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  • Friday, 3 February 2023

    "Ankush-Maaya's Big Fight, Maaya Tries to Convince Anupamaa to Let Her Stay Permanent at Kapadia House" Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd February 2023


    "Ankush-Maaya's Big Fight, Maaya Tries to Convince Anupamaa to Let Her Stay Permanent at Kapadia House" Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd February 2023

    "Ankush-Maaya's Big Fight, Maaya Tries to Convince Anupamaa to Let Her Stay Permanent at Kapadia House" Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd February 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. The family sits for puja for Anu’s well-being. Anuj wonders how Maaya didn’t tell Anupama about her truth.


    Anupama prays to Kanha ji for Anu’s happiness. Anu goes and sits on Anuj’s lap. Maaya feels disappointed. Anu does the aarti when Maaya holds her hands. Then Anuj and Anupama join Anu too. Anuj takes blessings from the priests. The priest denies taking money from Anuj as Maaya has already given them like she does every year.

    Anupamaa 3rd February 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Anuj requests him to take the donation on behalf of Anupama and him. After the priests leave, Maaya apologizes to Anupama for arranging for the puja without taking their permission. Anuj tells her that she should have taken their permission as it’s their home. Anu gets excited about her birthday. Anuj and Anupama have plans to take her to the temple and give food to the cows.


    Maaya decides to look after the decorations. Barkha and Dimpy tell her that they will do the decorations too. Anupama tells Maaya that they cannot be friends but cannot be enemies too. Maaya tells her that it’s Anu’s love that made clashes between them and kept the friendship too. Anuj asks Ankush to stay back at home and keep an eye on Maaya. Vanraj finds Kavya talking to Mohit over a call regarding their travel plans to London. He hugs her from back when Kavya asks him not to plan any game.



    He tells her that his family needs him and he needs her. Kavya tells him that she was heartbroken the day when he took the decision of leaving the job offers in Delhi alone and not even consulting her. Vanraj tells her that she should have taken the job. He tells her that he doesn’t trust Maaya. Kavya gets angry and tells him that it’s her life and she will make the rules.


    Vanraj tells her that she might regret it later. Anuj drives to the temple when Anu tells Anupama that she wants to talk to her school friend. Anupama dials her number and gives the phone to Anu. She then asks Anuj why he asked Ankush to stay at home to look after Maaya. Anuj asks her to have faith in him for a little while and holds her hand.


    A boy from the neighborhood arrives at the Shah house and volunteers at the traffic signal. Paritosh asks him if he’s there to look for a job. Rakesh tells him that he’s there to complain. Kinjal asks him what Paritosh has done. Rakesh tells the family that there’s a huge traffic jam due to Paritosh’s sell of food. Vanraj agrees with him and doesn’t feel that selling food in the traffic signal is a good idea.



     Paritosh asks him to stop as he is famous and everyone waits for him. Vanraj requests Rakesh not to complain to the traffic police regarding Paritosh as he will make him understand. After Rakesh leaves, Paritosh blames Vanraj for being jealous of him. Kavya asks them to stop as they have to be at the Kapadia mansion on time to celebrate Anu’s birthday.


    Paritosh tells Vanraj that he will quit the business and activate plan B after meeting Maaya in the evening. Maaya hurries up the staff to complete the decoration. A glass bowl was about to fall from her hand which Ankush saves. Ankush tells her that he will not let break any stuff or his family. She insults him for coming back from the US after being bankrupt.


     Barkha protests. Maaya asks her to teach Ankush how to talk to a woman. Both of them start arguing with each other when Anuj enters the home. Maaya and Ankush stop. Anu and Anupama enter the house too. Maaya asks Anu if she can make her ready. Anu looks at Anupama for permission. Anupama lets Maaya make Anu ready. Anu asks Maaya if she can dance. Maaya tells her that she has learned the classical dance. Ankush makes an expression that Anuj asks him not to do. Anupama asks Maaya to make Anu ready. Anuj asks Ankush to control himself. While Maaya makes Anu’s hairstyle, Anu doesn’t like it and calls Anupama.


    Anupama comes when Anu asks her to style her hair. While Anupama does that, Maaya clicks their photos as Anu will have to stay all her life watching the videos. She asks Anupama if they can be friends ever. Anupama tells her that it’s difficult to tell. Maaya tells her that Kavya and she have become friends too.



    Anupama tells her that it took years to be friends with Kavya. Anu clicks a photo and goes to show it to Anuj. Maaya tells Anupama that two mothers can share the same photo frame. Anupama tells her that they cannot be in the same family.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 4th February 2023 :

     Anu’s birthday celebration starts. After the celebration, Ankush reveals Maaya’s truth to everyone.

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