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  • Thursday, 26 April 2018

    Neil remember Avni and His Old Pregnancy Moments and Cries Naamkarann 26th April Video WU

     Neil remember Avni and His Old Pregnancy Moments and Cries Naamkarann 26th April Video WU

    Segment Start with Avni and Mitali together Reaches At Kamini’s House for Raid Because Avni comes to Know that Kamini Behind her Social work Mask Run Human Trafficking Business.

    When Saisha Opens Gate She is Happy to See Avni There and Kamini comes from Behind Whos Face Turn to Frown When She Sees Mitali In Her Police Uniform and they come with some police too.

    They come to Arrest her Because They Have Proof that She Kidnapped One Kid From NGO.
    Avni’s Interview: Kamini’s Lawyer is Seems Fishy Because They come to adopt Jitu But All the Address and Papers are Fake So I am digging Out Who is Behind this.

    She continues that I have Doubt on Kamini Kapoor that’s why We Went to her House Lets See what She will Reveal.
    On the Other, Side Neil is remembering His and Avni’s Old Memory where Avni Showed him a Photo Frame and Neil tells her that This is Beautiful But It will Be More when we put our Photos in It.

    He comes near her and she Flickers His Nose and Says Not Just We two..Actually, Three of us and He Looks at her confusingly.
    Scene Change and Neil Breaks that Photo Frame and He runs his Hands on his Hair Feeling Hurt Because Now he comes to Know that Avni gave him Signals of her Pregnancy.
    There Avni is Meeting with Lawyers because She wants Mowglis Custody So will Neil Win 
    Mowgli’s Custody or they will reunite again for Mowgli ?

    Stay Tune and Must Watch This Segment

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