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  • Friday 27 January 2023

    "Maaya Tells Truth to Anu and Tries to Manipulate, Anuj Challenges Maaya " Anupamaa Upcoming 27th January 2023


    "Maaya Tells Truth to Anu and Tries to Manipulate, Anuj Challenges Maaya " Anupamaa Upcoming 27th January 2023

    "Maaya Tells Truth to Anu and Tries to Manipulate, Anuj Challenges Maaya " Anupamaa Upcoming 27th January 2023.

    The episode begins on the road where Anupama and Maaya save Anu. Maaya asks Anuj and Anupama why they aren’t not taking proper care of Anu who’s suffering from a high fever.



    She blames them for Anu roaming in the street. Anuj blames her for it. He tells her that she didn’t come to meet her which turned Anu restless. Anupama asks Anuj to calm down. Maaya asks them if they want to talk in the street. Anupama asks her to come to their home. She takes Anu in her lap and comes home with everyone. Maaya stops in front of the main door when Anupama calls her inside.


    Anupamaa 27th January 2023 Today's Episode Written Update


    She enters the house and looks at the temple where Krishna is established and prays to him. She tells Anupama that though Yasodha has taken care of Kanha, Deviki is his biological mother and so Kanha ji is called Deviki Nandan. She prays to the almighty claiming her right as a mother which she wants back. She asks Anu if she can talk to her.


    While Leela works in the kitchen, Vanraj asks her why she was questioning Maaya about her family. She tells him that she wanted to know who Anu’s father is. Vanraj asks her not to interfere as Maaya is a very cunning lady and it will be better for them to stay away from her. He hopes Maaya’s involvement in Kavya’s professional life and Anuj and Anupama’s personal lives don’t create problems between the families.



    Anuj asks Anupama to take Anu to the room so that she can rest. Anu denies to go and goes to Maaya. Maaya requests her to go to the room as she’s not going anywhere.


     Anu asks her if she’s not going anywhere. Maaya tells her that if she goes then she will take her and go. Anuj screams at Maaya. She tells him that she doesn’t like filters and that she is what she shows. Anu asks her if she’s going to take her to the water park or Disney land.


    Maaya tells her that she’s going to take her home. Anu asks her if she’s going to take her home. Maaya tells her that she will be going to her own house. Anu, in return, tells her that she’s already at her home. Maaya tells her that one’s true home is the place where their mother resides and she claims herself as her biological mother.

     This shocks everyone. Anupama stands still as Maaya pulls Anu towards her. Maaya tells Anu that she has given birth to her and is her biological mother. She hugs Anu. Anupama tries to stop Anuj who’s enraged at Maaya. Anu fumbles and asks Maaya if she’s her real mother. Maaya agrees. Anuj requests Anu to go inside the room.



    Anu tells Maaya that she was residing in an orphanage where nobody has parents. Maaya accepts that she’s her culprit for leaving her in the orphanage and asks her to forgive her. Anu screams at her and denies to forgive her. Maaya asks her to forgive her and not hate her. Anu tells how she craved a family while staying in the orphanage. Maaya asks her to let her explain.


    Anu denies it when Anupama asks her to lose and enters Maaya once. Maaya asks Anu to forgive her. Anu asks her why she left her even though she was alive. Maaya apologizes to her for abandoning her as she had to. She tells her that she kept all her updates through the years. She asks Anu to come home with her she will show her every proof of how much she loves her. Kavya gets ready when Vanraj asks her not to bring people like Mohit and Maaya to the house.


    She asks him not to feel insecure unnecessarily. Vanraj asks her to stay away from Mohit as his intentions don’t seem to be good. Kavya gets frustrated with the everyday drama in the house. He forbids her not to go to London with Mohit and it’s his final decision. Kavya asks him to take up the job in Delhi then she won’t go. Vanraj denies doing that. She makes it clear to him that she will be going to London as she’s doing the right thing. She asks him not to hide her passport as he did to Anupama years ago. Maaya asks Anu if she will come home with her mother. Anu agrees to go. Anuj picks up Anu and asks her not to go anywhere. Anu tells her that she will not leave her parents.



    Anuj makes it clear that nobody can take Anu away from her. He takes her to the room. Barkha and Ankush support Anuj as Maaya cannot claim Anu to be her daughter all of a sudden.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 28th January 2023

     Anuj tells Maaya that her battle will be with a father too. Anupama asks Maaya not to consider herself to be superior to her.

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