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  • Saturday, 10 October 2020

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraksh Came to Take Preesha and Saraansh with Him to His House "


    Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraksh Came to Take Preesha and Saraansh with Him to His House "

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraksh Came to Take Preesha and Saraansh with Him to His House ".

    The episode begins with Rudraksh telling Preesha that as her husband is out of her life now she can be with Yuvraj and says that Saransh that he will live with him at Khurana house.


     Few hours ago


     Preesha gets hurt as Rudraksh leaves the hospital without telling anything to her with his family. Rudraksh and Preesha are emotionally thinking about the incidents that happened between them. 

    Yeh Hai Chahte 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update

    Neerja thinks that if Rahul has kept the tablet in the storeroom the key will be near him and goes to check in his coat as he is sleeping. She finds that keys but Rahul comes seeing her there asking what happened and she says that she came to drink water as she was thirsty.



    She thinks of trying tomorrow as she had to keep the keys back. Preesha reaches her house while neighbors tell that she and her husband can't live there as Rudraksh did drama after getting drunk. Preesha's parents tell her that it is her house so she and Rudraksh can live there. Saraansh comes there asking when will Rudraksh comes there and Preesha thinks that he will get hurt if he comes to know that Rudraksh went to Khurana house leaving them.



    Preesha says that Rudraksh will come after some days as he is not well and Saraansh says that he will go to meet Rudraksh every day until he gets well. Indira takes Saraansh inside asking Preesha to come after freshening and she gets emotional seeing her father saying that Rudraksh went home from the hospital.




     She says that Saraansh will be hurt again and he tries to console her. Sharda comes with aarti to welcome Rudraksh home and Ahana says that Preesha and Saraansh are out of his life forever. Sharda does aarti for Rudraksh and he enters home. Preesha thinks that now only Neerja can tell her what Rudraksh waw in Rahul's tab and Yuvraj comes there.

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     Preesha's father gets angry at him and Yuvraj acts innocent in front of them that he came out of concern. Preesha asks him to stop his drama and says that she doesn't even want to see her face after knowing the truth of him and Rahul. 

    She says that they showed something to Rudraksh which even got him to an accident and Yuvraj thinks why Rudraksh didn't die. Preesha gets a call from Neerja while Yuvraj thinks why she is calling so late and thinks whether Rahul knows this.



    GPS asks Yuvraj to get out while he asks to give him a glass of water and Neerja says that when she asked Rahul he told that he threw the tablet away as it was broken. Neerja says that Rahul lied to her as the tablet is still in the locked drawer of his study and Preesha says that something bad about her is there in that video so she wants that to see that to prove her innocence to Rudraksh.




     Neerja says that she missed the chance of getting the key today as Rahul came bt assures to get that soon and asks her to take care. Preesha sees Yuvraj there and takes him out of her room asking him not to enter this house or not to interfere in her life.



    Yuvraj asks why she is behaving like this as he loves her and Rudraksh comes there telling that she doesn't understand love as she always changes when he catches her with him. Rudraksh says that he knew that he would find Yuvraj here and says to Preesha that when husband went out of her life her old lover entered again. Preesha says that he is misunderstanding her and Rudraksh says that he came for Saraansh so asks her to call him.



    Saraansh comes rushing saying that his mother told him that he should rest at the hospital for some more days and Rudraksh says that he couldn't be without him. He says Saraansh to pack his bags as he will be living with him at Khurana house forever and asks him not to fear about Balraj as he had agreed. Saraansh goes happily while Preesha asks Rudraksh what he is doing after telling Balraj that she and Saraansh can't live with him.



    She says that Saraansh is a kid so he won't be able to hear any lies and Rudraksh tells that it is her habit to say lies. Preesha says that she will tell Saraansh everything so that he wouldn't get hurt and Rudraksh tells her not to tell anything to him as he should not know the truth about his mother. He asks them not to tell anything that happened between him and Preesha else no one will be worse than him. Indira asks what he is doing as Saraansh will go with him and he won't take Preesha with him. 

    Rudraksh says that with Saraansh he will take Preesha also will come to Khurana house. He says that she is his wife so he has rights over her and tells her that she can live here if she wants to live separate from Saraansh. Rudraksh says that he will not fight for her again but will fight for himself. He says that he won't let him live with Yuvraj and asks her to pack her bags.

     She goes inside while her father is concerned about her but she tells that Rudraksh will get hurt if she doesn't go. She says that she can't leave him like this and says that she thought Rudraksh doesn't care for Saraansh but he cares for him. She asks her parents to pray to God that Rudraksha's misunderstanding can be easily cleared.


    Saraansh comes there telling that he did the packing for Preesha also and asks her to go with him. Yuvraj asks he escaped the accident and Rudraksh tells that God saved him for destroying him.



    Precap For Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Preesha enters the house and Yuvraj informs Rahul that Neerja talks to Preesha through the phone. Balraj asks why he brought Preesha here and Rudraksh tells that he will make her life hell. Rahul sees Neerja while the keys fall from her hands seeing him.

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