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  • Monday 30 January 2023

    "Anupamaa Consoles Anuj, Maaya comes to Live with Kapadias " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th January 2023


    "Anupamaa Consoles Anuj, Maaya comes to Live with Kapadias " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th January 2023

     "Anupamaa Consoles Anuj, Maaya comes to Live with Kapadias " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th January 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anuj questions Anupama why she’s inviting Maaya knowing how she is.



     Anupama tells him that they had two options whether Anu goes to stay with Maqya or vice versa. She tells Anuj that they cannot do anything wrong to Anu who has several questions. He asks her what if Maaya takes Anu away from them. He asks her to tell him what she wants. Anupama tells him that she wants exactly what he wants. He asks her if she’s running away from her responsibility towards Anu.


    Anupamaa 30th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Anupama tells him that a mother only wants good for her child and she’s doing that instead of his taunts. Anuj tells her that he was just questioning her. She makes it clear to him that she’s ready to take on all the responsibilities of Anu. She reminds him that Maaya isn’t snatching their daughter but has come to take her daughter from them. Anuj goes out and runs aimlessly in the park.


    Anupama notices his depression. She handles him when he was about to fall. Anuj hugs her and tells her how afraid he is. He asks her to promise that she will not let Anu go with Maaya. Anupama tells him that she cannot promise her as the decision will be only Anu’s and feels disheartened for Anu as she has to choose her family at such a little age.



    Anuj asks her how Anu is going to take such a tough decision. Anupama tells him that Anu has to choose what she wants as no child can have two families and shouldn’t be divided. He tells her that they cannot live without Anu.

     Anupama tells him that they wouldn’t stop Anu if her happiness is staying with Maaya and they will always choose Anu’s happiness instead of theirs.


    She tells him that they cannot force Anu to stay with them. Anuj gets disheartened and tells her that Anu is his daughter. Anupama tells him that they will do what’s right and best for Anu and leave the rest to Kanha ji. Anuj breaks down into tears. Anupama tells him that let’s think about Anu’s happiness. She calls Maaya. Maaya asks her if Anu is fine. Anupama tells her that Anu is fine and asks her to stay with them for Anu’s betterment.


    Maaya asks her if she’s sure. Anupama tells her that they don’t have a choice and asks her not to think that it’s their sly move to trick her as she’s talking to him with every ounce of honesty. Barkha tells Ankush that Anupama is taking a bad decision by bringing Anu home.



     She feels that Maaya is cunning and does private events and sends newbie models abroad for a break. She tells Ankush that they should support Anuj to stay in the house as Anupama is against him. Ankush asks her if she’s supporting Anuj so that he cannot bring his son into the house. Barkha asks him to think whatever he wants but it’s better if they stay in Anuj’s good books. Ankush leaves but Barkha decides not to let him divorce her.


     Anuj and Anupama enter Anu’s room who keeps seeing her childhood photo with Maaya and asks them to call Maaya as she needs to talk to her. In the evening, Maaya arrives at the Kapadia mansion with her luggage. The photo of Anuj, Anu, and Anupama falls on the floor and breaks into pieces. Anuj picks it up and gets hurt. Anupama tells Maaya that being strangers it’s difficult to stay under the same roof but have to do this for Anu’s sake. Maaya asks her how they are going to solve the mess by staying together. Anupama asks her to let time decide that.


     She asks Maaya to talk to Anu as she has a lot of questions but warns her not to break their trust or play a game. Maaya promises her that she will win back her right without playing any games.

     Anupama tells her that though she’s Anu’s biological mother it’s their responsibility to see if she loves Anu as they do. Maaya is thankful to her for loving and caring for her daughter so much. Anupama gives her fifteen days to win Anu’s heart and if Anu decides not to go with her then Anuj and she will adopt her legally.


    Maaya gets nervous. Anupama tells her that it will be only Anu’s decision where she wants to stay. She tells Maaya that Anu shouldn’t lose as she has already lost a mother and will lose one now.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 31st January 2023 :

    Maaya swears in front of Kanha ji that if she fails to win Anu’s heart in the next fifteen days then she will leave quietly. Anupama swears to let Anu go with Maaya if she’s able to win Anu’s heart in the next fifteen days.

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