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  • Friday 10 March 2023

    "Anupamaa's Birthday Bash, Maaya Manipulates Choti Anu against Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th March 2023


    "Anupamaa's Birthday Bash, Maaya Manipulates Choti Anu against Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th March 2023

    "Anupamaa's Birthday Bash, Maaya Manipulates Choti Anu against Anupamaa " Anupamaa Upcoming 10th March 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anu comes back home and shares how she enjoyed Mumbai, went to her orphanage, and visited the sea too.


     She calls Maaya and shows her the pictures of her friends. When she shows the pictures to Ankush, Barkha, and Dimpy, Maaya questions Anuj and Anupama if they went to the orphanage to collect evidence against her. Anupama tells her that they could have collected evidence against her before asking her to move in with them. Maaya apologizes to her for doubting her.

    Anupamaa 10th March 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama asks her to try to have trust in people. Anuj asks her not to ruin her mood but freshen up before going out for dinner. Maaya tells them that she hasn’t got the flight at night and so will leave in the morning. Anupama asks her to stay till the next morning. Maaya thanks them. Anupama worries and asks Anuj if Maaya will leave without taking Anu with her. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Adhik arrive at the Shah house getting dressed up. Kavya, Kinjal, and Samar are ready too.


     Leela asks them where they are going. Pakhi tells her that they are going to the dance academy as Anuj is throwing a birthday party for Anupama. Hasmukh asks them to go as he will spend time with Arya. Leela asks him why Anuj and Anupama didn’t invite Vanraj and her. Hasmukh tells her that due to her ill treatment with Anupama, she’s not invited.



     Vanraj asks Kavya why she’s going to the party. Kavya tells him that she’s being invited unlike him. Leela asks them to keep Paritosh at home. Paritosh tells her that he wants to go. Everyone leaves for the party. Leela feels left out and feels that Anupama didn’t invite them intentionally. Hasmukh tells her that he wouldn’t have invited Vanraj and her too to ruin his birthday.


    Anuj calls for everyone’s attention as the birthday girl is arriving. Anupama and Anuj dance together as she makes her entry. Kavya tells Anupama that she’s the best and nicest person. Anuj tells her that he didn’t want any negativity on Anupama’s birthday and so decided to throw the party in the dance academy. Kavya hugs her and wishes her for her birthday.


    She’s relieved seeing them happy together as she was worried after revealing Maaya’s truth. Pakhi tells Anupama that Adhik and she had baked a cake for her. Anupama is surprised and gives credit to Adhik for making Pakhi a better version. They keep the cake on the table. Anupama suggests everyone join her in the cake-cutting ceremony. Anu gets excited but Anuj's objects such as the knife are too small. Meanwhile, Anirudh arrives at the party with a big knife and a bouquet.


    Anupama greets him. Aniruddh wishes her. Kavya tells them that she has invited Anirudh to the party. Later, they cut Anupama’s cake together and wish her. Anupama gives cake to everyone. Seeing Anirudh and Kavya talking to each other, Anuj tells Anupama that there’s a sparkle in Anirudh’s eyes. Anupama tells him that she can the reason too. He asks her if Vanraj and Kavya are going through issues. Anupama tells him that seeing Anirudh and Kavya together, it seems that Vanraj and Kavya are having issues.


     She prays so that everything becomes alright between Vanraj and Kavya. They find Anu sleeping on the sofa and decide to take her home so that she can sleep well. Anu calls her boring for leaving her birthday party. Anuj decides to drop Anu at home and then come back. As Anu was leaving, Anupama calls her and asks her to remember that she loves her very much.


    Anu hugs her and asks her to enjoy the party. Anuj takes Anu home and to her room. Anu asks him to go to the party as Anupama must be waiting for him. Maaya enters the room and decides to make Anu sleep. Anu requests Anuj to go. After Anuj arrives at the dance academy, Anupama asks him if Anu is asleep. He tells her that Anu will be sleeping with Maaya. She worries and asks her if Maaya said her about going tomorrow. Maaya cries in her room. Anu asks her why she’s crying. Maaya tells her that she has to leave.


     She makes her sit and tells her that Anuj and Anupama fought a lot with each other for her as Anupama couldn’t give her time for the sake of her children. Anu gets disheartened. Maaya tries to manipulate her.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 11th March 2023 :

     Anupama finds a note of goodbye in Maaya’s room on behalf of Maaya and Anu. Both Anuj and Anupama fall apart.

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