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  • Friday 2 September 2022

    Rakhi's Rude Behaviour with Paritosh, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd September 2022


    Rakhi's Rude Behaviour with Paritosh, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd September 2022

    Rakhi's Rude Behaviour with Paritosh, Anupamaa Senses Something is Wrong " Anupamaa Upcoming 2nd September 2022.

    The episode begins in the hospital. When Anupama worries about Paritosh, Anuj video calls her. She is tensed and asks him if everything is fine.


     Anuj tells her that he’s fine and asks her when she would come home. He tells her that he doesn’t like anything without her and likes himself more when he’s with her. He accepts in front of her how he scolded Anu without any reason. He tells her that he’s losing his patience and getting annoyed at others. Anupama tells him that he is unique himself and asks him to relax as a father has the right to scold his child.

    Anupamaa 2nd September Today's Episode Written Update


    Anuj tells her that Anu didn’t have any fault. He apologizes to her for disturbing her by calling her again. Anupama scolds him for overthinking and makes a funny mimicry of movie dialogue to make him laugh. Anuj laughs and asks her to come soon. Anupama asks him to deal with Anu. When Vanraj calls her, Anuj gets irritated hearing his voice. He calls G.K to take him to Anu. Ankush decides to help him go to Anu.


    Leela argues with the doctor about keeping the AC on from which Kinjal’s feeling cold. She questions her degree when Anupama enters the room. Anupama tries to control Leela and tells the doctor that she’s visiting her soon to take the list of medicines and diet to be followed. Ankush takes Anuj to Anu’s room and leaves. Anuj sits beside his daughter and apologizes to her for scolding her unnecessarily.



    Anu apologizes to him for making him shout when his health isn’t well. Anuj hugs her and calls her the best daughter. Anu asks him when they will go to meet the baby. Anuj promises to take her sometime soon. Rakhi asks Leela why she has put a black tika on the baby’s face. Leela tells her that it’s to protect the baby from evil eyes. Both of them argue with each other regarding the traditions of the old people


    Leela gets upset as the old traditions aren’t followed and valued in modern times. Anupama, Kavya, and Kinjal make her calm down. Leela asks Kinjal to drink the kadha.Anupama clicks a selfie with the baby and sends the picture to Anuj. Anuj clicks a selfie with Anu and sends it to her. Anupama smiles looking at their picture. Vanraj, Hasmukh, Samar, and Pakhi bring Paritosh to the room. Kinjal smiles seeing him. Paritosh kisses her on the hand when the baby makes a sound.


     He walks towards her daughter when Rakhi gets irritated seeing him. Anupama takes the baby on her lap and gives his daughter to him. Paritosh gets overwhelmed to hold his child for the first time. He cannot hold his happiness. Vanraj understands his emotions. When the baby starts crying, Paritosh gets upset as to why the baby’s crying in his lap.



     Samar and Pakhi pull his leg. Vanraj asks Paritosh not to worry as Pakhi did the same when he held her for the first time. Anupama agrees and tells him that babies are meant to cry. Rakhi takes the baby from Paritosh when the baby stops crying and tells him that the baby also knows how he is. Samar tells them that the baby must have known that her father is an angry man. Anupama asks everyone to let the new parents spend some time together.


    Leela asks Rakhi to give the baby to Paritosh. Rakhi denies it at first but Anupama tells her that Kinjal and Paritosh have to take care of the baby in the future too. She keeps the baby beside Kinjal instead of giving it to Paritosh. She looks at him angrily and asks him to be a good father. Anupama hugs Paritosh before leaving. When everyone leaves, Paritosh sits beside Kinjal and the baby. Kinjal gets emotional as she missed him. Paritosh tells her that he would have never left if he knew that the baby is coming. The new parents wonder how they would take care of the little angel.


    They fear how they would take responsibility for their daughter. They laugh and spend quality time with the baby. Paritosh clicks a selfie with both of them. Vanraj asks Rakhi if she would have tea. Rakhi denies having it. 

    Anupama asks her what the matter is. Rakhi wants to go inside. Anupama asks her to tell her clearly what’s in her mind. Rakhi tells the Shahs that she has arranged for Kinjal and the baby’s stay in her house. She tells them that she wants to take them with her. Vanraj asks her to let Kinjal decide what she wants.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 3rd September 2022 :

     Rakhi asks Paritosh about his Mumbai trip. She taunts him that he must have been with someone very important. Later, she questions Paritosh about staying with a girl in the hotel room. Anupama arrives there.

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