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  • Wednesday, 21 September 2022

    "Kinjal Leaves Shah House and Going to Stay At Anupamaa House, Rakhi and Leela are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st September 2022


    "Kinjal Leaves Shah House and Going to Stay At Anupamaa House, Rakhi and Leela are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st September 2022

    "Kinjal Leaves Shah House and Going to Stay At Anupamaa House, Rakhi and Leela are Shocked " Anupamaa Upcoming 21st September 2022.

    The episode begins in the Kapadia house. Anuj tells Anupama that it must have been difficult for her to bring her son’s truth in front of the family.



     He knows that she has fought with herself before confronting Paritosh. He praises her for having the courage and being honest. He asks her not to cry as she’s a fighter and he’s proud of her. Anupama breaks down into tears as she’s exhausted and unable to fight anymore. She feels that she is being grounded in the grinder every day with rising issues in the family. 

    Anupamaa 21st September Today's Episode Written Update

    She regrets having a child-like Paritosh who abused her upbringing in front of everyone. She feels Kinjal’s pain and how Leela and Pakhi’s behavior can never change. She is tired of running here and there. She wants to get herself locked in a room so that she cannot hear or see anything. Anuj holds her hand when she notices a cup of black coffee on the table. She realizes that Anuj didn’t have his breakfast so goes to freshen up and decides to make Anu and his breakfast. Anuj wonders how Anupama manages everything even after getting exhausted. He knows that if the women stop working then the world will stop and men will suffer. Kinjal wakes up and finds her daughter in Vanraj’s lap. Dolly tells her that Arya was crying out of hunger so they fed her milk. Kavya asks her if she’s fine.


     Vanraj asks Kinjal to forget everything and start afresh. Leela asks Kinjal to think about her daughter first. Kavya asks her to stop telling the same thing. Vanraj agrees with her and asks Leela to stop. He asks Kinjal if she will be having tea or coffee. Kinjal wants to drink Anupama’s special tea. Kavya tells her that Anupama has gone home. Dolly tells that Anupama has to look after Anuj and Anu too. When Leela decides to call Anupama, she gets reminded of how she has refused Anupama to come.

     Kavya tells Kinjal that Anupama wanted to meet her before leaving but she was sleeping and had to take Anu to school too. She feels pity for Anupama for getting divided between the two families.


    Vanraj asks Kinjal not to worry as he will call Anupama and know how she makes her special tea. When Leela decides to call Anupama, Kinjal asks her not to trouble Anupama. Anupama asks Anu to get ready for school. Barkha asks her how Kinjal is. Anupama tells her that Kinjal was sleeping when she left. She thanked Barkha and Ankush for taking care of Anuj and Anu in her absence. Barkha tells her that they are a family and asks her not to thank her.




    Anuj asks Anupama where Paritosh is. Anupama tells him that she’s not interested in knowing where he is. Ankush feels pity for Kinjal for not being able to sustain her marriage for two years. Anuj asks him not to interfere in Kinjal and Paritosh’s life. Barkha and Adhik criticize Paritosh for his behavior. After they leave the hall, Anuj holds Anupama’s hand and suggests not to help someone till they approach her for help. Anupama realizes his point. Meanwhile, Pakhi and Adhik meet each other.


    While Pakhi finds Paritosh’s betrayal to be wrong, Adhik tells her that it’s not a big deal and should be given a second chance. Pakhi feels awkward. Kavya gets ready for her office.

     Leela gets irritated as Kavya is leaving too as Anupama did. Dolly asks her not to overreact and gain sympathy. Kavya asks Vanraj to take care of everything. Suddenly, they find Kinjal downstairs with a luggage bag. Leela asks her to take a rest in her room. Kinjal appreciates the family’s gesture in supporting her and throwing Paritosh out of the house.


    She apologizes to them for leaving the house as it’s difficult for her to stay there. She’s unable to deal with everyone’s tension and sympathy for her. When Leela asks her not to leave, Kinjal requests her to think about her situation too. She pleads before Vanraj to let her go. Vanraj gives Arya to her. Kinjal thanks him and bids goodbye to the Shahs. While she goes out, Rakhi arrives there and asks her where she’s going. Kavya tells her that Kinjal wants a break from this house. Leela asks Kinjal why she didn’t inform Rakhi earlier. Kinjal asks Rakhi to drop her at Anupama’s house.



    Everyone is shocked to hear that. Anupama and Anuj spent quality time with each other and feel good about it. The Shahs question Kinjal’s decision of going to Anupama’s house. 

    Kinjal tells them that she wants to stay with Anupama right now and doesn’t want her to get divided between families. When Rakhi gets offended by Kinjal’s decision, she questions her for keeping her in the darkness of betrayal.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 22nd September 2022 :

    Anupama and Anuj find Kinjal and her baby standing at the main door along with Vanraj and Kavya. Paritosh reacts after Samar tells him about Kinjal’s decision to stay with Anupama. Anupama asks Kinjal to stay with her as long as she wants.

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