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  • Tuesday 20 September 2022

    "Anupamaa Gives Peace of Mind to Pakhi and Leela, Anuj Lifts Anupamaa's Confidence " Anupamaa Upcoming 20th September 2022


    "Anupamaa Gives Peace of Mind to Pakhi and Leela, Anuj Lifts Anupamaa's Confidence " Anupamaa Upcoming 20th September 2022

    "Anupamaa Gives Peace of Mind to Pakhi and Leela, Anuj Lifts Anupamaa's Confidence " Anupamaa Upcoming 20th September 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya feels guilty for hurting Anupama. Vanraj agrees and recalls how he had tried to justify his mistakes when he betrayed Anupama.



    He feels Anupama was right about standing against Paritosh as he would have repeated the same thing again and again instead of accepting his mistakes. Kavya asks him what he feels about Paritosh’s affair and questions about their relationship.


     Vanraj tells her that he loves her still now and had to stay with Anupama for the sake of his children but still has empathy for her. Kavya is glad that Anupama has moved on in her life and has Anuj and Anu with her. She feels pity for her for being taunted by a nice person. She tells him that Anupama is tested frequently.

    Anupamaa 20th September Today's Episode Written Update

     Anupama makes Kinjal sleep and prays to Kanha ji to look after things. In the morning, Anupama sends a voice text to Anuj when Kavya offers her tea. She thanked Kavya as she needed a cup of tea.


    Kavya thanks her for handling Kinjal and also apologizes to her for calling her again and again to handle something or the other in the Shah house. She knows that everyone takes Anupama for granted. Anupama thanked her for understanding her situation. She decides to meet Kinjal before leaving. Kavya supports her. Dolly sits beside Kinjal who’s asleep and wonders how Anupama handled Kinjal.


    The family sits in the hall worried when Anupama asks Leela if she needs anything. Leela taunts her by asking her to give her poison. Vanraj asks her to keep quiet. Pakhi blames Anupama for not being quiet like Rakhi did and creating a scene in the house. Vanraj asks her to stop saying anything when she doesn’t know about it. Samar feels disgusted at his sister.


    When Pakhi gets irritated and decides to leave the hall, Anupama holds her hand and asks her to continue along with Leela. She tells Pakhi that she has no common sense and she doesn’t care what she says. She asks Leela to thank the almighty for not letting her see her husband’s betrayal.

     She feels Kinjal’s pain as she has gone through this. She requests Leela to stop judging people when she has no experience with them. When she warns Pakhi to stop behaving rudely, Pakhi calls her a home breaker for ruining her own family and Paritosh’s marriage too.

    Anupama asks her why a mother is expected to forget and forgive everything wrong done to her and pretend to lead a happy family. She tells her that she’s adult enough to understand this situation. She tells that she will not let anything wrong happen to Kinjal because it’s her life and her rule.



    Anuj wakes up and kisses Anu who’s asleep. He comes out of the room and looks for Anupama in the whole house. G.K tells him that Anupama is with Kinjal and will come soon. Anuj wonders why he’s not able to remember what happened the last night. He hears Anupama’s voice text and smiles for being so caring towards him. Pakhi tells Anupama that she could have forgiven Vanraj and Paritosh for their mistakes as everyone commits a mistake in their life.


     Anupama tells her that she didn’t think about forgiving them and thanks her for reminding it. She prays to the almighty so that Pakhi never faces a such situation in her life but asks her to forgive her husband if he betrays her for another woman. She asks her to think of a situation when she faces the humiliation and betrayal of her husband and still be quiet and forgiving to him. Pakhi goes numb for a while and tells her that she can deal with her problems and will not allow anyone to interfere.


    Anupama asks her to remember these words. She tells everyone that she comes to the Shah house to deal with the problems of leaving her husband and daughter because she loves them. She asks them to stop taking her for granted. Leela tells her that the Shah family has a lot of issues. Anupama tells her that every family has issues and she’s trying to take the responsibilities of both her families so requests her not to taunt her unnecessarily. She tells Hasmukh that she’s going to school with Anu. Leela asks her not to come back to the house again.



    Anupama asks Samar to make a video of Leela asking her not to come so that whenever she calls her for anything, the video’s going to be a reminder. Leela keeps quiet. Anupama goes to meet Kinjal. Leela asks Vanraj to talk to Paritosh to know about his whereabouts. Anupama tries to wake Kinjal up but the latter wants to sleep. She asks Dolly to let Kinjal sleep.


    Anuj longs to meet Anupama when the latter enters and hugs him. He asks her if she’s fine. Anupama breaks down into tears. Anuj asks her to keep faith in the almighty as everything will be alright again. He tells her that he finds new reasons every day to love her more, be proud of her and respect her.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 21st September 2022 :

    Anuj asks Anupama to stop helping others till they approach her. Kinjal decides to leave the Shah house. Rakhi comes to meet Kinjal but wonders where she’s going.

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