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  • Monday 23 January 2023

    "Kavya Launchs a Product and Gives Shock to Leela and Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd January 2023


    "Kavya Launchs a Product and Gives Shock to Leela and Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd January 2023

     "Kavya Launchs a Product and Gives Shock to Leela and Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd January 2023.

    The episode begins at the venue of the event. Anu insists her parents dance with her. Anuj cheers Anu and Anupama while they dance on stage.


    Everyone in the audience enjoys their performance. Maaya watches Anu’s performance from a distance. She decides to meet Anuj and Anupama soon. The host applauds Anu, Anuj, and Anupama’s performance and asks them the reason for their chemistry. They tell him that they are a happy family and that love binds them together.


    Anupamaa 23rd January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

     Later, Samar finds Dimpi in distress. He offers her water and asks her not to get upset due to Leela’s behavior. Anupama overhears them and goes to talk to them. She tells them that Leela’s words are bitter and sometimes wrong too but since she’s elder, nobody should misbehave with her. She advises Dompi that she should stand up for the wrong but not misbehave. Samar and Dimpi decide to go to the stall. Anuj asks Anupama if she’s fine.


    She tells him that she’s not but decides to talk about it later. Meanwhile, Vanraj calls Kavya as she didn’t meet her family once in the venue. Kavya tells him that she’s busy and cannot talk right then. She disconnects the call. Vanraj finds Paritosh arguing with someone. When he goes there, Paritosh’s friend introduces himself and tells him how Paritosh lied about his grandfather’s sickness and borrowed the car from him to go to the hospital.



     His friend calls him a liar and shows the scratches on his car. He calls Paritosh incapable of driving an expensive car. Soon their verbal fight turns into pushing one another. Vanraj stops both of them and assures Paritosh’s friend that he will pay for the damage to his car. After the friend leaves, Vanraj strictly forbids Paritosh to shut his business.


    Adhik sits beside Barkha and asks her if she fought with Ankush. Barkha tells him that it’s nothing new. She asks Adhik how his break with Pakhi ended so soon and they are together again. Adhik tells her that he’s very happy and his life has become happier after he started understanding things rather than screaming out. He tells her that she should be happy seeing him happy.


    Barkha stays silent and Adhik leaves the table. Anu gets upset as Maaya didn’t arrive yet. The host announces that there’s a product launch of an international brand. Kavya showcases the model and poses for the photoshoot. Anupama gets excited seeing her on stage. The audience cheers up for her. 

    Vanraj and Leela are shocked and embarrassed. Kavya makes everyone try the fragrance. Anuj and Anupama appreciate her for looking beautiful. Anu calls Kavya pretty.



     Kavya kisses her and thanks her. She makes her family try the fragrance too. Leela and Vanraj try the fragrance too. Kavya gets on stage when Leela asks Vanraj to do something to stop Kavya’s modeling career. She announces that the new fragrance is launched by Maaya. Anu gets excited hearing Maaya’s name and wonders why Maaya didn’t meet her yet.


    Kavya asks everyone to enjoy kite flying. Anuj asks Anupama why Maaya didn’t meet them if she was present at the event. Later, everyone spreads out to collect the kite and make it fly. Pakhi rights Adhik and her name in a kite. They decide not to cut other’s kites and not let their kite cut too. Kinjal writes Arya and her name on a kite when Paritosh arrives.


     She doesn’t let him write his name on the kite. Paritosh asks her to let him hold the reel at least. Samar brings the kite he has brought for Dimpi and him. Leela notices them. Samar takes the reel from Dimpi and asks her to hold the kite. Leela gets irritated seeing them. Kavya asks Vanraj how her performance was. She tells him that everyone appreciated her very much and she felt like a queen too.


    Mohit comes and calls her a queen. He asks Vanraj and Kavya to cut everyone’s kite and he will be a competitor too. Anuj and Anupama try to cheer up Anu who misses Maaya’s presence.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 24th January 2023:

     Everyone dances to celebrate the event. Vanraj and Leela are offended seeing Kavya and Mohit dancing together. Anu gets excited seeing Maaya. Maaya introduces herself to be Anu’s biological mother and wants to take her back.

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