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  • Saturday 8 October 2022

    "Kinjal Calls Police to Arrest Paritosh, Anupamaa Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th October 2022


    "Kinjal Calls Police to Arrest Paritosh, Anupamaa Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th October 2022

    "Kinjal Calls Police to Arrest Paritosh, Anupamaa Supports her " Anupamaa Upcoming 8th October 2022.

    The episode begins when Anupama finds Paritosh and Arya. As Paritosh notices Anupama behind him, he quickly picks up Arya and runs.



     Anupama screams his name asking him to stop. Vanraj and Samar hear Anupama and go to look behind her. Anupama follows Paritosh who keeps hiding from her. She tells him that Arya cannot live without her mother. 

    Anupamaa 8th October Today's Episode Written Update

    Paritosh replies that his daughter cannot live without him too. He decides to take care of Arya and doesn’t want to give her back. Anupama tries to detect his voice and where he is. She tells him that whatever he’s doing is completely wrong, especially with Kinjal and Arya. When Vanraj calls out Paritosh, the latter asks everyone to go away as he will not hand over Arya to them.



    Kinjal panics and keeps staring at the door waiting for her daughter to come back. Paritosh faces a wall in front of him where Durga Maa is painted and Anupama is behind him. He denies giving Arya to her. Anupama asks him to go give Arya to her and apologize to Durga Maa for his behavior. 

    Paritosh tells her that Arya is his daughter and he will not give her to anyone. Anupama asks him to think about Arya’s good. She pleads before him and swears him on Arya to give her back. She loses her cool and asks him to be a good father at least when he has failed in other relationships.



    She blames him for putting Arya’s life at risk. She asks him not to snatch Arya’s right over her mother. Paritosh looks at Arya and kisses her. He hands over Arya to her. Samar and Vanraj reach there too. Samar thanked God for being with them. He texts Kavya and Anuj that they have found Paritosh and Arya. Kavya hurriedly informs the news of the family and tells them that Arya is safe with Anupama. Kinjal feels relaxed as Arya is with Anupama and is safe.



     Leela wants them to come back without creating any scene. Anuj is glad that Arya is found but worries about the upcoming clashes in the Shah house. Paritosh looks devastated which Anupama and Vanraj feel. Anupama asks Paritosh how he has become such a devil. Paritosh blames her for it. Vanraj asks him if he still doesn’t realize his mistake. He reminds him how good he was at everything. He rebukes him for stealing his daughter and running which could have hurt the little one.


    Anupama questions Paritosh if his madness has a limit. Paritosh screams at them and tells them that he has no limit to his madness just like Anupama doesn’t have a limit to her greatness and Vanraj of his double standards. He throws his anger at his parents for keeping him away from his family even during the festival. He tells them that they have no right to snatch his daughter from him.



    Dolly wonders why Anupama and Vanraj aren’t home yet. Kinjal prays for her daughter’s safety. Anupama asks Paritosh to be a responsible man for his daughter’s sake. Vanraj asks him not to fall so low that Arya feels ashamed of her father in the future. Paritosh calls himself a bad person and asks them why he has become so and hits his head on a hard base. Samar and Vanraj stop him. He blames them for forcing him to be a bad person as they have snatched his daughter from him. He tells them that he will run with Arya again and hurt Kinjal. Vanraj screams at him.



     Anupama asks him to stop his madness and ask for Kinjal’s forgiveness. Paritosh denies asking for forgiveness from anyone. Anupama reminds him that she’s his mother and more adamant than he is. She asks him to come home. She holds Paritosh’s hand and snatches him. Anuj sits on the sofa when G.K gives him his medicines. He asks Anuj why he’s worried when Paritosh and Arya are already found. Anuj tells him that the actual problem will start after this.


     G.K tells him that it’s hard to fight with one’s very own people. Anuj agrees and knows what’s going on in the Shah house. He feels bad for Anupama as she has to tackle the situation. He wonders how Anupama can multitask. G.K tells him that every woman has to multitask as she has no other option left. Anuj knows how brave Anupama is and always stands up against the odds. The Shahs wait for Arya to come home. Soon, Anupama enters the house holding Paritosh’s hand, and Vanraj holding Arya. Kinjal takes Arya in her lap and feels relieved.


    When Leela tries to talk to Paritosh, Anupama stops her as it’s time for Paritosh to face Kinjal. Paritosh is unable to confront Kinjal. Kinjal holds his collar and rebukes him for his behavior. She tells her that he will be sent to jail for kidnapping her daughter. Leela asks the family to stop her. Rakhi feels it’s right. Kinjal asks Samar to call the police. Vanraj tries to stop her from doing so.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 9th October 2022 :

     Paritosh apologizes to everyone for his mistake and begs them to give him a second chance.

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