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  • Tuesday, 30 August 2022

    "Kinjal Goes into Labour Pain, Anupamaa and Family Takes her to Hospital, Anuj Feels Helpless " Anupamaa Upcoming 30th August 2022


    "Kinjal Goes into Labour Pain, Anupamaa and Family Takes her to Hospital, Anuj Feels Helpless "  Anupamaa Upcoming 30th August 2022

    "Kinjal Goes into Labour Pain, Anupamaa and Family Takes her to Hospital,Anuj Feels Helpless "  Anupamaa Upcoming 30th August 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia mansion. The Shahs arrive there to celebrate Ganpati Chaturthi. They find Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik standing in front of them but don’t pay heed to them.



    Anuj and Anupama greet the family. Anupama asks everyone if they can start the aarti. Meanwhile, Paritosh gets a phone call from someone called Sanjana. He talks to her and informs everyone about his interview in Mumbai. Kinjal holds his hand and gives him best wishes. After he leaves, she becomes emotional when Anupama consoles her. Anu asks Anupama to start the aarti as Ganesh ji is waiting.

    Anupamaa 30th August July Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama, Anuj, and Anu do the aarti first followed by the rest of the family members. Kinjal feels uncomfortable in the puja. Anupama asks Barkha and Ankush to do the aarti too. Anuj ignores them. Kinjal screams in pain. Anupama and others make her sit. Kinjal holds Anupama’s hands and asks her to be with her.



    Anuj asks Anupama to take Kinjal to the hospital without wasting time. He asks the driver to take out of the car. He feels helpless unable to be with Anupama but in his wheelchair. Anupama keeps looking at him while taking Kinjal to the hospital. Anuj nods his head looking at her and hinting to her that he’s fine. Anu gets upset and asks G.K what just happened to Kinjal. G.K asks her not to worry as Kinjal’s baby is coming soon. Anu gets excited and thanks Ganpatiji.




    G.K asks Anuj if he’s fine or needs Anupama. Anuj feels frustrated for not being there for Anupama whose mind is stuck in Anu and him. He gets upset as men are taught to look after the family not to make others look after him. He feels himself to be useless and gets emotional. He blames himself for being Anupama’s weakness instead of being her strength.


     He wonders how he can reduce Anupama’s stress. Vanraj drives Kinjal to the hospital along with Samar and Anupama. Kinjal asks him to drive the car fast. Anupama asks her to keep breathing. Anuj prays to Ganeshji to take care of Anupama. Kinjal is taken to the hospital where the Shahs have already reached. Vanraj asks Samar to call Paritosh and decides to call Rakhi too. Kinjal asks Anupama to be there with her and is taken inside the OT.


    Anupama is asked to wear the OT gown to enter there. The door of the OT closes. Vanraj sweats when Samar asks him if he’s fine. Vanraj worries for Kinjal and feels that Paritosh should have been there. Samar tells him that Paritosh’s phone isn’t reachable. Anuj calls Vanraj to know about Kinjal’s health. Vanraj apologizes to him as Anupama had to come with them suddenly. He informs him that Anupama is with Kinjal in the OT. Both of them ask each other not to worry as Anupama is there.



    G.K knows that Anupama will handle Kinjal. Anuj is upset as he’s not there with Anupama. Pakhi and Adhik talk to each other on a video call when Samar comes to call her. Kinjal is worn the OT dress and Anupama changes into the OT gown. She holds Anupama’s hand unable to bear the labor pain. Anupama asks her to be patient as she’s going to be a mother soon. Vanraj gets restless when Leela asks him to calm down as every mother has to go through this pain.


    He wonders how a mother endures so much pain. The Shahs keep calling Paritosh. Kinjal is unable to deliver her baby normally and gets tired. The doctor asks Anupama to go out as Kinjal needs to go through a c-section. Anupama comes out of the OT and informs everyone that Kinjal’s blood pressure is high and she has fallen weak so she needs to go through cesarean delivery. Leela blames the doctor for trying to earn money through the operation.


    Everyone asks her to calm down as it’s a hospital. Vanraj asks Anupama what’s her opinion regarding Kinjal’s delivery. Anupama tells him that Kinjal cannot bear so much pain and needs to go through cesarean delivery. Vanraj asks her to inform the doctor and stay with Kinjal. He asks Leela to trust Anupama in this regard. Anupama waits outside the OT. 

    Vanraj sends a voice note to Anuj informing him about Kinjal’s condition. After a while, Anupama comes out to meet the family. Anu eagerly waits for the baby. Anupama informs everyone that Kinjal has given birth to a baby girl. The family congratulates each other and cannot express their happiness.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 31st August 2022 :

     Anupama holds Kinjal’s baby and adores her. Vanraj is excited to see the baby. Vanraj and Anupama video calls Anuj when the latter gets insecure as Vanraj keeps his hand on Anupama’s shoulder.

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