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  • Wednesday 31 August 2022

    "Kinjal's Daughter is Born, Anuj Gets Insecure to See Anupamaa-Vanraj Close " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st August 2022


    "Kinjal's Daughter is Born, Anuj Gets Insecure to See Anupamaa-Vanraj Close " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st August 2022

    "Kinjal's Daughter is Born, Anuj Gets Insecure to See Anupamaa-Vanraj Close " Anupamaa Upcoming 31st August 2022.

    The episode begins in the hospital. Anupama asks Samar if he had talked to Paritosh. Vanraj asks her to share the good news with Anuj first as he will inform Paritosh. 

    Leela gets excited as she has become the great-grandmother. Anupama video calls Anuj and Anu and informs them that Kinjal’s daughter is born. Anuj congratulates her and so does Anupama. Anu dances in joy hearing about Kinjal’s daughter. She goes to thank Ganeshji. Vanraj informs the relatives about Kinjal’s baby. Seeing Anupama coming out of the OT, everyone asks her what the baby looks like. 

    Anupamaa 31st August July Today's Episode Written Update

    Anupama recalls the moment when the nurse gave the baby in her lap. She feels the moment and calls the baby to be a little angel. Vanraj feels jealous of her as she has seen the baby before him. When the doctor comes out, Leela asks her about Kinjal’s health. The doctor informs the family that Kinjal’s weak due to the surgery and needs to be taken good care of. She thanked Anupama for being there with Kinjal as it was difficult to handle her.

     Leela and Vanraj thank Anupama too for handling everything so well. Anupama asks them to celebrate the day instead of thanking her as it was her duty to be there with Kinjal. Vanraj informs her that he has informed Rakhi about Kinjal’s baby and she’s on her way. Anuj distributes sweets among his family including Barkha and Ankush as it’s a day of celebration. Ankush tells Anuj that they will apologize to him till he forgives them as he doesn’t want his brother to stay disappointed with him. 

    Anuj smiles. Ankush thanked him for letting them stay in the house. Anuj reminds him that it’s temporary. Barkha asks Anuj to have his meal as it’s his medicine time and Anupama may not have remembered it. Anuj tells her that Anupama doesn’t forget anything as G.K is with him. Meanwhile, he gets a text from Anupama reminding him about his medicines. He smiles and tells G.K that they must eat something. Vanraj and Anupama try looking at the baby from the glass window. 

    Anupama asks him to guess which baby is their daughter-in-law. Vanraj guesses it right. Anupama video calls Anuj, G.K, and Anu and shows them the baby from a distance. Vanraj joins the video call and tells Anuj that the feeling of becoming a grandfather is out of this world. Anuj gets insecure when Vanraj keeps his hand on Anupama’s shoulder. He regrets not being there in the hospital.Later, Anupama and the Shahs meet Kinjal. Everyone thanks her for bringing happiness to their family. 

    Kinjal asks Anupama about her baby. Anupama tells her that the nurse is bringing the baby soon to her. Kinjal thanked her for being there for her. Anupama thanks her for letting her stay in the precious moment of her life. Kinjal looks for Paritosh when Samar tells her that Paritosh’s phone is not reachable. 

    Anupama tells her that it’s normal as the baby has come suddenly and the father doesn’t reach on time. Vanraj asks Kinjal not to get upset as Paritosh didn’t know that the baby will be delivered this time. Anupama tries to console her. Meanwhile, the nurse enters the room with the baby. Kinjal gets emotional seeing her daughter. The family gets quiet and keeps looking at the baby. 

    Anupama holds the baby and keeps her beside Kinjal. Kinjal kisses her baby and considers it to be the best feeling of her life. Samar captures the moment in his camera. Anupama asks Kinjal to live the moment as only a woman has the power to live the motherhood journey. She tells her that it’s well said that a mother is just like the almighty. The Shahs hold the baby one by one and enjoy the moment. Kavya sanitizes her hand and holds the baby excitingly. 

    Vanraj holds the baby and gets emotional. He wipes his tears. Kinjal cries seeing Vanraj emotional. Leela tells that a man bears every tough situation but a baby can make him emotional. Kinjal regrets as Paritosh is missing these precious moments. She tries to console herself by saying that the baby is lucky for them as her father got the job after her arrival. She asks Anupama about Rakhi. Anupama tells her that Rakhi is on her way. Anupama holds the baby and asks Vanraj to stop crying. Vanraj gets embarrassed and leaves the room. 

    Kinjal tells Anupama that the baby just looks like Paritosh. Anupama asks Leela to do the rituals. Leela asks her to do it. Anupama does it happily and wonders where Paritosh is. 

    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 1st September 2022 :

     Rakhi gets emotional seeing the baby. She looks for Paritosh and gets angry about not seeing him. Anupama asks her what the matter is.

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