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  • Wednesday 25 January 2023

    "Anuj-Anupamaa Gets Confirmation That Maaya is Anu's Mother, Sleepless Night for them " Anupamaa Upcoming 25th January 2023


    "Anuj-Anupamaa Gets Confirmation That Maaya is Anu's Mother, Sleepless Night for them " Anupamaa Upcoming 25th January 2023

     "Anuj-Anupamaa Gets Confirmation That Maaya is Anu's Mother, Sleepless Night for them " Anupamaa Upcoming 25th January 2023.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. Anuj and Anupama bring Anu home. When Dimpi decides to take Anu to her room, they deny doing so as Anu will sleep with them.



     Barkha asks them if they are okay. They go inside the room. Anupama asks Anuj how can Maaya claim herself to be Anu’s biological mother. Anuj feels that people can do anything for money. He decides to talk to Abhay. He calls him but doesn’t get his call. Anupama asks him to text Abhay. Maaya knows that Anuj and Anupama might think her greedy but it is her love that brought her to Anu.


    Anupamaa 25th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

     Meanwhile, Abhay calls back Anuj. Anuj asks him if any woman named Maaya visited the orphanage to enquire about Anu. Abhay tells him that Maaya is Anu’s biological mother who left Anu in the orphanage seven years back. Maaya makes a strong case against Anuj and Anupama to take Anu’s custody. Anuj loses his temper and comes out of the room.


    Anupama goes to calm him down. He asks her where Maaya was when Anu was in the orphanage for seven years. He swears to God that he will not let Anu be snatched away by Maaya and will fight back. Kavya gives the free samples of perfume she brought for her family. Kinjal gets excited receiving it. Samar too thanks Kavya. Leela taunts Kavya. Paritosh wonders and shares his thought about doing business in the perfume market.



    Vanraj asks him to stay away from any kind of business so that he doesn’t get into any trap. Leela suggests Paritosh either work hard in business or do a full-time job. Kavya asks her to try a fragrance. Leela denies taking the perfume and demeans Kavya’s modeling career. Hasmukh asks her to stop passing judgment unnecessarily as modeling is a profession too.


    Kavya thanks him for supporting her and tells how Anuj and Anupama supported her and even Anu called her beautiful too. Leela and Vanraj get reminded of Maaya who claimed to be Anu’s mother. While Samar smiles looking at his phone, Leela blames Anupama for ruining her family and curses her. Anupama enters the room and doesn’t find Anu in the bed. She calls Anu asking her to come for her favorite soup. She checks the washroom but doesn’t find it there too.


     She goes to Anu’s room and asks Barkha and Ankush about her. She asks Dimpi if Anu’s with her. Dimpi tells her that she hasn’t seen Anu. Anupama informs Anuj that Anu isn’t in the room. Meanwhile, they find a goon who kidnaps Anu and takes her away. Soon, Anupama wakes up from sleep and realizes it is a bad dream.



     She kisses Anu when Anuj asks her if she had a bad dream about Anu. Anupama nods her head. Anuj tells her that he will die without Anu as she completes his family. Anupama tells him that Anu is their daughter and nobody can take her away from him. He asks her to promise her that Anu will not go away from them. Anupama gets reminded of Maaya’s words about taking Anu with her.


    She tells him that she will try her best to protect Anu. Anuj hugs her. Anupama feels the fight with Maaya is going to be the toughest if she’s Anu’s biological mother. Both of them stay awake the whole night. Vanraj wakes up in the morning and finds Kavya sipping coffee. He gets reminded of Leela’s words about stopping Kavya’s career. He hugs her from back and calls her an angel.


    He adores her and asks her not to go out every day as he doesn’t like it. Kavya asks him not to fool her by pretending to be romantic which he did with Anupama. She tells him that he made Anupama pregnant trying to stop her from achieving her goal. Anuj and Anupama get worried Anu gets a viral fever. 

    Barkha and Ankush ask them not to worry much. Anu prays to Kanha ji so that she gets well soon and welcomes Maaya properly. Anuj tells her that she’s sick and should rest. Anu tells him that she will recover automatically if Maaya arrives.


    Meanwhile, there’s a knock on the door. Anuj goes to open it.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 26th January 2023 :

     Maaya tells Anu that she will take her home. Anu tells her that she’s already in her home. Maaya tells her that she’s her biological mother.

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