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  • Sunday 22 January 2023

    "Samar Confesses His Love to Dimpy, Leela does Drama and Blames Anupamaa again " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd January 2023


    "Samar Confesses His Love to Dimpy, Leela does Drama and Blames Anupamaa again " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd January 2023

    "Samar Confesses His Love to Dimpy, Leela does Drama and Blames Anupamaa again " Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd January 2023.

    The episode begins in the venue where the event for Makar Sankranti has taken place. Mohit instructs his staff to get ready as there will be a big product launch.


    He shows Kavya the person who’s behind the organization of the event. Maaya walks in and introduces herself to Kavya. Kavya appreciates her for organizing such a big event. Anupama looks at Kavya from a distance and praises her for looking beautiful. She then goes to bring water for Anu and Anuj. While sipping tea, Leela gets irritated seeing Anuj and Anupama happy and cannot tolerate Dimple and Samar working together.


    Anupamaa 22nd January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update

    Hasmukh throws his cup and leaves the place seeing Leela’s jealousy. Barkha and Ankush meet with guests at the event and pretend to be a happy couple. Ankush tells her that he’s tired of pretending and is upset about not being able to meet his son at the event. He tells her that his son is important to him like Adhik’s to her. Barkha asks him not to compare Adhik with his illegitimate son. Ankush makes her clear that his son is his blood and responsibility too.


     Anuj and Anupama eagerly wait to meet Maaya as Anu is very excited about her. Later, Anupama finds Hasmukh sitting alone and asks him why he’s alone during the festival. He tells her that he’s unable to meet her due to Vanraj and Leela’s objections. He asks her to enjoy the event as he’s fine spending time himself.


    Vanraj and Anuj meet each other when Paritosh’s staffs arrive at them and start promoting his property dealing business. The staffs tell them that Paritosh is an expert in his field and cracked a deal with Anuj Kapadia yesterday. Vanraj calls them foolish and introduces Anuj to them. The staffs apologize and leave immediately.


    Vanraj apologizes to Anuj for Paritosh’s misbehavior and assures him that Paritosh will not misuse his name anymore. Anuj thanks him and goes his way.While working in the stall, Samar compliments Dimple for looking pretty. He shows her the kites brought by him. He expresses to her how he feels about her. She asks him not to say this to her. Samar tells her that if she dances with him then he will consider it to be a yes from her side.


    Meanwhile, Leela overhears them and tears the kite Samar has brought. She rebukes Dimple for trying to enter their family. Samar asks her to stop interfering in their private moment. Leela keeps abusing Dimple for her past incident when Anupama arrives there and asks her to think before speaking anything. Leela blames Anupama for encouraging Dimple to get into a relationship with Samar. Samar asks her to stop blaming Anupama unnecessarily.



     Leela calls him to be innocent and Dimple to be cunning. Anupama asks her not to insult Dimple. Samar tells Leela that he likes Dimple. Leela tells him that she doesn’t like Dimple. Anupama tells her that Samar is her son and she has no problem with Dimple. Meanwhile, Anuj and the Shahs arrive there. Leela blames Anupama for not taking a stand for Paritosh and throwing Pakhi out of the house.


    Anupama asks her to keep on bashing her as she always finds faults in her. Leela asks her not to try to send Dimple to their house to control the Shahs. Anupama gets fed up. Leela asks Anupama to stay away from the Shah house according to Anuj’s instructions. Anupama tells her that Samar is her son and more mature than Paritosh. She assures Samar to be with him and asks Leela not to insult Dimple unnecessarily. Anuj asks Leela to stop this.


     Hasmukh gets frustrated with Leela. Vanraj asks Leela to calm down. When Leela keeps bashing Dimple, the latter loses her temper and asks her not to cross her limits. Vanraj asks Dimple to calm down. Leela asks Anupama to focus on her family as anything wrong might happen. 

    Vanraj takes Leela from there. Anuj asks Anupama if she’s fine. Anupama is disheartened but asks her to be happy for Anu’s sake. The host gets on stage and welcomes everyone. He asks if anyone wants to perform on stage.


    Anu gets excited and asks Anuj and Anupama to join her on stage. Anuj and Anupama agree with her and go on stage.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 23rd January 2023 :

     Maaya meets Anuj and Anupama and introduces herself to be Anu’s biological mother. Anuj and Anupama are shocked.

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