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  • Thursday, 26 April 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Ishita Overhears Raman's Talk About Sonakshi"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Ishita Overhears Raman's Talk About Sonakshi"

    Raman asks ishita why you take so Much time She Says She wants you to know Something But She Gets Amma calls who calls her home Urgently As Bala is Beating Sharvu.

    Mani praises Aliya that She is taking her Carrier so Seriously He Asks her why is she Upset She Shares That I am Missing Adi so Much I wanted him to be with me in my 1st Achievement.
    Mani tells Maybe he has a complex with You Because you both work in the same office you Know Ego issues.

    Aliya tells Him That He doesn’t love me anymore Mani tries to make her understand but She tells him about Roshni and how He praises her every time and I think He likes Roshni Even He Called Roshni once. He Started ignoring me and Spending time with her.

    Aliya tells him that She will come soon and Same Time inspector comes and sits with him and narrate how he met with Adi and How they Inquired him.
    When Mani Asks About Lady Aliya comes with Roshni’s Pic and inspector confirm that She is with Adi and Aliya cries and Tells Mani That He was with Roshni not at home and I was thinking He was working in office he hides this from Me. May Be they are Friends But When someone Lies That Means He is wrong Somewhere.

    Bala is Beating Shravu and Everyone Tries to Stop him Raman and ishita come and Stops Him Raman takes Him away and Makes Him Understand that How can he Beat His Young Son Like this.
    There Sharvu Tells Ishita that he will file complaint Against Bala and Ishita tells him to go ahead he Scared and There Bala tells Raman that He is not telling about Credit Card.
    He is with a wrong company there Sharavu Tells that He Feels Shamed that He is teacher’s son But Ishita Scold him over this She makes him Understand That Don’t Feel Shame what your Father is and She tells Him that We want to Know What is Truth and She will Help Him.She asks where he gets that Card.
    He Lies Again and Shouts on Ishita and Leaves from there. He locked the Door and Threaten Everyone that He will call Police.
    Raman tells Bala That May Be we are Over Reacting But Bala tells Him that we have Seen Him in CCTV he was doing the transition.
    Raman tells him to handle This with Care he is young Bala Tells Him to Handle him Because you Handles Adi too in Same Age.
    Raman Assures Him and Bala Leaves.

     Raman sees Parmeet on call and says I know Parmeet has done this, I have to talk to him.

    Aaliya comes to Adi’s cabin and sees Roshni. Roshni says Adi gave me some work, he went for meeting. Aaliya asks will you tell me about my husband, aren’t you ashamed to spoil someone’s life, don’t act helpless, tell me why did you lie to inspector that you are Adi’s wife, just get out. She kicks out Roshni. Adi comes and shouts Aaliya, what’s this way to talk to someone. He asks them to talk in cabin. He says Aaliya ask now, you can’t talk like this, you can’t insult them, I lied as I didn’t wish to fall in trouble. Aaliya says you think I should be okay with it, why did you lie to me. He says you think everything wrong.

    He stops Roshni. He says Aaliya, apologize to Roshni. Aaliya says sorry my foot, those who do mistake apologize, in fact you both should say sorry, you should care for your wife. He says just say sorry to her. He shouts on her. Mani comes and says Aaliya won’t say sorry to anyone, you are forgetting Aaliya is your wife. Aaliya says I will handle it. Mani says this matter went ahead now. He scolds Adi. He says you claim you love your wife a lot, I can’t let my daughter get insulted, come with me Aaliya.

    Ishita gets Neha’s call and says I will talk to you later. Neha says I called to inform that I m shifting abroad, I got a job from Raman’s recruitment company. Ishita says strange, Raman didn’t tell me anything. Raman talks to lawyer and asks him to find out a way to avoid clauses. He gets another call and asks what did you do, how can you do such mistake in Sonakshi’s case, Arushi is with Ishita now, how to manage her, Sonakshi committed suicide in London, just listen to me once. Ishita looks on and comes to him. He sees her and ends call. He asks what happened, it was a work call, its bad habit to overhear husband’s talk. Neelu comes and says Amma is calling Raman. Raman goes. Ishita thinks of Arushi.

    PRECAP: Ishita Shows Raman His company’s Letter and tells Him That Both are Different He is upset that Someone using His Name for wrong work. Raman tells her that Someone from our House is doing this.

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