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  • Monday, 18 July 2022

    "Anupamaa Makes Her Children Understand About Choti Anu, Kinjal is insecure too" Anupamaa Upcoming 18th July 2022


    "Anupamaa Makes Her Children Understand About Choti Anu, Kinjal is insecure too" Anupamaa Upcoming 18th July 2022

    "Anupamaa Makes Her Children Understand About Choti Anu, Kinjal is insecure too" Anupamaa Upcoming 18th July 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Kavya assures Anuj and Anupama that she’s there for them if they need any help.



    Anuj thanks her for the support and asks Anupama to send Anu to him and then talk to her children. Kavya decides to bring Anu and goes with Anupama. She appreciates Anupama for her courage to take the responsibility of a child at such an age in her life. She calls her an inspiration and asks her not to worry about Leela’s opinion.


    Anupamaa 18th July Today's Episode Written Update

     Anupama asks her if she felt bad when Leela taunted her about not having a kid. Kavya tells her that she didn’t feel bad about Leela’s words and goes to the kitchen to make hot chocolate for Anu. Vanraj tells Leela that Anuj is a smart businessman as he has brought Anu so that his children don’t get any of his wealth. Leela agrees with him and doesn’t want Anu as she has hurt Kinjal by jumping around.


    Anupama sits with her children in a room and holds their hands. Paritosh tries removing his hand when she asks them to speak their heart out. He feels upset as he’s going to be a father and his mother is becoming a mom again. He tells how disgraceful the Shah family is as they aren’t normal. Anupama tells him that he’s correct.



    Paritosh tells her that he felt disheartened when Anu addressed her by calling mom. Samar and Pakhi too tell her that they felt jealous and weird too. Kavya offers hot chocolate to Anu and asks her to sip it slowly. Anu tells her that she never had hot chocolate before. Kavya tells her that Anupama makes better hot chocolate than her.


     Looking at Kinjal’s worried face, she asks her not to worry as Anupama wouldn’t ignore her baby. Kinjal worries if Anupama fails to keep her promise to look after her baby. When Paritosh calls Anupama to be selfish, Samar asks him to think about Anuj as he deserves to be a father too. Pakhi agrees with Samar too and apologizes to Anupama for not being able to accept her decision but promises to understand her situation.


    She asks her not to worry as she will not pinch Anu as she did to Meenu in their childhood. Anupama feels glad and thanks her children for understanding her situation. She requests them to give a little place to Anu in their life. Paritosh apologizes to her as he won’t be able to love Anu. Kinjal tells Kavya that Anu needs Anupama’s attention but her baby and she needs her too.




    Kavya tells her that she will take care of Anu when Anupama will give time to her baby. Anu asks them to talk to her too. Kinjal calls her cute. Anupama enters the room when Anu hugs her. Paritosh wonders and asks Samar and Pakhi how Anuj can take such a decision being a smart businessman himself. He feels sad for Anupama as she hasn’t been able to live for herself.


     Pakhi feels that Anu’s arrival is strange but asks him to accept it as Anuj and Anupama have taken the decision together. Paritosh tells her that Anuj had wanted a child which Anupama had to agree with him anyway. He worries about his baby. He feels that Anupama can never say no to anyone. Samar tells him that Anuj and Anupama’s relationship isn’t like that as they respect each other. He calls Anupama too strong. Paritosh tells him that Anupama will ignore his baby after Anu’s arrival.


     Samar asks him to look after his child rather than being double standards. He feels that they should praise Anupama’s courage as she takes care of her relationships. Kinjal feels Samar is right. Paritosh tells her that she will be hurt the most when Anupama won’t be there to look after her baby. Anupama wipes Anu’s face and asks her if she liked the house. Anu tells her that she liked the house very much. Anupama walks toward Kinjal and hugs her. She asks her not to worry as she remembers her promise. Kinjal apologizes for not understanding her initially.



     Anupama asks her to take a rest. Anu kisses Kinjal’s baby bump and wishes her good night. Anuj asks Hasmukh not to get upset with Anupama as she wanted to tell everyone about Anu’s arrival. Anu bids goodbye to everyone. Anuj and Anupama leave the house with Anu. After they leave, Leela tells everyone that their lives will be messed up due to Anu.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 19th July 2022 :

    Kinjal decides to go for her sonography with Anupama. Vanraj asks her if Anupama will be able to go with her. Anuj and Anupama spent time with Anu.

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