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  • Saturday, 17 October 2020

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh's Game Continue with Keerti, Preesha taunts Him in front of Saaransh "


    Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh's Game Continue with Keerti, Preesha taunts Him in front of Saaransh "

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh's Game Continue with Keerti, Preesha taunts Him in front of Saaransh ".

    The episode begins at the hotel. Yuvraj finds that Keerti is planning to destroy the Khurana family and shows to Preesha.


    Few hours ago, Saransh tells Preesha that he has completed his online classes and even did his homework. He says that he will go with them tomorrow to the concert as he got bored sitting here simply. Saransh asks about Rudraksh and she says that he is with Keerti but he is not convinced why he is with her after concert.


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    She stops Saransh from going out of the room as she thinks what Rudraksh will be doing with Keerti and says that she will bring Rudraksh here. She rings bell in Keerti's room and Keerti tells that they were a bit busy so he can't come now. Preesha thinks that something had happened as she is wearing Rudraksha's shirt and he comes there shirtless. He asks why she is standing here and says that he is busy now so asks not to disturb him.



    Preesha says that she didn't want to come here but Saransh was coming to meet him so she stopped him. Rudraksh acts more close to Keerti to hurt Preesha and says that he will come back soon to complete the job he left incomplete. Rudraksh closes the door for getting his shirt back from Keerti and Yuvraj is happy to see this situation as he hopes Preesha will come to him without doing anything.




    Keerti asks Rudraksh why he is doing this drama to Preesha and he says that he can't tell the reason but he will do anything to hurt her. She says that he loves Preesha so much and because of that he got hurt for some things related to her. She says that it is visible that Preesha also loves him the same and this jealousy is love.



     Rudraksh denies but Keerti says that anyway, he will agree to this in the future. He says he doesn't want a lecture from her and she says that she will help him as she is his friend. Saransh is waiting outside the room and Preesha says Rudraksh is coming but asks not to disturb him like this all the time. Saransh doesn't hug Rudraksh telling them that he is angry as he was waiting from the morning and he didn't come to meet him once.

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     Rudraksh gets stuck without answers to Saransh's questions while Preesha says that he was practicing for tomorrow's concert in Keerti's room. Rudraksh says that tomorrow he will come to him directly after the concert so that they will play so much and convinces him. Rudraksh takes Saransh to the bed and starts playing with him.




    Saransh asks Rudraksh to sing for making him sleep and Preesha switches off the TV. Rudraksh starts singing and Preesha thinks that he should remain like this to Saransh as she can suffer anything till she proves her innocence. Yuvraj goes to Keerti's room telling me that he wants to discuss something about the concert and goes inside the room.



    She slaps him hearing his talking as he was telling about being near to her and says that she doesn't like the people who try to get closer to her with sweet words. She pushes him asking to get lost and he gets shocked seeing Sharda's photo crossed with red inside the cupboard. She pushes him out of the room and Yuvraj decides to find the truth behind her. Rudraksh puts Saransh to sleep and sees Preesha sleeping on the sofa. He holds her head from falling and takes a pillow to keep there but recalls what happened so starts to leave from there.



    Preesha asks whether he is going and he asks how can he sleep where she sleeps. He says that he is going to Keerti but Saransh wakes up as something falls hitting Preesha's hands. Saransh asks him where he is going but Rudraksh tells that he will come after going to the washroom and he blames Preesha that she did this intentionally to stop him.




    He doesn't believe her when she says it was not intentional and she asks him to think whatever he wants as she doesn't lie. Rudraksh goes to Saransh while Preesha is on the sofa and both think of their good memories together. 

    Everyone is ready but Rudraksh says that Keerti hasn't reached yet and says that she will go with him when Balraj says that she has a separate car.


     Keerti comes there while Rudraksh praises her that she is looking hot and tells that she has worn his favorite color. Keerti says Preesha that she is jealous of her as she got such a good and nice husband. Preesha says that anyone will be jealous as Rudraksh is like this and says that she feels lucky to have him as her husband. Balraj asks them to concentrate on the concert and Rudraksh leaves with Keerti.



    Yuvraj gets the room key using a staff by giving him money and gets shocked to see the cupboard which has everyone's photo stuck also written as the end of the Khurana family. Yuvraj thinks about why she is here to take revenge especially on Sharda and he takes a picture of the cupboard. At night they are back after the concert and Saransh comes running seeing Rudraksh.



     Saransh hugs him also enquires about the show and he says it is superhit. Saransh asks Rudraksh to go with him to play as he promised and he says that he will come now.

     Seeing Preesha there Rudraksh tells that yesterday he couldn't come but today he will come at night and goes holding her hand to hurt Preesha.


    Precap For Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Saransh gets up in between the sleep and he looks for Rudraksh. He goes to the room getting shocked seeing Rudraksh close to Keerti. Yuvraj takes Preesha to Keerti's room for showing the proof but nothing is there.

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