drama going on in the house. Rakhi and Kinjal arrive downstairs. Rakhi taunts Leela for trying to bring Samar’s wife before Paritosh gets divorced. She suggests her tell the truth to the guests. 

    Leela doesn’t agree with her. Samar comes downstairs and declares to everyone that he doesn’t want to marry owing to the divorces and clashes of the couples he has witnessed in the family.



    Vanraj tells him that not every marriage is painful. Samar agrees and feels that he might go through more pain as he already knows how much it hurts when a relationship breaks. He tells how difficult it was for him to get back to normalcy after Nandini left him. He expresses his fear of relationships and marriage. He fears if he fails to be a good husband and hurts his wife as Vanraj and Paritosh did to their partners. He doesn’t want to go through the divorce phase again and decides not to marry.



    Vanraj tells Samar that his marriage doesn’t need to be a disaster too. Hasmukh agrees and tries to convince Samar to have a positive mindset towards marriage. He tells how important it is to have a life partner in life. Rakhi feels Samar’s right as he may regret it after marriage as nobody can adjust with the family. She feels that when Anupama couldn’t stay with this family then no girl can. She suggests Samar not to bring his wife to the Shah house if he ever marries.



    Vanraj gets angry at her and asks her to stay out of it. Rakhi asks Samar to see how nobody’s opinion is valued in the house but gets to hear taunts for the right words. She asks him to see Kinjal’s situation who got betrayal as a reward for her sacrifices. Kinjal asks her to stop. She walks toward Samar and asks her to be a husband like Anuj. She asks him to think wisely before he takes any decision.


    Kavya asks everyone to get ready for the Kanya poojan as Anuj and Anupama will arrive with Anu and Meenu will come soon. As the Kanya poojan start, Vanraj follows the rituals with the girls. Paritosh fumes in anger seeing Anuj and Anupama. As he walks forward, Vanraj stops him. Anupama asks him to stay away from her daughter and not attend the garba function. Paritosh decides to attend the garba not listening to anyone.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 5th October 2022 :

     The Shahs and Kapadias celebrate Navratri together. Meanwhile, Arya goes missing.

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