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  • Sunday 12 March 2023

    "Anupamaa Begs Maaya, Anuj Takes Out His Anger " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th March 2023


    "Anupamaa Begs Maaya, Anuj Takes Out His Anger " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th March 2023

     "Anupamaa Begs Maaya, Anuj Takes Out His Anger " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th March 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anupama asks Anu if Maaya has said anything to her about them.


    Anu tells her that Maaya didn’t say anything but will take her to her own house and then to Disneyland. She apologizes to them for not meeting them before leaving the house though she waited for them. She asks them to take care of themselves and tells them that she will miss them. Anuj asks her to call Maaya as he wants to talk. Maaya sits beside Anu and asks her to go to her room and sleep.

    Anupamaa 12th March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    After Anu leaves, Anuj loses his temper at Maaya for taking his daughter without informing them. He threatens her to ruin her completely. He asks her to return Anu to them. Anupama screams at Maaya. Maaya apologizes to them. Anuj asks her not to apologize but return his daughter. Maaya tells him that Anu is happy with her and she was meant to stay with her daughter.


     She tells them that she has no one but Anu with them. She tells Anuj that she didn’t get him and he will not get his daughter. He tells her that Anu’s happiness is with Anupama and him. He asks her to bring Anu to them as they will try to find a middle ground. Maaya asks him not to make things more difficult for her. He tells her that he will die without Anu and begs her to bring Anu back.



    Maaya screams at him when he warns her. She tells him that she has no fear as she has tolerated every pain. She blames them for not allowing her to stay for a month just because she fell in love with Anuj which she accepted but didn’t want to break their relationship. Barkha bursts out at her for trying to ruin Anuj and Anupama’s marriage and taking advantage of them.


     Dimpy supports Barkha. Ankush decides to make a police complaint against Maaya for kidnapping Anu. Maaya laughs and reminds them that Anu is her daughter and happy with her mother. She decides to file a complaint if Anuj and Anupama try to snatch her daughter. Anupama begs in front of Maaya to return their daughter. She asks her why she took Anu secretly and if she has the right.


    She tells her that Anu cannot stay happy without them. She asks her why she’s being selfish being a mother. She asks her if she’s considering Anu’s happiness. She tells that Anu will need her parents and house one day and asks Maaya if she can make Anu happy when she will be in pain. She begs in front of Maaya to bring back Anu. Maaya blames her for throwing her out of the house.



    Anupama tells her that she deserves to go out as she is responsible for trying to get involved with Anuj. Maaya tells her that she’s also responsible for going away from her daughter. She tells her that she has made her decision to take Anu with her. Anuj tells her that she cannot take Anu. Anupama requests Maaya to let them say goodbye to Anu for the last time in person.


    Anuj tells her that Maaya cannot take Anu with her. Anupama tells him that they cannot do anything to stop Maaya from taking Anu. She tells Anuj that Anu is going with Maaya. Barkha, Ankush, and Dimpy agree that Maaya should bring Anu to let Anuj and Anupama meet with Anu. Anupama feels helpless for not being able to do anything to stop Maaya from taking Anu with her. She requests Maaya to bring Anu to them for the last time.


     Barkha requests Maaya to listen to Anupama for once. Anupama pleads in front of Maaya to bring Anu to them for the last time for the sake of Anuj. Anuj is taken aback by Anupama’s condition. Anupama tells Maaya that she will come to meet Anu wherever she goes if she denies bringing Anu. 

    Maaya decides to bring Anu with her but warns them not to manipulate her daughter in any way. Anupama asks her to bring Anu for once. Maaya tells her that this will be their last meeting with Anu. Anuj and Anupama become numb.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 13th March 2023 :

     Anu comes to meet Anuj and Anupama. The Shahs and Kapadias get together to wish Anu goodbye. After Anu leaves, Anuj and Anupama run toward the car.

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