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  • Tuesday 19 July 2022

    Kavya Asks For Baby to Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj are Amazed with Choti Anu's Upbringing " Anupamaa Upcoming 19th July 2022


    Kavya Asks For Baby to Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj are Amazed with Choti Anu's Upbringing "  Anupamaa Upcoming 19th July 2022

    Kavya Asks For Baby to Vanraj, Anupamaa-Anuj are Amazed with Choti Anu's Upbringing "  Anupamaa Upcoming 19th July 2022.

    The episode begins in the car when Anuj and Anupama take Anu to Kapadia house. Anuj tells Anupama that the Shahs didn’t react the way they imagined.



    Anupama is glad that Samar and Pakhi have tried to understand her and waits for Paritosh to do the same. She tells him that both Paritosh and Kinjal are in fear that their baby would get ignored by her after Anu’s arrival. Anuj calls Anu to be a rockstar and asks her not to take stress as he will hire house-help to take care of their daughter.

    Anupamaa 19th July Today's Episode Written Update


    Anupama assures him that she will manage everything when he’s there for her. Adhik and Pakhi video calls and discusses Anu’s arrival. Adhik asks her if she wants to meet him. Pakhi tells him that she likes meeting with him. After they disconnect the call, Vanraj enters the room and warns Pakhi not to stay in contact with Adhik as he doesn’t like him. When he leaves the room, Pakhi gets irritated by his hatred for Adhik and decides to listen to her heart.


    Anuj and Anupama reach home. Anuj asks her to wait a bit till Anu wakes up as he’s nervous to pick her up when she’s asleep. Anupama takes Anu on her lap and comes out of the car. Kavya watches Anu’s video and smiles looking at her. She shows the video to Vanraj and tells him that Anuj and Anupama’s bond will grow stronger due to Anu in their life.



    She tells him that divorce isn’t meant for us and asks him to adopt a baby girl. Anuj and Anupama make Anu sleep. Anuj tells her how much he loves her and little Anu. The couple adores Anu. Suddenly, Anu holds their hands tighter. Anupama asks Anuj not to worry as children get afraid in their dreams. Anuj shares his childhood fear of losing the family he got.


     Kinjal whispers in her sleep requesting Anupama to take care of her baby. In the morning, Anupama wakes up and doesn’t find Anu in the room. She looks for her in the washroom but doesn’t find her there. She gets worried and searches for Anu in the house. Anuj comes downstairs and starts looking for her too.


    He finds the main door of the house open. When they go out, they find Anu watering the plants. They notice and enjoy Anu’s behavior. Anu wishes them Jai Shree Krishna. Anupama asks her if she took shower on her own and made her braids. Anu nods her head. Anuj asks her not to go to his office by taking his laptop. Anu smiles and tells him elders go to the office. 

    Anupama tells her that whatever she has done in the morning is done by adults too. Anu asks them if they would like to have tea as she can make tea if someone helps her in switching on the gas. Anupama asks her not to do anything as she will make everything. She forbids her to go to the kitchen. When asked what she wants to have, Anu tells her that she wants to have hot chocolate which Kavya made for her.



    Anupama and Anuj agree with her and take her inside the house to change her clothes as she’s wet after watering the plants. Vanraj gets good news about his job and informs everyone that he has been called for an interview. The family thanks the almighty. Paritosh hurriedly comes downstairs and informs us that he has got a call from a multinational company.


    Everyone claps for them. Paritosh and Vanraj hug each other in excitement. Samar decides to inform Anupama but stops himself as she would be busy with Anu. Kavya feels that Anu’s arrival brought good luck to their family. 

    Paritosh tells everyone that Kinjal needs to go for her sonography and won’t be able to accompany her for his job interview. Kinjal tells him that she will go with Anupama as she gives her strength. Vanraj asks her if Anupama would be able to make time for her leaving Anu behind.


     Anupama serves hot chocolate to Anu, Anuj, Sara, and Adhik. Anuj brings marshmallows for the topping. Anu shares the marshmallows with everyone. Sara gets emotional as Anu is happy with the little things in her life. Anuj tells her that those who have less with them know the importance of whatever they get. 

    Anu prays to Kanha ji before having the hot chocolate. As they drink it together, Anu mistakenly stains the table with hot chocolate. She runs to the kitchen to bring a wiper. When Anupama stops her from cleaning the table, Anu decides to do it by herself as she has splashed the hot chocolate.


    Adhik suggests Barkha treat Anu well to stay in Anupama’s good books.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 20th July 2022 :

     Pakhi objects to Anupama from making Anu admitted to her school. When Anupama decides to stick to her decision, Pakhi threatens to stop coming to the college.

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