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  • Saturday 11 March 2023

    "Maaya Runs Away with Anu, Later Anu Calls And Tells Anuj-Anupamaa Not to Come After Her " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th March 2023


    "Maaya Runs Away with Anu, Later Anu Calls And Tells Anuj-Anupamaa Not to Come After Her " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th March 2023

     "Maaya Runs Away with Anu, Later Anu Calls And Tells Anuj-Anupamaa Not to Come After Her " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th March 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Maaya tells Anu that she cannot stay any longer in the house as Anuj and Anupama will have issues with her.



     She tells her that she cannot live without her and makes her realize that she’s all alone. She regrets abandoning her in the orphanage. The party continues with the couple dancing to a romantic song. Kinjal cheers up Paritosh who’s sitting in the wheelchair but holding her hand. Anuj and Anupama enjoy their moment. 

    Anupamaa 11th March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Anu asks Maaya how she will stay alone. Maaya tells her that she wants to see her daughter happy and if she’s happy with Anuj and Anupama then she will accept that.


    She asks Anu to call her whenever she feels like it. The other couples are mesmerized by Anuj and Anupama’s dance moves. They switch on their phone’s torch and throw it on them. On their dance is completed, everyone claps for them. Maaya shares how her loved ones are taken away from her and she’s left alone. She tells Anu that living alone is difficult and she’s going to die without her daughter.


     Anu feels disheartened. She sits in front of Maaya and asks her not to cry as she’s there. She tells Maaya that she’s with her and she’s not alone. Maaya hugs her and thanks her. Anu feels guilty for creating issues between Anuj and Anupama. She decides not to stay in the Kapadia mansion for her parents’ happiness but go with Maaya.



     Maaya’s plan of manipulating Anu works. Later, Anuj and Anupama reach home after an amazing birthday celebration. While Anuj laughs about something, Anupama asks him to be silent as everyone must be asleep. She hugs him and thanks him for making her birthday so special. Anuj thanks her for coming into her life. He prays so that Anupama’s smile remains intact always.


    They laugh together recalling a funny incident.Anuj decides to change first and asks her to bring Anu into their room. He goes to his room and smiles recalling the birthday celebration. Meanwhile, Anupama screams and calls Anuj. He runs to Anu’s room and finds her room to be empty. They find a note stick on the wall where goodbye is written on behalf of Anu and Maaya.


    Anupama and Anuj break down. Dimpy, Barkha, and Ankush come out of the room hearing their voices. Anupama asks Anuj to come with her to find out where Anu is. They come downstairs. Ankush asks Anuj what the matter is. Anupama informs them that Maaya has taken Anu with her. Anirudh drops Kavya in front of the Shah house. They look into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, Kavya gets a text and runs inside the house.



     Anuj instructs someone to look out for Anu wherever possible. Ankush comes home and informs them that nobody has seen Anu and Maaya. Anuj loses his temper on his family members for sleeping peacefully and not knowing where Anu has gone. He enquires about the CCTV footage but Ankush tells him that Maaya played a clever game by changing the cab after she went out with the first cab.


     He informs Anuj that Anu and Maaya’s photos are circulated at every posting. Anuj instructs someone to find Maaya at any cost. Anupama asks him to calm down and offers him a glass of water. Anuj throws the glass losing his mind. Anupama decides to be strong herself. Kavya calls everyone and informs them that Maaya has left with Anu secretly. Everyone is shocked to hear the news. Anuj asks Anupama how she can be calm being a mother. Anupama breaks down when she gets a call from Maaya.


    The Shahs are worried about Anu’s whereabouts and Anuj and Anupama’s condition. Leela wonders if Anu has gone with Maaya willingly. Samar tells the Shahs that Anu has gone with Maaya willingly according to the footage of the CCTV. Leela blames Anupama for giving her an extra day Maaya. Anuj picks up the call. Anu talks to them in the video call telling them that she’s fine. Anuj asks her where she is as he will come to take her. Anu asks them not to come as she’s with Maaya.


     Anupama asks her if she’s angry at them. Anu tells her that she’s happy with Maaya and they will go far away.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 12th March 2023 :

     Anupama requests Maaya to let them meet Anu once. She asks Maaya to do it for Anuj’s sake. Maaya tells them that they will get to meet Anu for the last time.

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