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  • Wednesday 1 February 2023

    "Maaya Shares How She has Anu's All Childhood pic, Anupamaa Gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st February 2023


    "Maaya Shares How She has Anu's All Childhood pic, Anupamaa Gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st February 2023


    "Maaya Shares How She has Anu's All Childhood pic, Anupamaa Gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st February 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Ankush tells Anuj that he doesn’t like Maya staying there. Barkha agrees with him.



    Anuj tells them that whatever Anupama did isn’t wrong but he’s not great as Anupama and wants his daughter back. Ankush tells him that he will take out Maya’s information in whatever way possible. Barkha decides to join him in finding out Maya’s details. 

    Anupamaa 1st February 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Leela asks Kavya to take Vanraj to London and make him a model too. Kavya laughs and asks her to join her in becoming a model. Meanwhile, Hasmukh gets a call from Anu. He puts the call on speaker when Anu invites the Shahs to attend her birthday party. Kavya and Hasmukh assure her that they will attend the party. Anu tells them that her birthday is going to be very special as both her moms are preparing for the celebration. 

    As Kavya asks her about her other mom, Anu tells them that she has to invite her friends. Vanraj informs his family about Maya being Anu’s biological mother. The Shahs are shocked but decide to attend the birthday party. Anu informs Anuj that she has invited the Shahs and told them about her two mothers. 


    He gets upset hearing that. Anupama gets a call from her college friend when Maaya asks her if she goes to college. She tells that she didn’t go to college earlier but now she has a chance to attend classes.



     Barkha asks Maaya about her guest list and Anu’s father. Maaya gets irritated and asks her to mind her own business. When Anupama comes back, Maaya asks her if Anu likes cartoons and decides to make a cake of her favorite cartoon character. Anupama suggests her do it together. 

    Maaya tells her that she wants to make something special for Anu. Anupama tells her that she wants the same. Anuj hears their conversation when Ankush tells him that he has found something about Maaya. Anupama and Maaya enter the kitchen and bake two different cakes for Anu. Anu watches them and gets excited about it.


    Maaya feels left out seeing Anu and Anupama’s bond. Dimple and Barkha help Anupama ice the cake. Anupama gets disheartened seeing Anu bonding with Maaya too. As Anu falls from the tool, Maaya runs towards her and so does Anupama, and checks if she’s fine. 

    Anuj gets some information about Ankush and decides not to make a big deal out of it right then as Anu is celebrating her real birthday for the first time. When Anupama hugs Anu, Maaya goes to hug her too. Later, Anupama comes out to talk to Anuj about their office work. Anuj asks her if she needs anything to buy so he will take her shopping.



    Anupama tells him that Maaya will join them too as Anu needs two dresses. Anuj wonders why Anu wants two things off late. Anupama tells her that it’s Anu’s destiny which has made her like this. Anuj asks her to try to know about Maaya’s past. She asks him why he’s so curious about Maaya as everyone has their past but the truth is Maaya is Anu’s biological mother. 

    Anuj asks her to stop questioning him and do what he says. Anupama understands that there’s something Anuj knows something about Maaya. When she enters the house, Anuj decides to battle with Maaya and know about her in detail. Paritosh’s assistant packs the gift for Anu which Paritosh has bought to impress Maaya to enter into the event-organizing business. 

    The assistant calls him great. Anupama asks Maaya if she’s making card for Anu. Maaya nods her head and asks her to make one too. Anupama agrees and makes a card for Anu’s birthday. Maaya praises it and gets upset as her card isn’t beautiful like hers. Anupama tells her about her mother’s card which she gave to Anuj and her marriage.

     She tells her that a daughter sees a mother’s efforts and not perfection. Maaya shows her the cards she made for Anu every year for her birthday. She also shows Anu’s childhood photos to Anupama. Anupama gets emotional. Maaya tells her how she used to send a gift to Anu and visited the orphanage on her birthday. Anupama questions her why she never met with Anu.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd February 2023 :

     Leela advises Vanraj to stop Kavya from going to London like they stopped Anupama. Anu adores Maaya at night but later goes to Anuj and Anupama’s room. Anuj and Anupama wish her on her birthday. Maaya doesn’t find Anu and gets disheartened.

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