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  • Sunday, 16 October 2022

    " Anupamaa Caught Adhik-Pakhi At Resort, Leela is Beyond Angry Now " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th October 2022


    " Anupamaa Caught Adhik-Pakhi At Resort, Leela is Beyond Angry Now " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th October 2022

    " Anupamaa Caught Adhik-Pakhi At Resort, Leela is Beyond Angry Now " Anupamaa Upcoming 16th October 2022.

    The episode starts with the Next Round of Truth and Dare Where It's Leela's Turn and She Chooses Dare. and Everyone Asks Her For Dance.Rakhi Challenges her to Dance And She Accepts the Challenge and Dances Superly to On "Dholi Raa" Song.

    In Between, Dance Anupamaa Dials The Reception But She Accidently Calls The Room Where Adhik-Pakhi is About to Get Close, Anupamaa Talks Loudly Because of Music, and Adhik Attends The Call and Tells her that this is the wrong Number.

    Anupamaa 16th October Today's Episode Written Update

    Anupamaa Gets Doubt That This Must Be Adhik's Voice But then Barkha comes there and She Asks About Adhik and Barkha Says He is with His USA Friend.

    There Anuj and the Men Discuss How They Enjoy All This but Vanraj Gets Emotional and Shares He thinks that This Happiness is for a little time and After this Life will be back to Running Behind Money.

    Ankush Tells Vanraj why don't you start Carrer in Singing You Sing Well and Everyone Including Anuj Supports Him and He Thinks about that.

    Everyone Tells us to change the Mood and Strats Dancing too.

    They have Fun on Dance " Taare Gin Gin ".

    At Resort.

    Its Anupamaa and Kavya's Turn and Anupamaa Select Truth.

    Leela makes Fun of Anupamaa that Her truth is Lecture of 100 pages, Barkha Jumps and Asks Can She Ask Anupamaa Something?

    Anupamaa tells her to ask and Atmoshpehre Become Hot When She Asks the Same Question Leela Asked Her " Did You Marry Anuj Because You Love her or just for Kapadia's Name "?

    Anupamaa Replies that Anuj Was Single and he could have the Best Girl I was Heartbroken and I came to Know Anuj Loved me for 26 Years I was Shocked That Someone Can Wait for This Long time and Somehow I Fell In Love with him.

    People Broke All boundaries in Love But See  I got Everything in My Life and I was Within M Boundaries and Anuj Gave me Everything yes Money is important But Not Above My Love For Anuj.

    She Shared How They had Huge Money One time and One Time They had Nothing But Our Love was Our Strength.

    Kavya Asks her "Is Anything you Still want "?

    Everyone Jumps and Tells Kavya that They all Think Anupamaa doesn't Need anything She has Everyone But Anupamaa Says She doesn't have everything.

    Leela Asks What?

    Anupaamaa Tells " She doesn't have Education ". Leela Looks Down and Anupamaa Quickly Says She is Not complaining.

    She Shares How Her Father Wanted Her to Read More, How Her Husband and Children were her Priority and Whenever She Asked Them She Got the Reply You Leave It You won't understand.

    She Gets Tears and Remembers How Sweety was Ashamed When She has to Introduce me to her Friends.

    She Also Shares How She Still feels she Needs to Be Educated Anuj Never let me Feel this But When I Help choti in the study I feel This.

    Baa Feels Emotional and Tells her to Complete Your This Dream Now, Anupamaa Feels Happy and Everyone Supports her.

    Rakhi Tells Now Everyone We Must go to Sunset Point.

    There Pakhi and Adhik come out of Their Room and at the Same Time In The Same Lobby Anupamaa and Lady's Team Come.

    Adhik and Pakhi Reach to Reception and Adhik Asks for Checkout at Reception.

    Anupamaa and Team Are Out But Choti Anu is Running with Baby Trolly and Anupamaa is Running Behind her and She comes infront of Pakhi and Adhik.

    Now They are Front to front and  Choti Anu Calls Everyone that Pakhi Didi and Adhik Bhaiya are Here too.

    Everyone Listens and Came in Front of Adhik and Pakhi.

    Shocked Pakhi Looks Down and Leela is Beyond Angry Now. Barkha is Shocked too What will Happen?

    Choti Anu Asked Pakhi if You were there and Why didn't  You come to us, Behind them, the waiter Gave Them Room Bill which Shocked everyone More.

    Both  Pakhi and Adhik Look at Each Other in Fear.

    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 17th October 2022 :

    Pakhi Argues and Says Yes She was with Adhik In Hotel Room.She is an Adult and Anupamaa asked How Only Inside the Hotel room do You come to Know that You are an Adult? Adhik Says They Want to Marry Each-other.

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