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  • Friday, 7 October 2022

    "Paritosh Kidnaps Pari, He Gets Shocked to See Anupamaa Found Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 7th October 2022


    "Paritosh Kidnaps Pari, He Gets Shocked to See Anupamaa Found Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 7th October 2022

    "Paritosh Kidnaps Pari, He Gets Shocked to See Anupamaa Found Him " Anupamaa Upcoming 7th October 2022.

    The episode begins in the pandal. Anupama finds a handwritten note on the cot and runs toward the entrance.



    The letter is from Paritosh which is for Kinjal where he writes to her that he cannot live without his daughter and she will have to pay for her decision to divorce him. Anupama fumes in anger reading the letter. Paritosh takes Pari to a temple and adores her.


    Anupamaa 7th October Today's Episode Written Update


    He decides to take revenge on his family for distancing him from her daughter. Vanraj, Samar and Dolly run towards Anupama. Vanraj asks her if Arya has been taken by anyone. Anupama hands him the letter and tells him that it’s Paritosh who has taken Arya with him. She doesn’t agree with Paritosh’s behavior and decides to find him and Arya. Without delay, she sits inside the car and drives it to find them. Paritosh plays with Arya and feels that nobody can find them.



    Anupama calls Anuj and informs him that she’s in search of Paritosh as he has taken Arya with him. Anuj asks her where she is as he will be joining her soon. Anupama asks him to go back home with Anu as he needs rest. She asks him not to worry for her as she will manage the situation. Anuj decides to go home and requests her to bring back Arya. He prays for Anupama’s courage to tackle the situation. Vanraj and Samar go looking for Arya in another car.



    Rakhi comes back to Shah's house and feels ashamed to face Kinjal. Kavya asks her if Kinjal knows about Arya. Dolly tells her that Kinjal doesn’t know about it yet. Meanwhile, Kinjal walks towards the Shah house with the rest of the family members and wonders why Anupama left without meeting her. Samar calls to know Anupama if she got any trace of Paritosh.


    Anupama tells him that they will find him for sure. She prays so that she finds Paritosh and hands over Arya to Kinjal. She stops near a temple. Kinjal asks Rakhi about Arya. Rakhi fumbles to speak. Leela asks her if Arya’s with Neela, her neighbor. Rakhi nods her head but when asked by Neela, she denies Arya being with her. Kinjal doubts and questions Rakhi about Arya.


    Anupama goes to the temple and prays so that she can find a way to meet Arya. She notices a toy and recognizes it as Arya’s. Kinjal panics as she comes to know that Arya’s missing and Paritosh has taken her with him. Dolly asks her not to worry as Anupama, Vanraj and Samar have gone to find them. Kinjal blames Rakhi for not being able to take care of Arya.


    She asks Kavya to inform her where Arya is. Leela takes Kinjal inside the house. Samar gets a location from Anupama and asks Vanraj to drive there. Anupama stops near a place. Kinjal calls her and breaks down into tears. She requests Anupama to bring Arya to her. Anupama gives courage to her and tells her that a mother cannot fall weak.

     She asks her not to get afraid as a child brings fear to the mother every day as he/she grows up. She asks her not to worry as she will find Paritosh and Arya. Meanwhile, she hears a baby’s cry and asks Kinjal to wait till she calls back.



    Samar asks Vanraj not to take the stress. Vanraj tells him that he’s fed up with Paritosh though he was his favorite child. He’s unable to control his anger as Paritosh is making mistakes again and again. He feels ashamed of himself for being Paritosh’s father. He gets emotional as he cannot hurt his son and doesn’t know what he’s going to do when he faces Paritosh. Samar wishes that Paritosh doesn’t do anything wrong seeing Anupama. Kinjal gets tired and prays for her baby’s safety.


     Kavya gives her water and feels Paritosh has gone crazy in anger. Leela reminds her how angry she was earlier when she called the police to arrest them. Kavya asks her not to dig into the past unnecessarily. Rakhi blames Leela for defending Paritosh. Hasmukh rebukes Leela too for insensitive behavior. Leela tells them that Arya is Paritosh’s daughter and she’s safe.


    Hasmukh tells her that Paritosh deserves to be alone after what he has done with Arya. Anupama finds Paritosh and Arya behind the temple. She decides to be cautious so that Paritosh doesn’t see her and tries to run away. Leela asks everyone not to mess with Paritosh when he’s found. 

    Rakhi calls Paritosh to be a kidnapper. The argument goes on when Rakhi decides to send Paritosh to jail. Anupama quietly goes to Arya when Vanraj calls out her name and Paritosh gets shocked to see her behind him.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 8th October 2022

     Anupama brings Arya home. Paritosh apologizes to everyone for his mistake and begs them to give him a second chance.

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