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  • Saturday 15 October 2022

    "Vanraj Thanks Anuj for Giving loan to Samar, Barkha's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 15th October 2022


    "Vanraj Thanks Anuj for Giving loan to Samar, Barkha's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 15th October 2022

    "Vanraj Thanks Anuj for Giving loan to Samar, Barkha's Drama " Anupamaa Upcoming 15th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj tells Anuj that he fails to express any of his feelings except anger. Anuj tells him that the men aren’t allowed to be soft or express their feelings.



    He tells that society has made a rule book for men too just as women have. Vanraj asks him if he romances after becoming a grandfather, that might be awkward. Anuj asks him not to care about the world. Vanraj tells him that he’s jealous of him. Anuj tells him that he’s jealous of him too as he has his parents. Ankush notices their bonding and gets irritated as Anuj doesn’t talk to him properly. While Anuj goes to have tea, Pakhi texts Vanraj that she’s studying which Anupama is not able to trust.



    Anupamaa 15th October Today's Episode Written Update


     The women spin the bottle and the turn is Barkha’s to face Leela’s questions. Leela asks Barkha whom she loves more Ankush or his family’s reputation. Everyone gets awkward with Leela’s question. Ankush enters the kitchen where Vanraj makes tea. He asks Vanraj if he wants his help. Vanraj asks him to relax as Samar can help him if needed. When Ankush asks him if Samar’s work is going well, Vanraj tells him that Samar’s working hard and Anuj helped him to get events.



    Ankush tells him that Anuj and Anupama love the children a lot and so have given a loan to Samar. Barkha tells the ladies that she loves Ankush’s surname more than him. She tells them that she fell in love with Ankush in college but their love faded out after marriage. She narrates how Ankush failed in his business but didn’t let her involved in the business.

     She tells them that Ankush’s male ego didn’t let her try being a woman. She accepts that Anuj and Anupama are helping them survive. She gets emotional and blames Ankush’s stupidity for their loss. She worries about Adhik and Sara’s future. She blames Ankush for not giving her love, respect, and trust. She tells them that their love has faded over time.


    Vanraj comes to the living room and lashes out at Anuj and Samar for not informing him about the loan of ten lakhs. When Anuj asks him how he knows about it, Vanraj doesn’t reveal Ankush’s name. He tells Vanraj that he’s Samar’s buddy. Vanraj asks Samar why he didn’t tell him about it. Samar tells him that he didn’t want to hurt him. Barkha gets emotional and tells the ladies that she’s not money-minded but wanted to help Ankush in his business.



    She doesn’t want to ruin Sara and Adhik’s lives but wants them to see them settled. The women feel bad for Barkha. Anupama consoles her. Samar tells Vanraj that he doesn’t want his father to be helpless. He tells him that he has taken the loan so that the expenses of the house can go on. 

    Anuj tells Vanraj that Samar has returned one lakh of the loan amount. He tells him that he will always be Samar’s friend but not his father.



    Samar asks Vanraj not to tell Anupama about it as she doesn’t know about it. Vanraj thanks Anuj for being his children’s support system and not making him feel low. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Adhik enjoy their time in the room as they dance together and get romantic. When Barkha breaks down into tears, the women try to be there for her. Leela asks Barkha to let her pain out. Anupama tells Barkha that Ankush and her love might not be seen but is there.



     Kinjal tells Barkha that her marriage is breaking down though there’s love in that. She consoles her saying that Ankush and her relationship is still intact and they need to find love and lead their lives. Rakhi tells Barkha that she’s still ahead of Kinjal in terms of marriage. Kavya tells Barkha that Ankush might feel the same way she does.


    Dolly agrees and asks Barkha to give them a try on their relationship. Barkha thanked them for understanding her. 

    She apologizes to Leela for whatever she said and to everyone for what she has done. While Anupama gets emotional too, Rakhi asks them to take their glasses and clicks a selfie together.


    Precap for Anupamaa Upcoming 16th October 2022 :

     Rakhi suggests to the women that they should visit the sunset point. While they were leaving the resort, the women's gang find Pakhi and Adhik in the reception.

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