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  • Thursday 1 September 2022

    "Rakhi Dave to Tell Anupamaa About Paritosh's Affair, Anuj Falls and Gets More Insecure " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st September 2022


    "Rakhi Dave to Tell Anupamaa About Paritosh's Affair, Anuj Falls and Gets More Insecure " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st September 2022

    "Rakhi Dave to Tell Anupamaa About Paritosh's Affair, Anuj Falls and Gets More Insecure " Anupamaa Upcoming 1st September 2022.

    The episode begins in the hospital. Vanraj comes out of the room as he got emotional and tries to call Paritosh. He finds Paritosh calling him.



    Paritosh worries about Kinjal seeing so many missed calls from Samar and him. He asks Vanraj if Kinjal’s fine. Vanraj asks him to take deep breaths and congratulates him for becoming a father. Paritosh cannot hold his happiness and tells the person with whom he was traveling that he needs to go to meet Kinjal.

    Anupamaa 1st September Today's Episode Written Update

     Anupama adores Kinjal and makes her sleep. Samar regrets as Paritosh has missed the moments. She texts Anuj asking if everything is fine. Anuj texts her back that everything is fine. Vanraj enters the room and informs the family that Paritosh is on his way. Rakhi arrives and is shocked to know that Paritosh isn’t there in the hospital. Anupama asks her to get angry later and meet the baby first. Pakhi sanitizes Rakhi’s hand. Rakhi cries seeing the baby. 

    Vanraj tells her that seeing her crying would make the baby cry. He gives her a handkerchief to wipe off her tears. Rakhi takes the baby in her lap and adores her. She asks Anupama where Paritosh is. Leela tells her that Paritosh has gone for some work. Rakhi wonders why Paritosh couldn’t reach the hospital on time after knowing about Kinjal’s delivery. Vanraj asks her politely not to ruin the happiness of the moment but rather to live it.


    He asks her to calm down as she would get wrinkles on her face and look like a grandmother. Rakhi laughs. Vanraj asks her to adore the baby before Paritosh comes. Seeing Rakhi’s expression, Anupama asks her if she’s stressed about Paritosh. Leela tells Rakhi that Paritosh has gone to Mumbai for work. Anupama offers her juice.


    Rakhi hugs her. Kinjal tells Rakhi how Anupama was there with her in the labour room to support her. Rakhi thanks Anupama and apologizes for not reaching the hospital on time. Anupama asks her not to be sorry as Kinjal’s her daughter too. Rakhi asks her to teach some responsibilities to Paritosh as he has become a father. Kinjal tells them that Paritosh has always wanted a daughter. Rakhi stays angry at Paritosh. The nurse asks the family members to go out as the doctor will be coming for Kinjal’s check-up. Leela stays inside with Kinjal.


    Vanraj asks Samar to bring sweets to celebrate their happiness. Anupama asks Rakhi why she’s angry at Paritosh. Rakhi tells her that she’s not going to wait for Paritosh and will take Kinjal with her as soon as the doctor allows her. Vanraj asks her why she’s so upset at Paritosh. Rakhi tells him that Paritosh should have been with Kinjal. Vanraj tells her that Paritosh has gone out for work and they should understand that. Anupama tells her that these moments won’t come back.




    Rakhi tells her that she will take Kinjal and the baby with her. She leaves. Vanraj gets angry at Rakhi for misbehaving always. Anupama tells him that there must be something wrong with Paritosh which has made Rakhi angry. Paritosh thanked Samar over the call for sending him all the photos and videos and regrets missing the moments.


    He thanks the almighty that Kinjal and the baby are safe and don’t want anyone to know where he was. Anupama asks Vanraj if Paritosh did something wrong. Vanraj feels that there must be some other reason for Rakhi to get angry at Paritosh. Both of them realize that Rakhi is hiding something from them. Anu tells Anuj that she wants to meet the baby and play with her. Anuj tells her that they cannot go right now. He asks her to play in her room. G.K asks Anu not to get upset with Anuj as he might get angry sometimes due to his health issues.


    Anu feels bad and runs to her room. Anuj notices the diya getting blown away so somehow takes the wheelchair to the temple. He keeps his feet on the floor trying to stand up and cover the diya. He falls from the wheelchair when Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik hold him and make him sit on the wheelchair. Ankush decides to be there with Anuj till Anupama arrives. Anuj asks them not to tell Anupama about this incident. Anupama distributes sweets among the nurses and finds Rakhi having sweets continuously having tears in her eyes. She asks Rakhi if she’s stressed for Paritosh. Rakhi breaks down into tears and hugs her.


     She tells her that she’s confused as she’s unable to share her thoughts with anyone. While she was going to tell Anupama about Paritosh, Pakhi calls Rakhi as Kinjal’s calling her. Anupama goes into deep thought about Paritosh’s absence during Kinjal’s delivery.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd September 2022 :

     Rakhi asks Paritosh about his Mumbai trip. She taunts him that he must have been with someone very important. Later, she questions Paritosh about staying with a girl in the hotel room. Anupama arrives there.

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