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  • Thursday 26 January 2023

    "Anu runs from House, Maaya Saves her and Maaya Meets Shah and Provokes Kavya " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th January 2023


    "Anu runs from House, Maaya Saves her and Maaya Meets Shah and Provokes Kavya " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th January 2023

    "Anu runs from House, Maaya Saves her and Maaya Meets Shah and Provokes Kavya " Anupamaa Upcoming 26th January 2023.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya welcomes Mohit into the house. Everyone waits for her surprise. Mohit greets them.



    Kavya asks everyone to wait as there’s a real surprise. She welcomes Maaya. Leela and Vanraj get reminded of the words Maaya said to Anuj and Anupama. Kavya introduces Maaya to her family as one of the best event planners. She introduces her family members to Maaya too. Maaya tells her that she doesn’t look like the mother of such elder children.

    Anupamaa 26th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


     Leela clears her misconception and tells her that Samar and Paritosh are Anupama’s children who have a little daughter, Anu. Anuj takes the medicines which the doctor has sent for Anu. Anu asks him to call Maaya as she didn’t arrive there yet. Anupama asks her to wait for a while and meanwhile eat her meal and take medicine to get well soon.


    Anu tells her that if Maaya arrives there she will get well soon automatically. Anuj and Anupama grow anxious about Anu’s desire to meet Maaya. Kavya tells Hasmukh that she wanted her family to know the people she works with. Maaya appreciates her for knowing her work well. She asks her to be ready for the upcoming events. Kavya becomes excited. Paritosh tells them that he is excited about the business of event management and has great ideas about it.


    The Shahs get fed up with his overconfidence. Mohit praises Kavya for creating wonders at the event. Maaya tells Kavya that she has respect for her determination to work. She clarifies that she is a determined person and gets what she wants. Hasmukh asks her what would she like to have.


     Maaya tells him that she can have anything. Mohit tells him that Maaya is fond of tea. She feels that there’s peace in a cup of tea. Kinjal goes to make tea for everyone. Looking at Leela, Maaya asks her if she wants to ask her anything. Leela asks her about her family.

    Anu gets restless as Maaya didn’t visit her yet and asks Anuj to call her once. Barkha feels there’s something that Anuj and Anupama are hiding from them. Ankush wonders if they should asks them about it. Dimpi tells them that it has to be something with Maaya as Anuj and Anupama get uncomfortable hearing her name.

     Anupama asks Anuj why Maaya didn’t arrive yet. He tells her that Maaya is playing mind games with them. Maaya tells Leela that she’s not comfortable sharing her details in the first meeting. Leela tells her that her question wasn’t personal as husband and children are something that shouldn’t be hidden.

    Meanwhile, Kinjal brings masala tea for everyone. Mohit and Maaya decide to take leave. Maaya tells them that she has to leave for an important meeting. Leela asks her if she’s going to Anupama’s house. Maaya ignores her and leaves the Shah house. Anupama makes Anu sleep and asks Anuj what’s making him worry. Anuj tells her that he’s getting mad hearing Maaya’s name and is trying to know about her. Anupama feels that there’s something wrong with Maaya and decides to meet her in person. Hearing the car’s horn, Anu gets up and runs towards the door. Anuj stops her.


     Dimpi tells them that Maaya didn’t arrive but it was a neighbor’s car. After Mohit and Maaya leave, Hasmukh praises both of them for being nice. Kavya tells that if she remains in Maaya’s good book then her career will reach a higher position. Vanraj taunts her for staying in everyone’s good books but not at home. 

    Kavya loses her temper of his insecurities and asks Paritosh to join his father in his detective business.She tells Vanraj that she never hides where she goes and with whom she goes. Vanraj reminds her about their affair when he was married. Kavya asks him to think whatever he wants and informs everyone that she’s planning to go to London as Maaya is sending her there. Leela decides to handle Kavya but worries about Maaya’s intentions. Vanraj feels Maaya is a destructive storm. Anuj and Anupama get fed up with Anu’s urge to meet Maaya. Anupama scolds her for misbehaving with them for Maaya’s sake. She goes to bring soup for her. Anupama and Anuj go to the kitchen when Anu gets angry and runs outside to meet Maaya. Everyone runs out to find her but doesn’t get her. Barkha, Ankush, and Dimpi look for Anu too. When a car was about to hit Anu, she screams at her mother. Anupama and Maaya hold her hand and save her.

    Anu gets excited seeing Maaya. Maaya asks her if she has a fever. She asks Anu not to worry as she is here.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 27th January 2023 :

     Maaya tells Anu that she will take her home. Anu tells her that she’s already in her home. Maaya tells her that she’s her biological mother.

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