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  • Friday, 14 October 2022

    "Anupamaa About to See Pakhi-Adhik's ID on Reception" Anupamaa Upcoming 14th October 2022


    "Anupamaa About to See Pakhi-Adhik's ID on Reception" Anupamaa Upcoming 14th October 2022

    "Anupamaa About to See Pakhi-Adhik's ID on Reception" Anupamaa Upcoming 14th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the pool. Anupama asks Leela if she’s having fun. Leela tells her that she is getting reminded of her childhood.



    Anupama asks her what Barkha has said to het. When Leela denies telling, Anupama requests her to tell the truth. She tells how Barkha made fun of her for putting oil on her hair by calling Ankush. She breaks down into tears at her insult. Anupama tells her that she doesn’t need to get embarrassed for her talents and childhood habits. She knows how Leela is feeling but asks her not to let others define her.


    Anupamaa 14th October Today's Episode Written Update


    She reminds her how she learnt to drive a car. She asks Leela not to listen to Barkha’s taunts. She asks her to forget things and enjoy the day of their lives. Leela tells her that she’s worried about the kitchen as the men must have made a mess of it. Anupama agrees and laughs. The men are done with their cooking. Anuj appreciates them. Samar reminds them to clean the mess of the kitchen. Ankush suggests them have food before cleaning. Everyone agrees and takes the food for the serving.




    Leela tells Anupama how arrogant Pakhi has become. She tells her that she doesn’t trust Pakhi’s age. She asks her to tell Vanraj to keep an eye on Pakhi. Anupama asks her not to worry as Pakhi’s with her friend. 

    She thinks to herself that Leela is right about Pakhi’s behaviour and wonders if Pakhi has lied to her father. Rakhi calls the ladies to dance. Adhik puts on the curtain of the room. The women have a blast as they shake a leg and click numerous pictures.


     Pakhi freshens up. Adhik offers a drink to her. The men relax after having the meal. They understand how difficult it is to cook and feel that they shouldn’t find faults when someone else cooks. Suddenly, Anuj’s alarm starts ringing when Samar brings medicine for him and Hasmukh. Anuj asks Vanraj to sing a song for them. Everyone requests him to sing.


    Vanraj sings for everyone when others join him too. He continues and entertains them. The ladies relax in the room. Rakhi suggests them play truth and dare. Kavya makes Leela understand the rules of the games. Anupama goes to check on Dolly who’s in the other room. She crosses the room where Adhik and Pakhi are staying. She gets a weird feeling crossing the room.

     She goes to the reception to make calls. Pakhi asks Adhik to join her for the pasta. Meanwhile, Anupama calls her to check on her.



    Pakhi gets irritated when she finds that Anupama is calling her from the resort number. She asks Pakhi to reach home quickly so that Vanraj doesn’t get angry with her. Adhik asks Pakhi to relax and both of them feed each other pasta. Suddenly, Adhik gets reminded of the identity cards which he left in the reception. Pakhi gets worried but Adhik tells her that he will collect the IDs when they leave the resort.


    Anupama decided to make a call to Anuj too. Anuj gets relieved as she calls him after hours. Anupama asks him what he’s doing there. Anuj tells her that he was missing her. He tells her that they cooked meals, ate it and listened to music. Anupama is glad that he has enjoyed the day. Anuj likes their relationship. She agrees that husband and wife should enjoy themselves with their friends too. Anuj asks her if the women have become friends or quarrelled.



     Anupama tells him that they are doing well together. The manager comes into the reception and asks the receptionist to hand over the IDs of the couple staying in room number 111 which are Pakhi and Adhik’s. Anupama doesn’t see the IDs kept on the table. Anuj tells her that the kitchen is a mess in the Shah house.



    Kavya arrives there and requests Anuj to give the phone to Vanraj. Anuj gives the phone to Vanraj. Kavya tells Vanraj that she misses her. Anuj teases Vanraj for not being able to talk to his wife properly.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 15th October 2022 :

     Rakhi suggests to the women that they should visit the sunset point. While they were leaving the resort, the women's gang find Pakhi and Adhik in the reception.

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