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  • Thursday, 26 April 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 26th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika reaches Police Station with Proof"

    Ishqbaaaz 26th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika reaches Police Station with Proof"

    Roop tells Bride to take Blessings from Pinky and She Does After that Roop Threatens Them to Give Shagun and Pinky Gives her Kangan.Anika sees and cries and Reach to the conclusion that this is all real.

    She Leaves and Roop meets her and Provokes again that Nobody care for her and they are Laughing Shivaay Stands for his Family Now its Your Turn to Stand For Your Father.
    Anika Like a Lifeless Body walks on The Road and She is Remembering Shivaay’s Fake Marriage.

    Shivaay Fights With Goons But they Capture him He Tells Roop to Give Me Proof But She Throws That Letter In Fire and Everybody gets Shocked.
    There, Anika, is Crying Remembering Shivaay’s Marriage Shivaay tries to take Out Letter from Fire But He gets only Ashes He Asks Her what is this all?

    She Reveals Omkara and Rudy that You Were Fooling me and You Know when you were busy Making This Stupid Plan I Played me and I showed your Fake Marriage to Anika She Reveals that She Thoughts as Real Marriage Not Only This She Also Saw Pinky Gave Her Kangan and Also How You all Laugh.

    Shivaay asks why you did that Shet tells That She Wants You to See Broken When Shivaay asks where is she.
    Roop Provokes him That I don’t Know and I am Scared that May Be She will Suicide Like her Father Shivaay Shouts and controls himself and He Shouts Anika’s name and Run away.
    Anika is Still walking and remembering Shivaay’s word that Doesn’t Jump to any conclusion till then I Told You Anything She is Hurt By Shivaay’s Step.
    There SHivaay is Driving Car and Remembering their Moments.

    Shivay fears Anika would be taking any wrong step to end her life. Anika sheds tears. She meets with an accident. She doesn’t deter and reaches the police station. Shivay tries reaching Anika to talk out the entire plotting done by Roop.

    Veer stops Shivay on the way and gets into a fight with him to fail his plans. He wants to settle all scores with Shivay. Veer beats Shivay. Shivay asks Veer to let him go to Anika. Veer tells Shivay that he won’t leave him alive to reach his wife. Shivay gets beaten to pulp. Shivay gets injured. Anika meets police and gives the evidence against the Oberois. Shivay gets back to his powerful side and fights with Veer.

    He wants to meet Anika at any cost. Anika feels cheated by the family. She can’t understand why the family threw her out of their lives with ease. She thinks of supporting her own family if Shivay always gives priority to his family. Shivay beats up Veer and tries to run away.

    PRECAP : Roop Goes to Police Station and She lies that Her Name is Anika and She wants to Show Some Proof against Oberoi regards Kalyani Mills.She Gives Photos to Police .

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