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  • Thursday 2 February 2023

    "Maaya Traps Anupamaa in her Emotional Story, Anuj-Ankush Find Out Everything About Maaya" Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd February 2023


    "Maaya Traps Anupamaa in her Emotional Story, Anuj-Ankush Find Out Everything About Maaya" Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd February 2023

      "Maaya Traps Anupamaa in her Emotional Story, Anuj-Ankush Find Out Everything About Maaya" Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd February 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Maaya tells Anupama that everyone would question her about not meeting Anu earlier.


     She tells her that she didn’t have money to sustain herself and bought gifts from the traffic signal to give to Anu. She blames her fate for keeping her away from her daughter. She tells Anupama how helpless she was. 

    Anupamaa 2nd February 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    She breaks down into tears and shares her experience of staying in the station for days and didn’t have anything to eat for days. She tells her how hunger made her helpless and realized the need to fight for her survival for the sake of her daughter. 

    Paritosh tells his family that when Maaya will get impressed, he will get to do the events and also start his catering services. As he dreams big to be on the business magazines, Vanraj warns him so that he doesn’t land up in jail. Paritosh asks his assistant to stick as many business cards as possible on the gift wrap so that Maaya notices it.

     Meanwhile, Hasmukh comes home and shows everyone the silver anklets he bought for Anu. Leela tells him that she has already prepared a cover with a thousand and one rupees in it. Hasmukh asks her why she’s eager to go to Anupama’s house. Kinjal too asks her the same question as she always insults Anupama and Dimpy. When Leela insists to go, Hasmukh warns her to behave well with Anupama and Dimpy.


    Leela decides not to create any scene but watch the drama there. Maaya expresses how she decided to do something and achieve big so that she can meet her daughter and stay with her. She tells her that she cannot stay away from her daughter anymore and nobody can separate them. 

    Anupama gets emotional hearing Maaya’s struggle and asks her if Anu’s father is still in her life. Maaya tells her that she has nobody except Anu and isn’t ready to share anything about it. Barkha tells Ankush that she cannot tolerate how Anupama and Maaya are going shopping for Anu’s birthday. Ankush asks her to wait till Anu’s birthday to see an end to Maaya’s game.


    Kavya talks to someone over call being excited to be in London for ten days. Leela and Vanraj overhear her conversation and wonder who she’s talking to. Leela advises Vanraj to stop Kavya from going to London as he did to Anupama from going to America. She asks him to stop Kavya to sustain his marriage. 

    Anu gets excited to see so many gifts and asks the family why the decorations aren’t done yet. Maaya asks her not to worry as she will take care of the decorations.



    After Dimpy takes Anu for the dress trial, Anupama asks Maaya why she told Anu that she will take the charge of decorations alone. Maaya apologizes to her and tells her that she has some ideas about the party and that her event management team can arrange everything under their supervision. Anupama tells her that it’s a kid’s birthday and everyone in the family can help in decorating the house.



     Ankush taunts Maaya for trying to buy everything with money. Maaya doesn’t stop but reminds him how he stayed at Anuj’s place because of money. She requests Anupama if she can sleep with Anu at night and wishes for her first morning on her birthday. While Anupama stays quiet, Anuj allows her to stay with Anu for that night. Maaya wonders why Anuj allowed her and doubts if he has any information about her. 

    Anupama prays to Kanha ji for Anu’s well-being so that she gets to celebrate her birthday with fun. Meanwhile, Maaya adores Anu at night. Anu finds her crying and asks her why she’s crying. Maaya apologizes to her for abandoning her and missing so many memories. She regrets losing so much. Anu wipes her tears and asks her not to cry over the past as said Anupama. 

    Maaya promises her not to cry anymore. When she feels sleepy, Anu asks her if she can make her sleep as Anupama does to her. Maaya asks her why she’s still nice to her though she abandoned her years ago. Anu tells her how Anupama made her understand not to hate her and she had reasons to abandon her. She asks Maaya to sleep and sings for her. Anuj and Anupama notice them and get emotional seeing them together. Anu notices them going back to their room. As Maaya falls asleep, Anu comes to Anuj and Anupama’s room and lies between them. They wish her on her birthday.


     Maaya wakes up and doesn’t find Anu in the room. She sees Anu’s photo and sings happy birthday to it. Meanwhile, she gets a call at midnight and is shocked to receive the call. Anuj waits for Anu’s birthday to go well. Anupama asks him what the matter is. Anuj asks her to wait till the next day. Maaya asks someone called Sushma to come tomorrow as she needs her help.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd February 2023 :

     Anu’s birthday celebration starts. After the celebration, Ankush reveals Maaya’s truth to everyone.

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