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  • Tuesday 24 January 2023

    "Maaya Reveals her Truth of Anu's Mother, Anuj-Anupamaa gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 24th January 2023


    "Maaya Reveals her Truth of Anu's Mother, Anuj-Anupamaa gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 24th January 2023

     "Maaya Reveals her Truth of Anu's Mother, Anuj-Anupamaa gets Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 24th January 2023.

    The episode begins in the event menu. Everyone shakes their legs and enjoys the day. Kavya requests Vanraj to join her but he doesn’t join her.



    She dances with Mohit which makes Vanraj jealous. Leela tries to cut the kite of Samar and Dimpi. After all the kites get cut, Anupama and Maaya’s kites are above the sky competing with each other to win. Anuj wonders who are trying to bring their kite down. Anupama doesn’t know but tries her best to protect it. Anu asks her to save their kite. Maaya brings down Anupama’s kite.

    Anupamaa 24th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama gets upset as nobody has ever brought her kite down. Everyone cheers up Anupama. Anupama apologizes to Anu. Anuj asks her not to worry as it’s just a kite-flying competition. Anupama and Anuj find Anu and Maaya’s names on the kite which brought their kite down. Anu sees Maaya and runs toward her. Maaya hugs her tight. Anuj and Anupama finally see who Maaya is. Maaya adores Anu. Anuj and Anupama walk toward her to meet her.


     Anu introduces Maaya to her parents and calls her to be her best friend. Maaya agrees with her. Anupama greets Maaya and introduces herself to be Anu’s mother. Anuj introduces himself to be Anu’s father. Maaya tells them that she knows about them and they must have heard about her from Anu too. Anuj laughs and tells her that Anu has told them a few things about her but there are a lot of things that are yet to be known.



    Anupama thanked Maaya for taking good care of Anu when she was sick. Anuj is grateful to Maaya too as this is rare and nobody in this generation would have done it. Anu shows Anupama their kite and decides to bring it. Anupama and Maaya together ask her not to go too far.


    Maaya claims in front of Anuj and Anupama that she’s Anu’s biological mother and wants to take her back which she will do for sure. Anuj and Anupama are shocked to hear what Maaya said. Maaya tells them that she will take her daughter back soon. Anupama holds Anuj’s hand. 

    Maaya bids them goodbye and wishes them a happy sakranti. She meets Anu before leaving and asks her to fly her kite as the other one which belongs to Anupama wouldn’t be able to remain in the air for too long. She tells Anu that she’s going to meet her soon again and asks her to take care of herself. She is in tears while hugging Anu. Anuj and Anupama notice them. 

    Anu and Maaya bid goodbye to each other. After Maaya leaves, Anu shows her two kites to Vanraj and Leela who seemed to overhear Maaya’s conversation with Anuj and Anupama.



    Anupama gets reminded of Leela’s curse. Anuj picks up Anu and adores her. Leela goes aside with Vanraj and asks him if Maaya will take Anu away. Vanraj tells her that it’s not fair. Leela feels bad for Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj feels it should be verified if Maaya is a real fraud and he’s sure Anuj will go to any extent to know about Maaya.


     Leela feels it’s due to Anupama’s bad karma. Vanraj asks her to stop saying that as Anu is Anuj and Anupama’s lifeline. He requests her not to reveal this to anyone. Anuj and Anupama take Anu home who keeps talking about Maaya. Vanraj and Kavya take an auto to way back their home. Kavya tells him that they could have taken a cab. She asks him how her live event was.


     Vanraj tells her that he didn’t like her spraying perfume on others wearing a short dresses. Kavya tells him that it was a part of her job and she likes her job which matters a lot. On their way back home, Anuj and Anupama question Anu about meeting Maaya in the farmhouse. Anu tells them how Maaya met her in the farmhouse when she was sick and took care of her.


     She tells how much she loves Maaya and her dressing style. She decides to sleep for a while as she’s tired. While Maaya was driving, she decides to take away what belongs to her.



    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 25th January 2023 :

     Anuj and Anupama decide to fight for Anu as they are her parents. Maaya prepares a strong case too. Later, Anu gets kidnapped.

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